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oftkwood college 


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j&AM^'m^cLe.'^^.MA. ^T'V^ 

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O A| .sL^JLL^ 

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7000 Adventist Blvd. 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

(256) 726-7000 

Edited by 
Tiffany S. Taylor 



2001 Acorn 

Volume 48 


/\ Mes-s-cpige pom tne l-^res^ident o|-Cjc^kwood Q^ollege 


'^tJ t ^"^ ^ - " *' »" ' ■* ^ ' 

y j m fu Kj t^ ^^ t- m A^^ 

The new millennium is here. 

Forecasts about the need to prepare for possible widespread 
economic and social disasters at the down of Y2K generated 
much anxiety and fear among mony citizens. However, 
Oakwood's commitment to the aim-"Education, Excellence, Eter- 
nity" undergirded our faith in the divine admonition: 

Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night; 
.... Nor for the destruction that wosteth at 
noonday. Ps. 91: 5, 6 

Evidences of God's blessings during this year ore revealed in 
the completion of the new Business and Technology Complex, 
groundbreaking for the West Oaks Apartments, new walking 
moll, and successful accreditation visits. 

Our greatest satisfaction, however, hos been the involvement 
of so many students in the weekly AYS, Theology Forum, as- 
semblies, worships, institutional governance, campus challenges, 
and community outreach initiatives, which reflects maturity and 
growth within the campus family. 

As you go, cherish the principles, ideals, and values you hove 
developed here; continue to shore your faith as you prepare 
for Christ's coming. Moke a difference wherever you go. 

Delbert W. Baker, Ph.D. 

1 l-Jre^idents | |esscii 




from tne Preffiderrb of tine UoM 

As I reflect on these pages, 

1 think back to my life, 

Of oil the pain and heartache, of all the misery and strife 

And yet in these same places, 

I remember the happy times. 

When I cried and laughed with loved ones and met Jesus, my Lord, my Friend. 

This year was something special for our movement. We lived our motto, "Enter to learn; deport to serve." The Impact 
2000 Big Sabbath Outreach was tremendous, impacting several communities within the city of Huntsville ond beyond. 
Our relationship with Southern Adventist University moved to o new level with DEEP Sabbaths and joint service opportu- 
nities. Our dynamic website, consistont issues of the Spreading Ook, and our yearbook with its "Unplugged" view of 
OC life exemplified our commitment to increasing the quality of student life. 

The challenges we faced were unique and seemed, at times, insurmountable. But we pulled together like never before, 
focused our energy and resources, and agitated for change. Student Concern Day highlighted the problems we sow and 
offered possible solutions. In facing our problems we forged new relationships and experienced o unity heretofore 

No doubt our Ookwood is a place like no other. And we ore here at a very special time. The world is on the brink of a 
new millennium fraught with great expectation and hope. Fortunately, we know in whose hands our future lies, and ifs to 

Him we look. 

We remain Focused, Above and Beyond! 
Let God be your focus, your aspirations above, and your purney beyond! 

Lee Bulgin, USM President 

Day in and day out, it continues: the 
monotonous, never-ending cycle of our daily 
activities constantly replays. Get up, pray, 
have devotion, shower, get dressed, go to 
class, eat, go to class again, go to meetings, 
run errands, study, have devotion again, go 
to bed, get up, pray, liave devotion, 
shower .... More often than not our 
schedules get so programmed into us that 
we become like robots — machines, churn- 
ing out our daily duties without even 
thinking about them. When this happens, 
it becomes necessary for us to UNPLUG 
our automated life machines. This unplug- 
ging allows us to stop and take stock of the 
components that are the ingredients of our 
lives, helping us see the important and 
unimportant. Unplugging allows us to 
focus in on our unabridged selves, the 
elements that make up the good and 

Sometime? it b 



sometimes the not so good. Unplugging 
also allows us to take note of the wonder- 
ful, precious moments of our lives that we 
quite often miss when we incessantly churn 
out our responsibilities. 

Here presented to you is Oakwood College, 
UNPLUGGED: a printed representation of 
those components of the lives of u; 
Oakwoodites that you might have missed thi^ 
year due to your (perhaps) mechanized mind- 
set. We invite you to sit back, relax, and 
allow yourself to be. . .. 


4 I neme 

for U9 to dllow ours-elve? to b< 

I neme 5 

To Right: Keisha Gosling and Saiah-Marie Brown 
beam brightly having finished the grueling work 
needed to complete their degrees. 


Everyone looks with great anticipation to get their 
yearbooks in late April. However, not many people 
realize that the yearbooks have to actually be com- 
pleted in early February. Hence, this is why a lot of 
times events such as the banquet and graduation for 
the current year aren't normally found in the year- 
book. However, these events are of great impor- 
tance and it would behoove us to try to fit them in 
somehow. Therefore we would like to take this time 
to pay tribute to two great events from last school year 
that could not be put in the 1999-2000 Annual: the 
2000 Banquet and the 2000 Graduation. We invite 
you to reminisce about the memories that these events 
created and even to catch a glimpse of some old 
friends who have gone and graduated. 


back at some 


occasions from 

last year 

O |n l^^etrospect 

Top IaMi: Allon/o ;uul M;iry slNlin' al Ihc 2000 Ban- 


Bflow : Diana. Kim, and Lanair. 

n l^^etrospect 7 

To Right: Candace. Amanda, and Tabitha exemplify tru 
Oakwood Women - poised, elegant, and classy. 

Below: Michelle, George, and Natalie trade in their 
biology lab coats for inore dressy formal attire. 

Above: Bryan and Tiah, "Ahhhh...lhcy re soo cule 

To Right: Hair done to pcilcctioii, allirc picked with great 
care, these girls model the exquisite residts of their care- 
fully-detailed preparation. 

8 |n |-<etro5pect 

Below: Ebony FIcsiancc: clad in dressy black, Aiidlcy and 
Tara take a nionicnt lo smile for the camera. 

^^nispers" o\ trie Q_Jrient 

On February 27, 2000, the United Student Movement held its 
annual banquet at the Von Braun Center North Hall. Oakwood 
College students and faculty dressed in their finest to attend this 
extravaganza. This year's theme was "Whispers of the Orient." 
Along with this theme and the decorations of North Hall, the 
guests feh an air of beauty and elegance. The featured performer 
was Kurt Carr, who performed wonderfully. All who heard his 
music were immensely blessed. Besides Kurt Carr, our own 
Oakwood students performed musical selection and poetry read- 
ings. One aspect that was unique to this banquet was a slide 
presentation that portrayed life at Oakwood. It showed slides of 
couples, everyday activities on campus, and many other divisions 
of Oakwood life. All in all, those who attended the banquet en- 
joyed themselves. This time of the year brings out the best in 
everyone. Ladies put on their finest gowns and men put on their 
best suits and tuxedos. This was an unforgettable evening of 
elegance, style, and beauty. 

"/^ was an enchanted evening 
in a ballroomfull of Oakwood 's 
finest looking their best. " 

-Chinwe Umez 

|n I '<etrofpect 9 

w'^I^Kp®^'^ o|-bne C_yrtent 

10 |n I •<I^etrospect 


n |<etros-pect I I 

(__^omple"bing ■bheir education, these student? glcidly LJepcirt to ^erve 

The Graduation events for the Class of 2000 took 
place May 12 & 13. The weekend started off with 
the Friday night consecration service with speaker 
Shewin Jack, pastor of the Ephesus S.D.A. church in 
New York. Sabbath Morning, the Baccaulareate ser- 
vice was held in Von Braun Arena with speaker CD. 
Brooks, co-founder and former director of the Breath 
of Life telecast. The nursing graduates had their 
pinning ceremony at 4:00 in the afternoon, with the 
department chair, Carol Easley Allen, officiating, and 
the commencement exercises took place Saturday 
evening. The Honorable John Street, mayor of the 
city of Philadelphia, was the speaker. 

I '2 |n |<^etrospect 

To Riiiht: Gradution: How sweet it is!! 

Below: These graduating scientists listen carefully to the 
words of wisdom handed down to them from the gradua- 
tion speakers. 

Above: Graduating senior. IVIark Hodnelt. joyfully ac- 
cepts his diploma from President Baker. 

|n I 'cj^etrofpect I 3 

Top Right: Elder C. D. Brooks speaks to the 
graduates Sahbath morning lor Baccalaureate 

ielow: Elder Sherwin Jack from New York was 
the speaker selected to speak Friday evening for 
the Consecration service. 

To Right; The Honorable John Street, a former 
Oakwoodite now mayor of the city of Philadelphia. 
gives an inspiring message to the class of 2000 during 
the Conimcncement ceremony. 

14 I n I <,etrospect 

|n |';:^etro9pect I 5 

Below: A student inquires about a prospective major. 

O.C. Welcomes 



Oakwood College hosted its Annual College 
Days October 10-12. High school seniors 
from various Adventist academies and other 
schools converged on the campus. Students 
were able to unplug from their daily high 
school routines to experience college life for a 
few days. To enhance that feeling, the visitors 
stayed in the residence halls with Oakwood 
students. During those three days, they 
learned more about what Oakwood has to 
offer in terms of spiritual and academic 
growth. On Monday, the students visited 
different departments and were given a tour of 
the main facilities on campus. On that 
evening, a concert took place at Oakwood 
College church. The OC Aeolians and Col- 
lege Choir, Dynamic Praise, Voices of Tri- 
umph, the OC Orchestra, and various other 
groups and soloists participated in this concert. 
On Tuesday, there was a basketball game held 
in the Ashby Auditorium. That afternoon all 
of the guests began their journey back home 
feeling refreshed and relaxed after unplugging 
for a couple of days to experience what would 
be their own life in a few short months. 

Middle Right: College Days always brings in a niiMLirc of students 
Irom various schools and regions. 

1(1 Kight: These College Days visitors "uplug" after a long day. 

1 6 V_ollege|_Jc(i 


The College Fair. . . 

(^^ollege|_yaL)S 17 

■I — \eve 

Winding down Adventist Boule- 
vard, the familiar view gradually comes 
into focus. Look, there's the church! 
Wait a minute! That Business and 
Technology Building wasn 't nearly that 
finished when we left! And there' re 
those good 'ol ''Oakwood College" 
and ''Enter to Learn " signs. Hey, did 
they add something else new to the se- 
curity booth? 

Once again, we students of Oakwood 
returned to school, seasoned with yet 
another summer experience (some 
dreamlike, others nightmares) and ready 
to take on the challenge of a new se- 
mester. What did this new school year 
hold for each of us? None of us were 
certain, but we came expectantly, 
blessed with another opportunity to re- 
turn to the Oaks, writing another chap- 
ter in our college education. 

Above right: Putting some muscle in it; tliis returning student carts 
her belongs back to the dorm for another school year. 

Right: Customer service initiative; returning and new students 
were greeted in various departments with new welcome signs. 

Below: Wade Hall throws out the "welcome mat" for returninj 



ere we qo 

go again! 

/^/'•^ •M^t^^l^^^cJL ^J^^ucL .y ■*-*^ /^W- AJ^'U^t^^ 

■ ^ ^»*m i0 ^' 


-LaVINIA E?AXTtE„ iitNl^E. 

JJae.e.i6e>ue.<;, pa 

/^d^OAold'^, OVUpi (A^O vJeiArt (M O-- 



:X^ y^i€>'e' K_^1> ■^O'^ . K •T"«S' V^t^vi^ 


ff •" r-^ 

'l V/©rl^ed at 

{&.-alyy"©©d College 

"I worked at Mavis Multimedia Fl^i/'^ical Flatl't." 

Inc. as a camera man." gs j.^--,^ ej-^i, -.n 

-Miles Burnette, Freshman -C®"rtn«</ <St,©J^e«, 

Huntsville, AL "JufV'ior 

BaflVille, ^xv%\tix^ 

'A worted at th^ M^zn's 
War^hou§i^, and partieipatizd 
in thi3 play, 'Behold Vour 

-John tiall. Junior 
Philaddphia, P^innsylvania 

"1 traveled croee-com- 
try to Toronto, Califor- 
nia, Hew Ycrk, Arizona, 
and Lae Vec^ae, Hevada." 
-Ebony Andereon, 
Wlanefield, Texae 

"QL had an ininnblali in one. of ike lata ofjiceh of ike ^iDorce ^oird juds^e" 

-Si. <Seanice ^Vaiden, Sfenioi 

11 went on d Citcraturc OBvangcliet campaign 
and bad an mtcrngl^ at the Hniveraitv dc 
Penne^Hvania m demograph)^" 

\tarren Churman, Senior 
/F^ew tereev 

&acienienio, '^St 

KJ?T/i' 77ip^ lay dp' cfciK^/itcr." 

-(Tcr'^rsi [T-sic/iso^i. Sc7uor "'X worked dS an intern for i^erreLL L/ncK \n 
AJ?a7/u. /-"-Z AtUnta." 

-ysaak "Ike" Wisdom, Junior 

*'7^ luotrk^ ttV Scars aivd altcivdcd suwvwvcf scVvooV aV AXLanta, oA 

-CaVvice '^'^tteX.V, 3umo«r 


|ere we go aof>\ 

n! 19 

(Jakwood welcomes trie \ — resnman of 2004 and | ransfer student? |^H 

Once again, we celebrated the beginnnig of school by the welcoming of 
the new class of OC students and the new group of transfer students. On 
Friday, Aug. 1 8, the herds of oveipacked cars, vans, and, in some cases, U- 
Hauls started airiving on campus, and by Sunday, August. 20, the campus 
was fully alive with the newest additions to the Oakwood family. Sunday 
afternoon, the annual parting ceremony took place on the library lawn 
where the freshmen and new students tearfully waved goodbye to their 
parents, sisters, brothers, etc. as they walked through the archway, 
symbolizing their entrance into "Oakwood Village." With Drs. Delbert 
and Susan Baker leading the way and the Pathfinder band and pom-pom 
armed Navigators accompaning, the party of new OC recruits made their 
way to Moran Hall wheie the start of the Orietalion Week v\ould com- 
mence. Yes. the partmg ccremon\ was st)me\\liat ol a sad moment with 
so many students leaving home for the first time, unsure of what the\ weie 
truly getting into. However, it was a time of great anticipation and 
excitement as well; here they were, standing on the brink of a whole new 
horizon known as the '"Oakwood Hxperience." 

20 U 

,ere we go aof 

dfl JO J 

^^ -I — ^ere we go again! 



The events from Freshmen Orientation were concluded with the 
traditional Freshmen Consecration service. This event serves as 
a time for the freshmen to dedicate their time at Oakwood to 
the Lord. Pastor Rupert Bushner presented the charge, and 
responses were given by the USM president, four freshmen, and 
one transfer student. 

To Far Left: President Bulgin responds to 
the charge. 

To Left: The freshman and new students 
consecrate themselves through prayer. 

Above: Pastor Busher challenges the 
Freshmen to take a hold of the mantel 
while here at Oakwood College. 

Above: These students listen intently, gleanning wisdom from what the speaker had 
to say. 

Above: Go ahead, Toussaint, be a 
'lightbearer" for Jesus. 
To Right: The Navigators: so relieved after 
a tough week. 


\ere we go again! 


To Right: Christopher "Play" Martin served as the M.C 
for the event. 

To Right: These returning students smile happily, glad to 
be hack at liuod ol" OC. 

"24 \ — ^ere we go again! 

Bi-low: roiiK-iiiiin Small Hiic points lo the T-Shiils she 
bnnis;hl. explaining what the 1'. R. 1. and E mean in her 

The Annual Block Party 

An evening of 
Kid(ding) and Play 

In keeping with tradition, the new school year was christened by the 
first official Saturday night activity, the Block Party. This year, 
Oakwood welcomed former rapper now turned Christian entertainer, 
Christopher "Play" Martin, of the famous 90s duo. Kid 'n Play. He 
was accompanied by Christian comedians Chuckle Jenkins and Small 
Frie. Whether or not the block party happened to strike your fancy, 
you cannot deny that it provided a chance for returning OC students to 
reunite after the summer and get re-acquainted and for those new stu- 
dents to get to know some Oakwoodites. 

-I — |ere we go cigdin! 25 

JLtAAJijt^ KfLf^tA^ 


(Sa^-(i«^h stale) 


ometimes it becomes easy to 
get caught up in our own little 
world here at Oakwood. So 
much that sometimes we for- 
get that there is life beyond the 
Oaks: other cultures with dif- 
ferent experiences, other 
people with various personali- 
ties, and so on. About three 
years ago, in 1998. the DEEP 
program was conceived be- 
tween Oakwood College and 
Southern University. This 
program would entail seven 
students from Southern Uni- 

versity coming to school at 
Oakwood for a semester and 
returning to Southern for the 
second semester. In turn, 
seven Oakwood students 
would go and vistit Southern 
University for that same se- 
mester and return to Oakwood 
for the spring semester. This 
year DEEP had its third group 
of students visiting the two re- 
spective schools. Seven stu- 
dents from Oakwood decided 
to break the mold of "the 

Oakwood Experience" and 
challenged themselves to a new 
experience: a new horizon that 
would allow them to learn 
about life beyond Oakwood. 
Through participating in this< 
venture, these seven students ■ 
have gained a new outlook, , 
learning to appreciate new 
things and ideas, as well as al- 
lowing them to appreciate some ' 
of the old that they have learned I 
all of the more. 

76 Going a little Lit D-E-EP-ef 

LaKeisha Bonner 

Age: 20 
Classification: Junior 
Hometown: Clinton. MD 
"/ did the DEEP program 
because I wanted to experi- 
ence something other than 
Oakwood. " 

Demisha Burns 

Age: 20 
Classification: Junior 
Hometown: Oakland, 


". . .college is about 

trying out new things, 

stepping out of your 

comfort zone, and 

placing your faith all in 

the arms of God. " 

Marnel Niles 

Age: 20 
Classification: Junior 
Philadelphia, PA 
"/ have come to realiza- 
tion that though the cul- 
tures of the two schools 
are so different, they are 
also very much alike. " 

Charles Hewitt 

Age: 20 

Classification: Junior 


Redlands, CA 

"/ chose to be a part of the 

DEEP program to bring a 

little bit of 

California to SAU. " 

Kevin Maragh 

Age: 19 
Classification: Sophomore 
West Palm Beach, FL 
"The opportunity of 
meeting people from all 
over the world was beauti- 
ful. I have realized that 
when you give love, you 
get love. " 

Robert Roland 

Age: 20 

Classification: Sophomore 

Hometown: Takoma, WA 

"/ really enjoyed my 

Southern experience. I 

would actually consider 

coming back as a student. " 

Age: 19; Classification: Sophomore 

Hometown: Fresno, CA 

"This was one of the avenues I could use for 

getting the most out of my college 

Going a little tit D-E-EP-er 27 


''Look at people; recog- 
nize them, accept them as 
they are, without wanting 
to change them. " 
. -Helen Beginton 


In too D.E.E.P.. That is the phrase 
that comes to mind when you think of the 
seven students who visted our campus for 
the Fall semester 2000. Many wonder 
how they could decide to leave all that 
they are familiar with and experience, 
actually become immersed in, another 
culture. But their reasons for coming 
range from just "having a cool experi- 
ence" to being "really intrigued with an- 
other person's culture." Some "didn't re- 
ally know what to expect." But since 
they have been here they have had a won- 
derful experience. . .at least that is what 
we are told. That's right folks, "they like 
us. they really like us!" They say our cam- 
pus is so friendly (For all those of you 
who just gave a smile, it was worth it!), 
and that the spritual sense on campus is 
very prevalent. There are a few things 
we need to work on like our time keep- 
ing and the dorms - well, let's just leave 

98 InTooD.E.EP. 

that subject alone. But all in all they re- 
ally enjoyed their stay here. We helped to 
shape their views on life and learning. We 
all need to learn about each other. These 
seven have had the experience of a life- 
time: a chance to get in, some may think 
too DEEP; the truth is none of us really 
have gotten DEEP enough. Heaven is not 
going to be about Black or White, 

Chinese or Indian, but just about 
those who love the Lord. The true 
calling for a servant of the King is to 
be a servant to others. Before we 
complete the mile in another 
person's shoes, we need to at least 
make the first step. We should all 
be willing to get in to DEEP. 

^v^ Jennifer Anderson 



■-*v ■ 



^ "^ 


Age: 21 
Hometown: Naples, 

Classification: Junior 

'7 really am enjoying 
myself! " 

^v^ Shelly Hagar 

Age: 23 

Hometown: Woodbury, 


Classification: Junior 

'Tm going to miss 

Smoothies [from the 

cafe]. . .everyone here is 

people focused. " 

^vi Devin Firchau 

Age: 21 
Hometown: Roseville, 

Classification: Junior 

"This school is really, 
really relational. " 

^vy Jason Geno 

Age: 22 
Hometown: Oxford, 

Classification: Junior 

"I'm a country boy in a 
way. . .1 like to camp, 
relax, and chill out. " 

^vy Dawn Gately 

Age: 22 

Hometown: Port 

Townsand, Washington 

Classification: Junior 

"/ want to fit as many 

interesting things into 

my life as I can for 

someday when I write a 

book— The Chronicles " 


Brandon Koleda 

Age: 21 

Hometown: Metamora, 




"/ came to hear gospel 

music --to be 

'gospelized'. . .and to 

hear some preaching. " 


Christina Huffman 

Age: 21 

Hometown: Mouth of 

Wilson, Virginia 



"/ needed some kind of 

change and some type of 

growing experience; it 

has been a growing 

experience and 1 've 

enjoyed myself. " 

Ljid ijou know 

that D.E.E.P stands for Diversity Education 
Exchange Program and that the program in 
its third year? 

.oD.E.EP. '29 



f//ie e/M' Z-^^:^. . . 




People/ 31 , 


The time that we have heen \ool\nq forward to \3 finally upon 
U5. It ha5 heen four, mayhe five or six, lonq years and now our 
reward is looming in front of us I lie a hiazing torch in the night: 
graduation. The time we have spent here has heen filled with 
laughter and tears, light-hearted moments and stress, 
spiritual highs and lows: and now the end draws nigh. We are 
preparing to go out into a world that is filled with adversity 
and diallenges. Let us not forget those moments when we 
were together enjoying the fellowship of our common honds. 
Let us not forget the moments when we were unplugged. 

Senior Class Officers (I to r): Back Row-Toussaint Williams, Chaplain, Rachelle Valcin, Asst. PR, Mary Okike, Asst. Tresurer, Amma Griffin, Sociaa 
VP, Joelle Laguene, PR; Front Row-Derrick Bramble, Sgt.-at-Arms, Trishonda Woods, Tres., Juieun Johnson, Pres., Jairen Thurman, Vice Pres., 
A. Jeanice Warden, Sec; Not pictured-Kimberly Anderson, Asst. Sec, Andre" Denham, Parliamentarian, Mark Frances, Music Coordinator. 

37 Senior 


\et U5 not be weary in well doing: for in due 
eeae^on, we ehallresip, if we faint not!' 

-Galatiane 6:9 

I here \5 3 eaylng that reads, "learned 5 aw, \ conquered" 
We represent many different parts of the world alonq with 
our exprlences. Over the past four years we have seen a 
rapid de(^eneration of the world from the attempts of 
cloning sheep to the continual efforts of "peace in the 
Middle East" that has potential catastrophic effects on 
society. We have seen a world rapidly self-destruct in q 
before our very eyes. Yet in the midst of the worlds 
destruction, God has designed that we come to get final 
instructions before we face the "real world" 

Durinq our tenure here at the Oaks, we stood at the 
pinnacle of success. However, we also wallowed m the 
valley of discouragement. We have been unified Ike a body, ^y^ ^^^ ^^f^^e us a future laden with God- given opportu- 
and at times, our differences and misunderstandings have „/^y^ ^^^ z^ z^ ^^w our task to stand faithful and persis- 
severed our unique bond No matter how many tests we ^^^^^ „^^ /g^„/„^ ^n our own understanding, but trusting 

have failed to study for or assignments we have missed 
due to illness and/ or negligence, despite all of these is- 
sues, God has remained faithful. 

What we offer the world are not gifts to God: we 
simply offer humble service for the gifts that He has so 
graciously bestowed upon us. As we move foward from 
these hallowed grounds, let us move forward to serve. 
Let us move forward with power and conviction. 

We must keep ever before us that Gods work has only 
just begun In us, and m the words of the Apostle Faul, 
"He who began a good work in us will be faithful to com- 
plete It until the day of Christ Jesus" 

wholly in the V/ord made flesh. 

200 1 Senior Olass President 

3enior5 33 

■ ' 

I ou avB aoouh to 

i^i^i^i^ ^f^ ^' 


34 3enioT5 




piec;i9e procee 

d ah 

Ljour own v\9 


Oenior? 35 


Ad I ionic .-ihiiry 
(]()inm/'L(iiiniii!'^i \il^ Ed. 

Mini; . [hrniii 
/' >, linlogy 

Olivia Alrxinidi'r 


Diinii'l Amponsidi 


I nii'Ki . li iiihi i\lri 
( j)iiiiiiiiiii((illi)ii\ 

Mi'lis^fi . [iiiishoii 

I 'ii/niiii . [si'kniiii'li 

SIrjilicii . \slii' 
Ediii iilioii 

36 Seni< 

Olinvatosiii Atolagbe 

Col/ II Bailey 
Allied Health/Fitness ^ Wellness 

Mellonie Barnes 
Allied Health 

Rene Barrow 

Crystal Boney 

Karen Boothe 
Elementaiy Edueation 

Chai/ta Base ma II 
Allied Health 

Joel Boyre 

Seniors 37 

Senior G.R.A.D. Section 

G- Goals 

R- Remembered Moments 

A- Activities 
D- Dreams 

Daniel Amponsah 

G- To become a successful medical doctor 

R- Coming to OC for the first time, good times with all my 

friends, graduation 
A-Science Club, SNMA (vice president), Alpha Chi, 

D- To become a missionary doctor and live a long and success 
ful life 

Kimberly Dawn Anderson 

G- Ph.D in social psychology 

R- All the fun and fast times at Coventry Apt. #187(Roberta, 

Brandi, Lavinia, Monique, and Nicole, you know what I 

A- Vice President of Phi Beta Sigma, peer counselor. Voices 

of Triumph, 2000 Acorn office manager, Chaplin of 

Alpha Sigma Delta, and Senior Class Secretary 
D- To become a social psychologist 

Victoria Bunkola Asekomeh 

G- To be all that I can be. ..through Jesus 

R- So many memories. little space 

A- NAPS, Science Club (executive secretary), SNMA, 

USM, Senate secretary 
D- To leave the world a better place than I found it 

Oluwatosin Adejunmobi Atolagbe 

G- To be a successful medical doctor, implementing my 

initiatives in technology, healthcare, business, and outreach 
R- Working with USM, Science Club, College Bowl, and 

interacting with faculty 
A- USM Senate, USM Academic vice president. Science 

Club, Phi Eta Sigma, OC College Bowl 
D- To reconstruct the health care industry, establish technology 

solutions and services worldwide, and make Zorbis Inc. 

one of the top 10 corporations in the world. 

Colin Bailey 

G- To own my own physical therapy clinic/health club in 10 

years (look me up!) 
R- VOT, Madison Mission Mass Choir, Veggie Tales, choir 

trips, broken down OC buses, Ben Kerr (RIP- Til see you 

in heaven!) RA retreat in Hotlanta (Dominoes, Spades, 

and apple juice) 
A- Resident assassin (3 years ewww). Art and Soul, WSB, 

Alex Victor's School of Drumming 
D- To be a success in life (not rich-money ain't everything) 

Benjamin Joseph Baker 
G- Master's in theology 
R- Copious extra cumcular studies, wintertime 
A- Literature evangalism. Prison Ministries, Blitz 
D- To become a pastor, write effectual books, and reach the 
measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ 

Lavina Baxter 

G- JD/Masters in International Communications 

R- Friday nights with fab 4 (R.B.K.L), Thanksgiving '99 (too 

much to eat), Kim on a rampage 
A- Yearbook 2000, Prelaw Society, Phi Eta Sigma, VOT 
D- 1994 Saab 900 Turbo Conbertible, Ambassador to UN, 
bless my parents, stars on my crown. 

Andrew L. Blackwood 

G- To do all and be all that Christ created me to be 
R- Solace and Solitude of Summer 2000 and ITC 
A- Aeolians, Dynamic Praise, Madison Mission, summer 
choir president, choir president '98- '99, OC Orchestra, 
Composition Ensemble, Alpha Chi Honors Society j 

D- To produce an album and several videos demonstrating the 
love of Christ and to be a teacher and role model 

Crystal Boney 

G- My goal is to attend law school and somehow make a 

R- My friends, my acquaintences, my wonderful, helpful 

professors, my beautiful parents, and family 
A- A treasurer in the law group, choir. Literary Guild 
D- My goal is to become a successful attorney, marry the man 

of my dreams (my current boyfriend), have two beautiful 

children, and raise them in a Christian home 

Charita Renee Boseman 

G- My goal is to be a successful health care provider and to 

better understand the health needs of our community 
R- Sabbath dinners, Candlewood, Dr. Uppala, orange and blue 

cafe days, traveling. Rude Girls, AYS 
A- Allied Health Society, yearbook. Choir 
D- God-fearing husband, two or three wonderful kids, a phat 

house on heaven and earth, a few cars, and to travel exten 


Derrick Francis Bramble 

G- To become a physician and/or have a Ph.D 

R- Sultan Clique, Gambino family. Prodigal Son Productions, 

when Sean broke the car window, living with Fat Rob, 

when Phil ate catfish 
A- Intramurals, Voices of Triumph, SNMA. Science Club, 

Class Officer 
D- Start a family, design programs that inform minorities of 

health issues that affect our communities, to be able to say 

that I have accomplished my goals 

58 oenic 

Joel Christopher Bo\ ce 

G- To be a sueeessful English teaeher, lo make millions of 

dollars in E-eommeree, to have a successful career in music 
R- Oakw ood College Aeolians trips, literature classes 
A- Aeolians, Phi Beta Sigma, Alpha Chi, Roeh Ministries 
D- 1 would like to retire, my wife and myself, by the age of 

thirty. I would also like to use my millions of dollars to 

enhance the facilities of Pine Forge Academy and Oakwood 


Lorian Lenise Bridgeforth 

G- To become a college professor, write a book, meet Jesus in 

R- Fun times with friends, Saturday nights with USM 
A- Basketball team. Dynamic Praise, Literary Guild, Naviga 

tor, volunteer work 
D- To have a family, to be remembered as someone who made 

a difference in the lives of others 

Camille Lyn Byars 

G- Master's in journalism 

R- Living with Britney Moore, Ruby/Raw Dog Family, 

Freshman year in Carter Hall 
A- Rubies, Dynamic Praise, Spreading Oak 
D- To marry the love of my life and become an anchorwoman 

Joelle Odlyne Cadet 

G- Doctorate in occupational therapy 

R- Basketball games, Saturday night skating, bowling. 

A- Voices of Triumph, Allied Health Club, National Science 

D- To get married, have a beautiful house, and have three 


Joseph Erol Chery 

G- Ph.D. in health care administration and a liscense in 

health care law 
R- My best of moments at Oakwood is when I come to church 

and hear Pastor Nixon preach 
A- Residential life, usher 
D- 1 have two big dreams: to become a legislator on Capitol 

Hill and to be able to reform Haiti's health care system 

Rosey A. Clarke 

G- Master's in international finance and Ph.D in financial 

R- Late night rumbles in Carter Hall, Big Sabbath Outreach, 

hikes to the rock quarry 
A- USM senator, secratary and vice president of SIFE, 

chairperson for the Publication Committee, Aeolians, RA 

and assistant dean at Carter 
D- To become an entrepreneur-marketing and financial 


Andre Omar Hewitt 

G- To be used by God, possibly complete a degree in counsel- 
R- Roller skating, financial clearance 

A- Preaching, Voices of Triumph, Church Externships Litera- 
ture Evangalism 
D- To develop new ways to reach the masses 

Erika Nichole Hinds 

G- To accept God's will for the destiny of my career in medi- 

R- Mission trips, freshman year - Carter Hall, Back-to-school 

A- Voices of Triumph, operation: Ministry of Healing, Ecol- 
ogy Club, Bell Tower, Epsilon Phi Delta 

D- To have a fulfilling career in the field of medicine, a family 
of five, and an effective youth outreach ministry in the area 
where I reside 

Clement Holder 

G- Help populate heaven as hell is depopulated 

R- Back-to-school Revival, meeting so many great individuals 

A- Forum participation, indoor soccer, pastoral assistant at 

Oakwood College Church, prison ministry 
D- Be a herald of the gospel of Jesus Christ to my fellow 


Shannone Oneke Holt 

G- To complege a degree in law and work on Wall Street 

R- Singing with choirs and groups, spending time with special 

A- Aeolians, Orchestra, Assurance, IV Given 
D- To sing professionally with my group 

George Douglas Howell 

G- To get my master's degree and eventually my Ph.D 

R- "Rumbles," "Wade Hall room burning up," when Ben 

shaved his eyebrows off 
A- USM athletic VP, first group to participate in DEEP 

program. Bridges 
D- To eventually get married, live well off, and most important, 

be taken to be with my Heavenly Father 

Christal An-Gel James 

G- To complete a degree in biological sciences 

R- NAPS mission trips. President Baker kissing his wife on the 

podium during chapel 
A- NAPS, Science Club, Pre-Dentistry Club 
D- To become an orthodontist, continue doing mission work 

in foreign countries, have a beautiful family 



Pritiinii Hi'iih' 
I h),.' ■ I ' ■ 'mil 

Lee Bnlgiii 

Oi'iikI; Hiiiiiihic 

Lnriaii Bridii^cfniih 

l^ngllt,", \ll- I ,llli l.lnlll 

KIdssiiienI Biyaii 
Eleineiitaiy Education 

Cilll/illi I'Adls 
( ,0111111 II nil iilinns 

Joelle Codi'l 
Allied Hmlih 

Wirole Calli'ite 
Ihisini'w Adiiiinntuihon 

lliiprjidl ('■'Illy 
EJi'iiii'iiUin Ellin iiliiiii 

Wiiijirld Cnslrllo 
Sprrili I'lilliolitgy 

Diiiiiiiin ('Jinndlci 

Zoe CJieikley 

40 Senl< 

Joseph Cheij 
Health Care Administration 

Enjoli Christinas 

James Clark 

Rosey Clark 

George Cyril 

Slierine Daley 
Conimuiiicalions/Elecironic Media 

Cedric Davis II 

John Davis 



Christina Jefferson 

G- Master's in management 

R- Traveled from state to state doing canvassing work, met my 

A- LETC treasurer, public relations, and secretary; Wade 

Hall Dorm Club assistant treasurer 
D- To become a CEO/President, get married, have 4 kids, and 

bless others who are in need 

John-Michael Johnson 

G- Be all that I can be and try to please God 

R- Freshman Orientation '97, ice skating, chapels. Club 

"Eva," all my good pals, and the awesome professors 
A- Alpha Chi National Honor Society, Epsilon Phi Delta 

Science Club, Acorn, Allied Health Club, books, books and 

more books 
D- To see Oakwood College transform into a prosperous 


Juluen Andrew Johnson 

G- Counseling Pastoral Family Therapist, Ph.D. 

R- Memphis, Suite D2-2, Spring 2000 

A- USM Senate, Aeolians 

D- Happily married, heaven, bilingual evangelist 

Gary Lynn Jones, Jr. 

G- Master's in social work 

R- Room check, VOT, Practice Methods I & II, Trip to Nige 

ria. Social Work Retreats 
A- VOT, Social Work Club, student responsible for the 

Social Work Department. 
D- To go up in the clouds with Christ at His second coming 

DeJuan Nathaniel Knight 

G- Be a martyr for Christ while preaching before an august 
assembly like Martin Luther 

R- Talks in the dorm, working at Academic Affairs 

A- LETC, working at Academic Affairs 

D- To get to heaven, possible marrige to the woman God 
would have for me on the way, to live in a Western coastal 
state right on the beach, having 104 acres of pine coastal 
mountainous land north of the San Andreas Fault. 

Nicole Yolanda Knight 

G- Achieve what God wants me to achieve 

R- NAPS trip to Haiti in 1998, Thursday night line up, OC 

beauty pageant, many friends 
A- PR of junior class, grader for professor of dietetics. 
D- To get married, have a fulfilling career, and make my way 

to heaven 


Robyn Traci Lang 

G- To positively affect the lives of all with whom I come in 
contact and to finally stand faultless before the throne of 

R- White water rafting 1999, night before finals looking out of 

my window at Wade and seeing freshmen challenging us to 

a rumble (1999) 
A- Science Club, radio station D.J. 
D- To get married and have six kids if the Lord tarries (3 girls, 

3 boys); also travel and work as a medical missionary, not 

only healing but teaching the principles of health and 


Eugene J. M. Lewis 

G- Master's in international finance, J.D., law degree special- 
izing in litigation and entertainment law 

R- Intramural basketball games in the gym, step shows, and 
road trips 

A- President of Financial Management Association; Member of 
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.; member of Phi Beta 
Lambda - Business Club 

D- To become an entertainment attorney and eventually 
produce, direct, and create my own movies. 

Danielle Chante Martin 

G- To complete a master's in English or education 

R- "Family" brawls and dinners, FinAid 

A- Aeolians, Voices of Triumph, GUMBO Editor, Literary 

Guild treasurer 
D- To get manied, have two children, write a book, organize a 

community service center 

April Venette Mendinghall 

G- Master's in speech pathology 

R- Going out with friends and singing with the choir and 

A- Aeolians 
D- To become a professional singer in a group 

Marcus Meriweather 

G- To complete a degree in medicine 

R- Eating peanut butter sandwiches every Friday night with my 

friends, late night fire drills (3:00 a.m.) in Peterson Hall 
A- Epsilon Phi Delta, Student National Medical Association 
D- To become a family practioner back in my hometown 

Melissa Renee Morrison 
G- Master's in education 
R- Rude Girls Soccer Games, pranks at 5040, and Sabbath 

A- International Club president. Literary Guild vice president, 

Pre-Law Society, GUMBO editorial staff, Rude Girls 

Soccer Team captain 
D- To get married and to have a fulfilling career 

4? Senic 

Paul Ocrck Nixon (aka Dizzy, Big Paiilie) 

Ci- Docloralc in English, publish poem books, many my future, 

ha\ e 4 children, die old and happy, go to heaven 
R- A new dorm situation every year. As One, the greatest 

Oakvvood group ever, a higher G.P.A. every year, all my 

many ex's 
A- Education Club president '99-' 00, USM social vice 

president (temporarily), taking pictures for "The Wall of 

Fame," skipping chapel 
D- My dream is that more caring, capable educators will teach 

high school so that society's youth will discontinue their 


Tosin Adejoka Ola 

G- To chat with God and to ask all those questions . . .why's, 

what's, and how's. To have a wonderful, fulfilling career 
R- The chapel worships, USM activities, late nights in Wade 

Hall just chillin' and hanging out, the ice cream parlor, 

eating in the cafe (believe it!) 
A- Voices of Praise (VOP!), Drama Clubs, having fun (that's 

a great activity.) 
D- Meet that special someone, get married, have 3 kids, a 

Tudor-style house, go back to live and work in Nigeria. To 

be happy in whatever career I finally work in. But most of 

all, to get to heaven 

Delores Annette Paige 

G- To own and operate my own fitness and wellness center, 
educating, motavating, demonstating the beliefs of health 

R- Oakwood registration lines, Bonnell Drive, A.Y.S., Madi- 
son Mission Church, lifelong friends, every life changing 
semester at OC 

A- VOT Choir, WSB, dorm wing president, Pre-Alumni 
Council, flag-football, Huntsville Hospital, outreach 

D- Pay off loans and debt, to marry the love of my life (SEL), 
and to be ready when Jesus comes 

Deidra Marie Patrickson 

G- To become a television news anchor/Spanish translator 

R- B-ball games, USM, ice skating, the friends I've made 

here at OC, reuniting with friends from California! 
A- Poetry writing, Dynamic Praise, Communications Club 
D- To become a news anchor with a major network, and be 

able to report the news in both English and Spanish. Also to 

have my own fashion critic column in Marie Claire and 

Vogue Magazine 

Carlton Eugene Price III 

G- Real estate and investments/retire at 32 

R- P.B.C., Peterson, True B&G Brothers, Cafereria, T-Force, 

Cali-Fam, football, my '72 Lincoln 
A- T-Force, True B&G Brothers, Business Club 
D- Marriage, 2 kids, no bills, and a Hummer 

Alysia Laverne Pullins 

G- To obtain a post-graduate degree in I/O Psychology and to 
get a good job in a major corporation 

R- Late night talks with friends, developing close relationships, 
intramural B-ball and DP rehersals 

A- Dynamic Praise, Psychology Club officer, Alpha Chi, 
intramural sports 

D- To get married, have a family, live comfortably, and ulti- 
mately go to Heaven and see my Jesus 

Anthony Raybourne 

G- Master of Divinity, psychology doctorate, private coun- 
seling practice. 

R- Inspiring sermons from Pastor John Nixon, long cafe and 
registration lines 

A- USM Senator, Aeolians, Pre-Alumni executive vice presi 
dent, student dean. Forum, SIFE parliamentarian 

D- Marriage, motivational speaker, world renowned singer 
(gospel), to enter heaven 

Chantal Agnes Samson 

G- To receive my master's in social work and to work on my 

L.S.W. for clinical practice 
R- Junior year, the many study groups, chill nights, 2000-2001 

Back to School Revival 
A- Social Work Club, Saturday night activities. Silent Sufferers 

Program, AYS 
D- To have my own clinical practice working with adolescents 

and young adults who suffer from low self-esteem and 


Jestan F. Sands 

G- Medical school, soul salvation 

R- Aeolians practices, Caribbean social. College Days, 

Alumni Weekend, AHCOP at Howard University summer 

2000, Richard Smallwood concert 
A- Aeolians, International Student Organization, College Days 

Navigator, AYS, Epsilon Phi Delta, Allied Health Club 
D- To become the best emergency medicine physician, saving 
lives and souls 

Linda Skeete 

G- My goals are to be a God-driven clinical psychologist and 
to have a radio ministry to give others easy access to coun- 

R- My remembrances are the squirrels scurrying around me as I 
walked to my classes, the many friends I gained, the dedica- 
tion of my professors and Oakwood staff in providing 
guidance, and the work the Lord has done on my spiritual 
life. Also learning to skate but falling on my professor 

A- Caribbean Night '99, the various morality plays and 
soliloquies, the musicals/concerts and prayer vigils 

D- To return to Oakwood some of the loving care they gave to 



RiichcUf Ddi'is 
\,„i,il Work 

Jui-I Diilini 


Shuvoii DciKiiil 
Allied Health/Fitness & Wellness 

Fllinll l)l<i<ss 
Compuli I ^ ' ■ W '/ li, 

Teny Douglas J) 

Ty-Roii Dmiglas 

Liiiicshd iJii'ii 

Miuriis Edwanls 
Social Work 

Lcstn Kliioll 

I .(nurerire Dorsey II 

Landon Dowe 
Computer Science/Mathematics 

Slfuy Ellis 

44 Senior 

Adrian Epps 

Valy Fontil 

Bryant Goodine 

Rebecca Faulkner 

Jeleania Fields 

//nrd Fxnuis 
Social Work 

Liana Gray 

Natasha Francis 

AiiDiia Grijjiii 
Elementary Education 

Marcellus Fields 
Elementary Education 

/(U(/U('s Francois 

Slurwa)uia Griffiu 

Oenior? 45 

Brian Learmond Spellen 

G- To not only be a man, but to be a good man and a man for 

God throughout my hfe 
R- Hang out with the fellas, my bros, friends, growing and 

maturing through life's lessons 
A- Intermural sports, constantly getting in trouble with the 

deans at Edwards Hall 
D- Have a wonderful lasting family and to fully be able to 

enjoy all the joys of life 

Reuben Andrews Steele 

G- Get my M.S.W., become a licensed therapist 

R- Basketball Intramurals junior year. Sabbath dinners with my 

friends, learning how to dive in the swimming pool 
A- Social Work Club, Voices of Triumph, LETC 
D- To travel to Africa, Australia, and various islands. Get 

maiTied and have children 

Nicole R. St. Louis 

G- To be vice president of human resourses of a major 

R- Thanksgiving 1 999 and my freshman year at AUG 
A- Spreading Oak, USM PR Director, Phi Beta Lambda 

(Business Club), Acorn Advertising Editor 
D- To obtain my MBA/JD within the next three years and 

specialize in Employment Law 

Nicole Marian Swanston 

G- Medical doctor with a master's in public health 

R- Friday night AYS, Ms. Oakwood Pagent •98/'99, Apollo at 

Oakwood every AYS, Madison Mission, all the choirs 
A- NAPS, SNMA, VOT, College Choir, Apha Chi, Blue 

Springs YMCA, Student OR 
D- Help the underpriviledge through medicine, get manied, 

have children, bring others to heaven with me 

Shawanna Lavette Taylor 

G- To obtain a position in the CIS field, hopefully managerial 

such as database management 
R- Richard Smallwood concert, chillin' with my campus family 

and late night talks with my girls 
A- Aeolians/College Choir, vice president of Voices of 

Triumph, Business Club treasurer 
D- To be happy in whatever I do 

Nadia Cornine Pearce 

G- To earn a B.A. in management 

R- Being chased by Ms. Marchand through the halls of Wade 

A- Voted Most Talented Actress sophomore year, SIFE, and 

member of the Business Club 
D- To become a successful business manager, travel, and make 

lots of money 

Tiffany Sidra Taylor 

G- Master's in speech pathology and eventually doctorate 

R- Late night/ early, early a.m. chats in friends rooms in Carter 
Hall, being a biology major freshman year, singing in the 
group Devotion (remember y'all?), participating in the 
2000 Miss Oakwood Pageant, numerous choir singing 
engagements, working at WOCG and being a "light to the 
Tennessee Valley" 

A- 2000-2001 ACORN Editor, Aeolians/College Choir, 
Voices of Triumph, Alpha Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Carter Hall 
Dorm Club officer, Sophomore Class officer. Senate, 
Spreading Oak writer 

D- Start my own practice, dwell in marital bliss, have 3 angelic 
children, and ultimately be able to do all the things we sing 
about in "Lm going to sit at the Welcome Table" 

Lavardo Leslie Thompson 

G- To reach my full potential and always be a part of the 

learning process 
R- Registration lines, going ice skating 
A- Ecology Club president, lab instructor, grader, advisor for 

off-campus students 
D- To graduate from Oakwood, earn my Ph.D., get married, 

and live happily ever after 

Tammy Tashyra Thompson 

G- To be the director of my own child day care center 

R- Going to the Madison Mission Mass Choir recording, a 
roach falling into the salad bar in the cafe, and most of all, 
sitting on the stairs in front of Peters Hall with my girl 
Demetria Taylor every single day during freshman year 

A- Devotion: a singing group started by Rose Lee in Carter 
Hall before the famous Carter Hall group 

D- To marry my best friend, who is also the man of my 
dreams, Todd Johnson, and be very successful with my 

Jarren Rene Thurman 

G- Doctorate in clinical psychology 

R- Tent Revival '97, L.E. campaigns. Soul Food Ministry, 

Madison Mission recording. Prayer Life Ministry March 
A- V.P. of Alpha Chi, Chaplain's Assistant, VP of senior 

class. Psychology Club, LETC 
D- To be saved in God's kingdom 

Chinwe Oyeronke Umez 

G- Chinwe Umez M.D., M.P.H.. enough said! 

R- Woo-Woo! Black Girls. DPHB. Make us one (Hug 'em 

up). Commissioned, Richard Smallwood, LOP, Biology 

A- USM everything, SOAK Awards with class of 2001, 

gymnastics, white water rafting, TAEBO, jokes! 
D- Singing 8 part harmony with Christ and His angels at our 

heavenly home 

46 ^enio 

Rachcllc Di'annc Valcin 


R- NAPS Haiti Mission Trip '98. Penguin and Swan in Carter 

Hall, ail the wonderful people that I can now call friends 
A- NAPS. VOT choir. USM Senator. French Club 
D- To have a powerful ininistry through dentistry and however 

else God sees fit to use me 

Lettica Nicole Walker 

G- Master's in business administration 

R- East vs. West basketball games in the gym, playing with 

cafe food, taking pictures at the rock quarry 
A- Aeolians 
D- To become a master programmer, own my own campany, 

and be very, very rich 

Angela Jeanice Warden (aka: Neecy) 

G- J.D. (law degree) specializing in civil rights or family law 

R- OC 101. making friendships that will last a lifetime, work- 
ing in the President's Office for 4 years, Sabbath afternoon 
pictures, being a participant in the 2000 Miss OC Pageant 

A- USM executive officer (98-99), class pastor (98-99), 
class secretary (00-01), President's Ambassador, orches- 
tra, VOT, Phi Eta Sigma & Alpha Chi 

D- To become a published authority in my field, eventually 
teaching on the graduate level and becoming a partner in a 
reputable law firm 

Anjanene D. Ware 

G- Master's in business and acquiring my degree in tort law 

R- Freshman year, Carter Hall, first floor old wing, best times 

A- Voices of Triumph, Love Waits, President's Ambassador, 

dorm VP (freshman), dorm parliamentarian (soph.), R.A. 

0- To open my own law firm, marry Darryl Sanford, and make 
it into the kingdom of God 

<liandie Youlande Waugh 

J- To have a closer walk with God 

1- The day Dr. Paul messed up my name in class and it be- 
came my nickname for the next four years 

\- College choir, NAPS, Science Club parlimentarian. Science 

Club president 
0- To get married to the perfect man for me and live out my 

dream of serving as a doctor in the mission field 

^oussant Thyrsis Williams 

J- Empower underclassmen to be leaders, be a model husband 
and man of God 

V- Intramurals, Guyana, T-Force rumbles 

^- DP, Athletics V.P., Navigator, T-Force 

)- Seeing students committed to sevice, automated registra- 
tion, 3 kids 

Tomeka Lashone Witherspoon 
G- Graduate school/work 
R- Intro, to Bible, financial clearance 
A- Family and Consumer Science Club, state president of 
Alabama Association of Family & Comsumer Science 
D- To become the founder of a community center 

"Trust in thi^ Isord 

with all Mm hi^^rt 

and kan not unto 

thy own undi^r- 

§tanding. In all thy 

way§ aeknowli^dgi^ 

tlim, and 11i^ shall 

direct thy paths/' 

-Prov. 3:5, 6 




Aililir lli'W/lt 

Miis/i- Biisiiii'ss 

El ilka liniih 

('.Ifi/iciil Holder 

48 pernor 

Genevieve Holl 

George Howell 

C.lirisliil ](uues 

Shannone Holl 

/e)n 11(1)101/ 

Dotidhl Hiraund 

Jeff Hiiggiiis 
Com III u II icdlioiis/Eiii'lisli 

Lydia-A iriie Husbaiiih 
MdllieiiiniK s 

Soiijd Jdcohs 

Kddiiiilyd Idine^ 
Allied Health 

Ndlhdlie Jedii-Fliil/jipe 

CJirislimi Jcjjersoii 

3)enior? 49 


50 Senior 

Kanyeba Kutebwa 

Eiijoli Uickcy 
Allied Hea/th/Filnrs'i & Wellness 

Shayla LaCount 

George Lamand II 

Eugene Lewis 

Robyn Lang 

Cdtlyle Leinghnriu />■ 

James Lewis III 

Yiiki Lewis 
Elementaij Education 

Joelle LuGuerre 

Go)y Legal I 

Heather Logan 

seniors 5 1 

Ddiuelle Martrn 

Oris Martin 

Sireasa Martin 
AllirrI Health 

Douglas McCleary 
Computer Science/Mathematics 

I'liiliji MfDniHitd 

J (null ha It M( Neil 

IJntU'hu M< I'hrrsoii 
Arconnlitig/ Theology 

Melvauie Mellon 

57 Oenic 

April Mendinghall 
Language Arts Ednratimi 

Bradley Moore 
Health Care Administration 

Paul Nixon 

Marcus Merriweather 

Drew Minolt 
Social Work 

Jamar Moore 
Allied Health 

Melissa. Morrison 

Myislui Norhs 

1.(11(1(1 i\'o-jl 
Social IVoik 

Tina Monroe 

L(i-(i(/i(gli)i NeynaiKi 
Eilncss o \\'cllni\y 

Toclii Ohike 

^enior? 53 

Ni( till' I'll) ri'-l Jims 
Ml ml 1 1 ml III 

Melissa I'lcsinll-Cri'wi 

Call 1(1)1 I'nrc II f 
Coiiij/iiln hijo. Systenis/Fiiiaiue 

Alysia Fiillins 

54 Senit 

Hananiah Ruff 

Samara Rycc 
Elementary Eduraiion 

Fravtzn Saint-\'(il 

CJunilrl S/i)iiso)i 
SdCKil Wdik 

Angelique Samuel 
Social Work 

Keisha Sanderson 


Jestaii Sajids 

AVt'/h Sraiicll 

Seniors 55 

Sraii SI.JjHiis 

Ki'ii Slcwiiil 

Ndl/ishii Slnv/irl 

BlIMIICSS l\l(IU/lg('lll(lll 

Nicole Swaiisloii 

56 Senic 

Michael Taylor II 

Shawaruia Taylor 
Computer hifnrmatiov Systems 

TiJJuny Taylot 

D'Jahna Thomas 

Paula Thowpson 

Taiiimy Tliomp^oii 
Hinnaii Dni.&'Family Stiahrs 

Jarren lliiirman 
Social Work 

Jovo)i Times 
Fitness iif Wellness/Mdthematics 

Oenior5 57 

Angela Warden 

All /a neve Ware 
H us ill ess Ma iiaii^eiiieiil 

Brerida Warfield 
Soeial Walk 

Khaiidie Waugh 

58 Senif 

Natalie Weelis 

Dorm.a Williarm 
Human Dev.& Family Studies 

James White 

Sharon White 

Lesep Whyte 

Kamaria Williams 

Taikesha Williams 
Family and Consumer Science 

To itssa int Willi a ms 

Derrica Wilson 

Brennan Wimbiish 

Jeremy Winston 

Emmanuel Woods II 

Oenlors 59 

Human Dev.&Family Std. 

Lance Alexander 

fris/i()ii)la II iiDils 
Accountiuii N '■ '" /' 

Gian Alexis 

C^raig Wright 
\o(ial Work 

Jennijet Aljoxl 

Evelyn Adams 

Amanda Ambrose 
I'ncal Performance 

Kuiiheiiy Andersoii-BU'iicowe 

i\lrlis\(i l'>id;i'i 
Soiiat Woih 

Keith Banks 
Fitness i3' Wellness 

Delicia Barrow 
Child Dev./Huwan Dev.i^Family Std. 

60 Senior; 

T)(uey Beasnii 

Neil la Brizard 
Computer Science 

Ramona Biggs 

Deven_ Brandon 
Elementary Education 

Andell Brown 
Hist on 

Jonathan Brown 
Business Administration/Theology 

James Caldzvell 

Social Work 

Tyislta Cephas 

Troy Bright 
Language Arts/Religion 

Christina Simons 
Business Admmistiation 

Priscilla Clark 

Oenior? 6 1 

Lee Cori 
Biology Education 

hum DdpJnus 
Eletnenkuy Education 

Thamar Desdier 

Garth Dottin 
Allied Health/Theology 

Tannysha Evam 
Math Education 

Jose Eeil 
Soei(d WDih 

Karen Foster 

Lisa Franklin 
Computer Science 

67 Oeni< 

Kietriah (iininany 

Alethea Goodridge 
Music/Social Work 

Sandy Grada 
Math Education 

Patricia Gray 
Business/Computer Info. Systems 

Michael Greoi 

Fendezd Green 

Paul Gunn 

Bruce Guy 
Computer Science 

E. Jasnii ll/i/l 

Tiah Graves 
Vocal Performance 

Melamie Gregory 
Social Work 

Syrita Hall 

jsnioT^ 63 

64 ^enio 

Roosevelt Lewis 

Melissa Malletl 
Elementary Edueatiou 

Xernona Lezama 
Family & Consumer Science 

Triciana Loftman 
Computer Informatio7i Systems 

Osmund Mai all m 

Antoine Maycock 
Engine eri^ig/ Spanish 

I'ahit.ha Miller 
Elementary Education 

Stephen Mills 

Natalie Louis 

Brian Miller 

Edhysm Mondesir 

Brian Montgomoy 

Oenior? 65 



enior v jeweis^ 

of V-J 


After spending four (sometimes more) years submersed in college life, you would expect that the senior 
class members ha\^e some insightful knowledge to pass on to the underclassmen. Here are a few pre- 
cious stones of \^ital information from some members of the class that might benefit those 

with a few more years left at OC. 

"The? toucjiheet dwicee in life? aiv not [■^etweeu 

qool\ a\v\ b^J, but knowincj v^UaX'e jooJ, bc?ttc?r, 

■a\v\ sNhaX'e bc?t^t." 

-T.^ni.^i'.^ V.^LUjIu^n 

"Whc?n you etuJy, ^tuJy \\a\\i 

Wlicfn you pL=iy, pL=iy hawi 

bi\X in all thintjt^ male eroJ an intor]ral ^\^^ acX'\\/e 

eoiwce of yowev in you lifo." 

-Erioa HinJg^ 

Toop it roal. Ro^poot tho \a.X\ee, 

3tay trua to c?od." 

-Toueea\\]X Williams 

"A roininJor fvou] V\\ WlavXh Luthor Kin^j: 

^Tlio utliinato nioat3Ui^o of a \r\a\] \e not whoro ho 

eXawie in inoniont? of oomfort aid oonvonionoo, 

but whoro ho i^tand^ at tiiiio^ of ohalloncjo aud 

oontrovor^y.' 'Finally, my bi^othron bo etron^j in 

tho LorJ, auA in tho powoi^ of hie nmiht' Eph. 

6: 1 01" 
-Ja\reu Thuniian 

"Maintain a balanood lifoetylo!" 
-crary Jouee, J\\ 

"Ronionibor that your roputation \e all you havo' 

auA luoeX important. It will follow you aftor youi 

QvaduaXe. Think bof oro you aot!" 

-Poidi^^ Patrickeon 

66 Senif 

" 1 . Put Ooii firet in liiit? (^vc?ii before ecUooi, oiwAe, 

2. Uaie ewve you know the? rc?t?|uir^nit?nt6 for 
your dotjroo, bc^oau^t? it'? your futuro, not 
your £3Jvi6or'6. 
3. Pon't loavo Oakwood without niamin^j a posi- 
tive difforonco in somoono obo's life?. 
4. Pon't bavo holding a tjrudejo for tho60 who 

don't know ^ny better. 
5. De n^an/wo\r\a\^ enou^jh to admit your faults. 
6. De euve to act the fool at ejraduation bo- 
cauee aftevwavde, you have to etay a 
One iove\" 
-Colin ^ailoy 

"Pon't rush the? future?; enjoy the pi^esont." 
-Jeeelca Cook 

"-Have ae much fun ae you can 

-Do not fail a class 

-Always be 1 steps ahead of Oakwood 

with all your paperwork." 

-Andre Hewitt 

"Pon't believe the hype . . . grades and cr.P.A. are 

important; C's will not out it!" 

-Kim Andereon 

Keep Ood first in youi^ life and don't let anyone 

tell you that you can't be yourself an^i survive. 

Know that! ATL: wowie of wisdom." 

-Pay Ramphal 

Dill IK \ MlHIIC 
Ir - iilillllllg 



fuyce Rirhiian 

' I'limlnoy 

SlitniiKiii MiKiii 

I lllltJIIIIL'l l^/s I'llllKllldll 

Mattisha Pailuun 
riniii'Hlai'y Edutaliun 


Man'iii PiUlin 
CiiiiiJHili'i liilo. Sy.\lf'iii\/i\liiMi- Bus. 

i'jia'iii I'inoi'll 

(jlllllllllllll llllllllS 

Aiildiiiclti' Pii'ilflii' 
Fsyi hdldgy 

Shaivii Snilt 

68 senior 

Jason Scale 





/ ' 7' 



Carla Smart 

Andre Smith 
Fitness & Wellness 

Lincohi Smith 

David Steede II 

Kctiheii Sifclr 
Social Work 

Stcnucilc St. Juste 

Kcilh I'crrill 

Oenior? 69 

"If aX firt?t you Joii't e\}ccedA. there \e aiwaye 

the AJvonti^t Nun 6oc\et\/." 

-Natlualic? .l^.^ii-Pliilipp^ 

"My wowie of aMce for tho v\\v\e^x\aee\we\^ ave\ 
1 . Povc?lop a doee a\v\ yeveo\ia\ r^btioiidiip with 

2. Pc?vt?lop c\ool\ fv\e\v\eU\ye that can awi will 

oontiiiuo throu£jhout your lifo. 

3, P.=ii^tioipc.^to in ae much ae you o.=in [after you 

t^tuJy^ hecaiiee \t'e nothing] liko lo.^vincj and not 

luwin^j cJinythinrj to vemember." 

-Alyt?ia L Pulliiit- 

"'5uooo?e \e the fruit of toJ.^y.' In oivior to be 

ei\cceeefi\\, etavt workiucj at it \\o^" 

-Jeff H\j(\cjhe 

70 Senior 

"Pon't Uaiuj out in front of u^irtor H.^ll." 
-L?c?oi\jo Howoll 

"Ron 1011 ibc?i^ that wlu^t you will bo, you ave now 

Juloun Johnt-on 

"5tv?irt 6tron0 and bowaro of tho Ji^traotione 

aloiicj tho way. Foou? ou your L]oa\ a\\\ roinombor 

that w\\ateNer you truly want, wantt^ you." 

-AnJro' Ponhani 

"Lifo '\e about ohoioo?; 

chooee to win; 

cUooee Christ." 

-Oeor^e Cyril 

"Tako thincj? dowly. Put Go A fir£^t in ovorythintj 

you Ao. Enjoy lifo whilo you can." 

-Noilla P'lizarJ 

"Hl^ iiL^t cjct L\^LKjht up ill proc^r.^it^tinatioii. It will 

Aw^yt-^ co\]\e [\^ck a\v\ cyt you." 

-A\]j3\]e\]e \Nave 

"Rc'iiic^iiil^c^r X\\aX' we ave here on earth to \ie\p 

o\]o a\]other. Find eome eovt of ee\y'\ce ov(\a\i\za- 

t'\o\] ov act'w/lty that yu can uee to furtlic?r 

LToA'e meeea(]e throu^jliout tha world TaUuc] 

tiiiic^ out for Ood will ho acknowleAjiOd a\v\ 

rewardeA in Aue time." 

-Chrletal Jamee 

"Don't w.^it for thintj? to oonio to you. Take tho 

initiative? and qo a\v\ find out for your^olf. 

Chancee are, you'll find out whon it'^ too lato a\v\ 

0at loft bohind." 

-Stacy Elli6 

"Don't (jot it twleted." 
-Daniol Anipon^ali 

"Koop your eare open aek c\ueet\one, a\v\ remem- 

her, c?od didn't brin^ you thi? far to loavo you." 

-D^loroe Pai(jo 

"Romoinbor what you oamo to Oakwood Co\\eL\e 

for. Kememher your Qoaie and oon^tantly 

ronionibor what your droani? and ae[irat\one 

-K/\arcue Moiriwoathor 

"5tudy to know, not for tho cjradee." 
-Khandio Waucjh 

"Pray for ooura^jo to ooik^uor youi- foart?. Novor 

0ivo up, only prot-L- forward." 

-Roubon Steele 

"'Tliroujli Christ 1 oan do all thinj?.' 

Philippiant? 4: 1 3." 

-6horino Daloy 

Oeniors 7 I 

Iji,riiirjniii 1 1 ai icii 
Cttiiijiiilrr hilii. Sy\li'iiis 

C.iilliis Wdslinii^liiii 
Elciiirulan EiIiiiiiIhiii 

ll ^lenlor; 

Bernell Williams 

LaKeisha Winters 
A ccounting/Religion 

Daniel Williams 
Business Admin./Music Business 

Ruardo Wookock 
Religion/Social Work 

Latesha Williams 
Social Work 

Stephen Wright 

Michael Wilson 

jeniors 75 

Top Right: Dr. Trevor 

Fraser, director of 


Top Left: One of the 

LEAP classes of the 


Right: Graduating 

LEAP students stand 

proudly with Sonia 

Paul of the LEAP 


74 Le/^ 






Oakwood College's Adult and Continuing Education Program, LEAP (Leadership Educa- 
tion for the Adult Professional), is an aspect of campus that most students don't know too 
much about. Granted, the students in this program might have a slightly different curricu- 
lum and class schedule than most of us, but they are fellow Oakwoodites nonetheless. The 
program takes approximately 18 months to complete. Most students graduate from the 
program with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management. Those who 
complete their degree through LEAP are truly an example of those who embody hard 
work and determination. Some might think college is hard enough, but try having to 
work on a degree while having another full-time job and family at home. LEAP students, 
we salute you for all of your hard work. 

LEAP 75 

'Siadnallns: QL 

(LEAP: Leadership, Education 

76 LEAP 

for the Adult Professional) 

Robin O'Connor- 

Eric WiilUams 

jdllK \ ()olcsh\ 

Barbara, Y'oiiug 

Carol Sa) tie III 

Linda Simi>i<sliiii 

"All of the LEAP graduates are receiving a degree in 
Organizational Management 

LE/^ 77 

Hnmer Reynolds 

Cdlli'iii Rddtipuez 

Emma Slc.rinl 

Donna WiUuuns 

78 LEAP 

Not Pictured 

Alleyne, Pamela 
Brogan, Veronica 
Byers, Timothy 
Carson, Kecia 
Cockfield, Timothy 
Crowell, Diane 
Everage, William 
Hammond, William 
Harper, Barton 
Heaton, Stacy 
Humphrey, Auldwin 
Johnson, Carey 
Leftwich, Don 
Mills, James 
Powell, Harry 
Simpson, George 
Smith, James 
Sudeall, Monica 
Wheeler, Dartrisha 

LE/^ 79 



Oneal Saunders 
Oldest Graduate of the Class of 2000 

The Stats: 

■ Born May 28, 1922, in Evergreen, Alabama 

■ Graduated from Westfield High School in Westfield, Alabama, in 1939 
After high school, he joined the Navy, where he learned auto/truck machanic 


■ A member of the NAACP, the Akibama Democratic Conference (ADC), he 
has invented a jack knife device for trucks, has started his own business, has 
been active in community affairs, and plays guitar for his church 

- Joined the Oakwood College LEAP program in 1996. Saw a woman who 
seemed to be over her 60s graduate from the program. Felt that if he joined, it 
would inspire other senior citizens to join as well. 

- Just a few days shy of 78 at the time of graduation. May 13, 2000 

''It may be those who do most, dream mosf' 
-Stephen Leacock 

(Informaiion obi.iincd from the ariick\ "Oncal Sanders: CoHege Graduate Extraordinare," written by 
Mx'dell Sniitli, staff reporter for Spcdkni'^ Out News.) 

80 LEAP 


What was one of your more embarrassing 
moments at OC? 


I came in one day 
'from swimming, and decidea 
to take a shower and take a nap. 
I went to bed in a state of undress and " 
slept with ear plugs in my ear. This was 
around the time that the network boxes were 
, being installed in the dorm. I assume that the 
worker (a man) knocked, and I didn 't hear him 
because of my ear plugs. My telephone rang, and I 
lunged out of bed to answer the phone. That's when I felt 
a presence in my room. I looked over and there was a ' 
man in my room. I screamed and asked him how long 
would it be 'til he left. All he said was he was sorry to , 
wake me. 
-Diana McFarlane, Landover, MD 

/ was at the salad bar at the cafe, and I sneezed and mucus came 

out of my nose. Everyone around me got disgusted and did not 

want to eat from the salad bar. 

-Darren Claxton, Washington D.C. 

One day I was leaving a group of friends in the cafe, eloquently 
saying, "I an I go trampoos (a Jamaican term for making a 
move), " and I turned around and fell. Everyone laughed. 
'™™'^ -Lincoln Smith, Bronx, NY 


Fell down the center stage at Blake Center in front of a large 
1 portion of the school. 

-Ryan Smith, Los Angeles, CA 

While eating breakfast one morning in the cafeteria, a 
basketball flew on my plate and everything splashed in, 
V my face. Orange juice also spilt on my pants, and li 
had to remain in the cafe for fear of being 
ridiculed for stains on my pants. 
-Elizabeth Stewart, Toronto, Canada 


Sdiii Bmlc II 

I (I UK'S li/'ll 

Elniunilan EdiKdlion 

Kenneth Bciisdu 

Justin Bevel 

Roberta Bishop 
Vocal Performance 

82 Juniors 

Candke Bleinns 
Fitness & Wellness 

Aulniii Bowe 


Eric Hnmni 
Elementary Education 

Demisha Burns 
Photo./Social Work/Spanish 

Sherwin Bobb 

Kitti-Kaye Bodley 
Allied Health/Biology 

Biyan Bnove 

Michael Brady 

I 'alerie Branham 
Social Work 

Kamica Brooks 

Elemciihny Fdiii /iliou 

Sheree Brown 

Shonet Brown 
Allied Health 

D/Jaiiy Biyatil 
Human Dev.& Family Stds. 

Brandon Boozer 

Sharon Brooks 

Takesha Burden 

Inga, Burrows 
Allied Health 

A'udrea Burton 

Fredra Butler 
Socied Work 

Josrjfh Caleb 
Inlernaln})Hil Studies 


Marsharei' Collins 
Social Work 

Nathan Collins 
Business Ailmniislialioii 

jllMIII (■Kllg 


Diallo Ciichlini 
Fitness is' Wellness 

Rirardo Daphnis 

34 Junior 

Rcghiald Darby 

Lynn Delva 
Elementary Education 

Shavonne Doiscy 
Music Perfomia7ice 

\vrnl lulwaid 


Robert David 


Justin Davis 
Music Business 

Sekenah Daye 


Andrea Deem 
Psychology/Social Work 


Darion DesChamps 
Physical Education 

Kimora DeWindf 
Social Work 

Qiayi Dickinson 
Computer Info. Systems 

Lissn Dorsainvilh' 

Sni ml II nik 

Caroline Douglas 

Eiiiili'^li " 

Dudley Dubeny Rndiu-y Dinilaj) 

Cdiiniiuinrations Family iy (^inr^ninri Sf inn r 

RoMi/iii l)\nm 

Allird I In, lib 

Celeste Edwards 
Eiiness & Wellness 

Sam Edwards 

A ngelic/u v Elle rbee 

A/oN^.s Eli 


DiDUDiiqiii' Frfincois 

CJicrisd FfduhUn 

Aiidrcd Fiillciuxid 

Charles Gardner 
Industrial Psychology 

Tiffany Garnett 
Business Administration 

Dawn GaJely 

Steven Gales 

Nicole George 


Jason Geno 

86 Jur 

Terry-au)i Griffin 

Troy Griffin 

Rohol (',)i\\(im 

Romci Hdhlernaricmi 

Shelly Hiii^in 

Social Science Ed. 



Elementary Education 

Siuinl \\,nk 

Courtney Hall 
Social Work 

Anthony Harvey 

Michelle Hall 

Christopher Harriel 

Shanna Harrison 
Human Development 

Kohyii Iltiwhnis 
Social Work 

Alison Hayes 

Brooke Henderson 
Elemental Educalio)i 

Lloyd Hiirrod 111 
Music Education 

Ijirrani Niiiry 


D('())i<l)iii /I'llric.s 
Vocal Fi'rl<innaiic(- 

88 Juni( 

Niyiere Jolimoti 

Reytheda Johnson 

Tiffany Johnson 

Adrianne Jones 
Elementary Ed. 

Darrin /ones 

Fdltl JiitU's 

Veronica /ones /idini 

Ij'c Knimiu 

Raymond Kint^ 

Elementary Ed. 

Human Dev. & Family Std. 

Prila<^i>;^\ 1 '(xal I'ri/in iii. 


Six ml II ml; 

ichael Labossiere 

Rose Lee 

Antoniah Lewis-Reese 

Claudisha Lewis-Parthne 

Collci'ii I J VIS 




Elemenlan' Education 

Elemcnta ly Education 

.Juniors 89 

Josette Lewis 
Math Education 

(u'ntiy Long 

Kathleen Lriivs 

Tameka Leivi^ 

Derek Lowe 
Computer Sci./History 

Jevon Lowe 
Bu)logy Eiluiution 

Nulia Marui 
Fhys. Therapy/Fii. isf I'Vell 

Jeny Ahnlni 

IjiTisha Mnrtiv 
Hiniuni Den. iy Family Std. 

Heather Mattiion-Watkins I'amaia MeCali 

Psychology l-innnce 

Devon McCalUi 


Joseph Luulsay 

liiil/iiiilil lj\lei 
BuHhe)in\tn/Med. Tedi. 

K^ *- ^ 

N/Hl;e\ha Modilix 

Sh(ivo)iiie Mathis 
Elemental' Education 

D' Andre McCarthy 

Ry<ni Manning 

Fracw Mathis 

Alison McDonald 

90 Junior 

Diana McFarlane 
Social Work 

Bel 1)1(1 Mi\'<'(l 

Carl McRoy 

Catrice Moffeli. 

Nicole McFarlave 

Candace McGoodwiii 

Jamie McGriff 

Melivda McNeil 
Elementary Education 

Ken i- Aim McNish 
Admin. Sys. Managernent 

Morris McPherson 

Syreeta McTier 
Elementary Education 

Jerome Miles 

John Mills III 

Donald. Monroe HI 

Shayla Monlgoii/ei\ 

Myrnelle Montoiite 
Elementary Education 

Ed McKenzie 
Eitness & Wellness 

Noyle McPherson 

Rel/i>/i>ii\ /■ (liK iihnn 

Knii Miiiors 
Business Maiiapenient 

H<i(l(i\s<ih \ liidii 
Math Education 

v_Juniors 9 1 

^i^sssip J tf 

I) ■ na Mnseley 

Leonard Nnvtoii 


Raymond Peojde.^ 

Kelli Moiely 

lliik\ Miiijili) 

\'tillialic Myilil 
Bnsnies.s Admiiiistnillou 

Kelle Neal 
K II dish 

Shiiiiiiuka iW'wliiii 
Fhys. Therapy/Fit. & Well 

Xdiney 0'(]onno)' 
Musk Business 

Mdhiiha Ohiiuiiji 
I 'o((d I'eifoDii./Coiinii. 

Duiudd Paul 

javelle Phillips 
Health Care Ad in in 

VVrntley Pliipps 11 
( '.irmmunications 

Gnin-Mane Pierre 
Elementary Education 

Jean-Richard Pierre 

Rnrheeiii Rough 
Musii Business 

Anika Powell 
Business Managenient 

Michelle Powell 
Elemeniary Educalion 

Brian Preston 
Business Health Care 

Tiffany Profitt 
Computer Info. Sys. 

97 JunK 

Marcel I iu us Regis 


Camillia Rodgers 

Natalie Ruff 

Marie Sanders 

Marlon Reid 

Heniy Richardson 
' F.iohwy 

Hree Robinson 

Donald Rolle 

Janice Royer 

Sleveii Rosemond 

Siejjhen Ruff II 

T/f/tniy Riigless 

Racherm Sagay 

Sherri Saunders 
Elementary Education 

Stephen Sanders 

Ij'sIk S((iII 

Ky rin da R ich ardson 
Intei<li\( //i/nt/i!\ Studies 

Dav/d Ruff II 

I! /Ill III mistry 

Chi'iyl Sapj) 

I .1 

Ahnia Sellers 
Allied Health/Fit. & Well. 

Juniors 93 

Ixiiily SI. lu'lix 
B ns . Mdrkeling/Finance 

Lorraine Stilli 
Health Science 

Leeanne Stoddart 

\ ' my 

Ciiurhiey Stokes 

Shera'ni Stone 

94 Junior? 

Glynroy Strochon 

Nicole Taylor 
ius. Admin./Vocal Perform. 

AnDre Turner 

Shenetta Suber 
Social Work 

Florence Sutton 
Social Work 

Sherynav Swan 
Elementary Education 

Christine Thompson 

JoJiathan Thomas 
Physical Therapy 

^^ " M ^^HBHlBi 

f-f ** 

?"• a '9HHH 



^■' ■ 





CJuvolrn Sylvester 

Michelle Thomas 

Shantil Turner 

Jdmaal Venter 

David rii(iiiij)st})i 

Cassandra ]'ernas 
Elementar-y Education 

Kahsha W'ahlon 
Elemetan Education 


Kliir \\'//so)i 
Comm. /Theology 

Ysaak Wisdom 

JhiiiiiIii Wright 
Social Work 

Megan Yelonla 

96 vj^niors 


Seasoned with a year of the "OC Experience," what 
have you learned about college life? 

Smiling can, like a shooting star, come 

and go, leaving a ray of glimmer amidst a dark sky. 

- Joshua Williams, Huntsville, AL 

Trying to please others is the quickest way to failure. 
-Susanne Osborne, Vancover, BC 

Everything counts. Take classes for knowledge opposed 

to grades. 
-Elayna Boynton, Riverside, CA 

/ have learned that love makes life 

beautiful; when you give love, you get love. 

-Kevin Maragh, Florida 

/ learned to comprehend people 's characteristics and 

personality traits readily. 

-Monique Laws, Chicago, IL 

No matter how difficult the task may seem to be, never 
compromise by putting studies before seeking the Lord first in 
^ daily devotion. 

-Alvin Maragh, West Palm Beach, FL 




< .(IIIIIIIIIIIK lllldlls 

( lm\lnii liiilci \(iii 

•^v"^ r>'"' 

Hiniinii' Finiiih Sliid. 

Did If! .{}iUiiuii 

I i>]ii\i \lnlaghe 

I i 

liniin Austhi 
Sodiil II ()//, 

Kenrick Banfiehl 
SiiiKil Willi; 

Tmuir B/inirs Jr 


(Mri<'U<i Hcl grave 

Chistopher Belgrave 
Cdtmtimiii (iliiuis 

Bii/niii Hi'i/kiiii 
Elemi'iilaiy Ediudlioti 

Rae Black 

Ji'it'in\ liiil('i\(in 

Birnt Batislr 


Mcki Bracken 

98 ^ophomore; 

'alcucia Bradley 

Aquila Brown 
Health Science 

Abel Browne 
Computer Science 

Niyrai-Daun Bradshaw 

Nigel Bra7idon 

Tabari Brannon 
Computer Sci./Theology 

Carl Brewer 

David Brown 
Social Work 

Maxine Brown 
Medical TechitaUnsy 

Ulanda Brown 

Verdine Brown 

Litiherl Browne 

IJcW (lyuc B()())ie 
Social Science 

Frcdriih Bosonan /r 
Business Manage. /English 

Udkrciii Houlin 
Computer I)ifo. Systems 

Yuel Boyce 

Myron Boyd 

Orlando Boyd. 

Toccara Boyd 

Ehiyiid Boyiilon 


Health Science 



Social Science Ed 


no mo res 



Ap>il Biiui\ 


AikIii'w (.iuiiJ^Ih'II 



Nudlc yindteu Carryl 
Business Admmistratimi 

(hi mil III CJtrster 
(j)iiniiiniii iiliniis 

jiKUula BiDiis 

Tnxniie Bu)i\ 

Tiffany Biiitan 

Oiichd Byium 

Witnu rirr^nsr^^ri'-^ 

Earl dniisnn III 

M(ini\ Cailyle 

Fiilnih Carter 



K*aA!,r- ■"" 

Jdsliiia (^lemons 
Cdiiif)iiter Seieiue 

Paul (Jer'elaud 


V / I 

Haiuffe Canuii^ldii 



CJiiis Ciuter 

Bid! dip,' 

Tyriee Clis/)y 

Jordan Collier 

1 00 oophomor 

Cnstol Grain 

Ayigelita Davis 

Kimberly Cumberbatch 

Matthew Curry 
Business Administration 

Kendrich Dandridge 

Edwin Davis II 
Computer Science 

Trmiteegus Davis 

Gail Dawhins 
Elementary Education 

Rhfiih'diiilli Dot met 

GiniiiniiiiK (iliini\ 

Caleb Dossman 



J^H <-a 





Dan Daniels 
Computer Science 

Sammy DeGraff 
Music Education 

Andrew Dotin 
Sn,i,il Work 

Bciijamni Douglas 

Twila Drew 

Karrema Dudley 

Al/soii Dulan 

Skyra Dummeti 





Social Work 



*-«- < 

^i f(!u 


Knlrau Duncan 
('.(Wiputrr Info. Systems 

rmiuka Duncombe 
Social Work 

Fid)ichi Elvc 
Math Education 

Slu'llcy luiolish 
(lanimuun alums 

{(land I'oiil 

(',lu'llll\l I \ 

Oilanilo F(irtl\c 
l\y( lioloiiy 

Amber Duuson 
Aci (nintiiiir 

l{\au Canu's 
Elciiu')itan l'jlu((it/o)i 

Roy Csditcr 



/(iscjih Eiunis 

I),iu/la hnrin 
C.oiiiji. Si will c/Matli 

Danu'llc (iailon 

f 01 (Ian Earle 
Business Manaircmcnt 

Hdudoljih l-iliiuniil\ III 
I' Dunn c 

Alva Fcrilnunul 
Inlcnuiluiual Stud/c'' 

( ,, on:, \ Hi urimond \ 

lludlnny \ 

-^:mwrr SIS' 

\'u iilc l-)duhlin 
Internalunidl Studies 

Kctra Fuller 
Elementan Education 

Prad deorges 


Akna-Nia Gihb 

I 02 30phomor 

Gillian Gittens 
Elemental Education 

Ebofiy Greaves 

Slcpluniic I/aynrs 
Medical Technology 

Chay Coins 

Lakeila Greaves 

Gartni Heal ley 
Allied Health 

Tiffany-Lynn Goodin 
Health Care Admin. 

Woody Gracia 

Donna Greene 

Gelyce Hairston 
Ulird llnillh 

Christina Heiny 
Biology Education 

Henderson Henry 
Compnier Science 

Jessica Graham 

Melbourne Grciidiy 
Allied I hullh 

Roxanne Hewitt 
Social ]Vork 

^opfiomoTG? I 03 

Alldlic /iilni\()}i 
Bus. MnglJ Accounting 

Cncy Johnson 
Elevwntnry Eclucalion 

1 04 ^ophomor 


Robert Johnson 

Charmuini' Kerr 
Social Work 

Dinnne Lewis 

Samuel Johnson 

Desmirra Jones 
Elementary Education 

Ernie Jordan 

Janique Joseph 
Accounting/ Spanish 

Tamiya King 
Allied Health 

Natasha Lambert 

Winston Langley 

Xaxnei Lewn 

Olnw l.nuU) 
Elementary Education. 

Kristy Lojjen 

Kenyatta Latham 
Businrw \dwii}i\tr(itinn 

rijjaiuf Lonnon 
Computer Srienre 



T(i)iya Lovrday 

An/ssd M<nrh 
Allied Health 

Ndlhini MrChvus 

('.(ntieniii Linii\ey 
Social Work 


Mwaka Mnhanga 

fnsnji Mann 
Hii\))ies\ Adiiinustialitiii 


jiiytelnie Maiquc. 

Ihuni Matiwaiii 
(Ui})ij)ater Scienn 

Adam May cock 

Kendra McBeau 
Business Administration 

Joseph McGowens 
Theology /Psychology 

Justin McFarlcnid 
( '.ominini!( alioHs 

Lanioice McKeiizic 
hlciDciitaiy Kdiiiatioii 

Peta-(,(i]i Mil mil 
Element/in' Education 

Rebecca McMin ray 
So( nil I I'orl; 

Era in McNish 
All iiiintims 

Roma III Medley 
Allied Health 

Launice Melbourne 

Melanie Metcalfe 
Physical Therapy 

106 oopKc 


Fayth Miles 

Damion Miller 
Computer Info. Systems 

Gregory Minor 

Marsha Mitchell 
Business Management 

Cara Monroe 

Aj)nl Oakes 
Social Work 

Althea Morns 

Fin I if Oiilcs 
Elementary Education 

Rodjiey Morris 

S hay la Mot en 

Kiyoiiii Oalez 

Iriuidr Olihn.s 

Angela Mobley 

Wayne Mot en 


SiLsainic (>\ho: ii 

^opnomoref 1 07 

.Sam Price 
Mdlh EdurtUion 

/iidy-. 1)1)1 Fovuil 
I h\li>)\ 

Jn/i)) IV. Fnoir) III 


Angel Provost 
Health Care Administration 

Kristi Qiiiiuiie 


«.■• ; 1 1 

Devui Rcdde 

Charles Reese Jr. 

R. Andrew Reeves jr. 

Mini; J. Rideoul 

Aj))yl Robots 
Health Care Administration 

108 Soplic 

William Roberts 


Eunice Ruff 
Social Science Ed. 

Jonathan Scott 

Eric Shakes Jr. 

Erin Robinson 
Computer Info. Systems 

Carie Roddy 

hL. J- M 

Cosvilla C. Rogers 
Physical Education 

iMToya Royal 

Gabriel 1 1' R ■" 

Lloyd Sealey 

Kevin Sharif 

Lama) Ryan 

Math Ellin Ill/nil 

Dunne Si nil 

Cniiijiiili I I iifn \\\lnii\ 

Horace Scoll 
/• )i'<nii'ii ni'< 

AlliMin Sense 

Lai'ina Seavnight 
l'\}i hnldi'} 

Ddidlby Sexinii 

Scarlet Slinrler 
Social Work 

Nathan Shuter 11 

Kiantui Simmom 



Judith J. Smith-Tweed 

Jurelder Solomon 

Wanda R. Steede 
Ed ur at ion 

Racquel Stephenson 

]Ve\h'y Stetinig 
lulnrss and Wellness 

Toccara Strong 
Human Develojwient 

Treva Sweeney 
Computer Science 

Wunton Taylor 

Elizabeth Thomas 
Computei S(ie)ne 

lUanilir rliiiiiij)soii 

I I ^lophomore; 

Kaieoii I hoiiipson 
Business Management 

Rajeeni Tlunnas 

Mcintosh Then'd 

Letitia Threadgill 
Computer Info. Systeins ■ 

Ezara Todd 

Denise Tolhert 
Social Work 

Demirra Tolston 

Keneifa Turner 

Micheal Turner 
Physical EdiunHov 

Greg Walcott 

Angella While 

Layiir Walker 
Elemcuhiiy Rdiuntion 

Keisha Wallace 


Noah Washington 

Regi7ia C. Washington 
r>i(ili)i^\ 'Xnrsing 

Jr/I Wlnlc 

Chantay Williams 

lash II 1 1 II ill ii nils 

Orl\n Williams 

Business Admiiiislration 



I I I 

Keturah Williamson 
Elementar-y Edurntinn 

Courtney Wright 

Tifjaiiy Windham 

St'th )elorda 


' w '^ 

Itidd Windhaui 
Compulrr Info. Systems 

Aaron Wiseltier 

Keith Woodward 

George Young III 
Socicd Work/Theology 

1 2 jophomoT'es 


What made you decide to come to 

I've lived in Huntsville all my life, and went 

to Oakwood Elementary and Oakwood 

Academy. Oakwood is a good school 

academically, but they don 't'have my major 

(Radiologoy/allied health) so I can 'tstay. 

I'm taking my prerequisites here so I can 

have the "OC experience." 

-Marcus McGauley, Huntsville, AL 

What convinced me to go to Oakwood first 

ojf was the spirituality. I believe it's 

neccessary to continue college life with 

Jesus. Secondly, it was the rate Oakwood 

has of getting students into medical school. 

-Calvin Grant, Atlanta, GA 

/ needed some spiritual growth, and I 

thought this would be the place to get it. 

Also, I have heard about the many different 

activities that are available on campus that 

help to make the college experience more 

— . — enjoyable. 

-Racquel Stephenson, Florida 

/ came here because I would find something 
here that I wouldn 'tfind at a public school. 
sg^-Brenda Morelus, Boston, MA 

I felt that God wanted me to come here 

because He wanted me to grow spiritually 

and because I wanted to get an education in 

order to give back to my community. 

-Tunisha Buttler, East Palo Alto, CA 

■I — resnmen I I 5 




^, -^ 





L.-'l ^^1 


1 -^iiSl 



Diduc Bailey 
Ciniipiilfr l)ij(i. Systems 

I I 4 J — resnmen 

/(DKilluiii ilakct 

Raymond Baptiste 

Morris Bdriics 

Kean Baxter 

Shcrcc Bichiani 

Lcticia Barhdale 

Kevin Barnease 

Anthony Barnes 

Ronald Barnes 

Joseph Bates 


Marwa;ri Battles 

RolrcH Bell 
Elementar-y Education 

Sharlene Benjamin 

Geoffrey Bennett 
History Education 

Talis Black 

Business Management 

\ w H II If T i/ 

(iriiitn Fxiolhe 


Martelli Borieux 

David Barnes 
Computer Science 

Jilian Baxter 

LaToya Bent 

Ulin'l lira It h 

John Boston II 

\ — re?nmen I I 5 


l-(il(Uj lUuull 

< '.{iiiiilli' Boyi r 

■I f 

\ ^- 

Ahiin Broivn 
('.(imljnier Sriencfi 

hlliiii] Unurii 

'^ iST' ^ 

DlDIIIK- ( Jll(l:l'('ll 

Siiuiil Wnih 

Sdcial ]V(iyk 

Tinni Bonyer 

Joseph Bradley Jr. 

Tiffani Bradley 
SocKil Work 

R/Kjiirl Buckley 
Commu7ii cations 

Miirs Hinnrtte 

. lislid ('.(imphcll 

( llinjlllll I \: /. )/( ( \llllll 

Ldkisihd Ccimphell 


Jdiidlhdii Canlrell 

Adriel Cnrr 
Comjiuln hijd Sysloiis 

Tessd Cdrrcra 
Business Manairemeni 

Andrea Carter 
Math Education 

Tuuididh lliilli'i 
/'si( huldgy 

Shcrruc ('.dinphell 

Kid)iiui Casey 

I 6 -j — re^nmen 

iMTonya Casmer 

Dionne Childs 

CJi rislopher Coleman 

jeromx' Cornwall 

Karine Champagne 

Anthony Chandler 

Kalandra Cheese 

Bodowski Cherisol 

Tiffani Claiborne 
Computer Science 

Amiette Clark 
Social Work 

Gwendolyn Clark II 
Health Care ^ it ministration 

Trisha Codd 

Nikki Coleman 

Everette Conwell 

Brandy Cooper 
Computer Science 

Therron Coopwood 
illird Hrallh 

Deatia Cii\'-.a 

Donna Cossa 
ElemenMry Education 

EaTisha (ai\ 

Edward Crider 

\ — refhmen I I 7 

Audi I'd Di)i(i^lii\ 
Alhrcl Hnillh/Fit.i^Wrll 

( i\\li'cna Dougl(i\ 

l\tni(l/\ hill, I 

Slurry DiiiudihdkI 

Jeremy Dnimmniid 


Charles Dudley III 
Compuier Science 

R(i\liiid DhIiiii 


Tdiiyii Dinikley 

/iiiKilhfDi Earle 
' Allied Heallh 

Coiniiiey EdiiKiiid 

I 8 \ — re^hmen 

Al-j Edwards 
Elementary Rdiifatioi] 

Raginee Edwards 

Rawlston Edwards 

Doimy Ellioll 

Maya Ellis 
Elemeiilan Education 

Nicole Fleary 

Mary Lyn Fleurimo)id 

Fnuletie Fonrose 


Shay Ford 

\ — re<:hinGn I I V 

Erloase Francis 

Allynlon Fnmcuis 

Gahridle Franois 

Joslynn Francois 

Sharonda Frink 


Ddoiil Fiiinhl/ii 

Forraine Frye 
Social II'idI; 

Erin Frysoii 
Flcmoitan Fducahou 


Andrea Gaite> 
Hiolosj^y FjUnatwn 


t X»-'I 


jennille Gardner 
Allied Health 



Knidii'ih Gdiilcdii 
EIniirnldn I'jIik dhoii 

Kane Gayle 
Business Administration 

lull mil GiliMiii 
Ciiiiiiiiii nil dliiiii\ 

Danielle Gilles-Oscar 

Cldienre Gillespie 
ConijjiUer Science 

Aval Id Goodin 
Fleiiienldn Fdncdiion 

jiislin Gordon 
' Allied Hedllh 

Edmond Grace 

Calvin Grant 
Medical Fechnology 

I 70 \ — re^hmen 

Sebrena Grant 

Rodney Grissom 
Music Busi}if\\/Religion 

Mario Harriel 
Fitness & Wellness 

Zaria Grant 

Charles Gray Jr. 

Michael Gray 
Business Management 

Jemaal Griffith 
Computer Science 

Stephen Gunn 

Thahani Gwebu 

Joelle Hall 
English/ Spanish 

Ricky Hall 

U'hutic Harris 

Michael Harris 

Karlette Haii'^tilnii 

Nicole Haiighton 


Vocal Performance 



■1— re?nmen 


Cin isloplin I liiit'iinl. 

jasni Hudson 
Undci Idi'd 

Maria Hunter 

Jdson Hiil/iiiiisdii 
Healthcare Administration 

Dwayne Hylton 
Business Administration 

I ^^ \ — reshmen 

Nadia Ince 
Computer Info. Systems 

Mark Irby 

Kisha Irvins 

Danyielle Jackson 

Kimberly Jackson 
Elementary Education 

Jessica ]o)ie> 

\ — reshmen I 23 




Mehinw Jones 
Elementary EdiiratiDn 

Adnenne King 

Aii/heti Kiuglil 
History/Pohliral Saeiue 

'5S> .. * 



L(ilii\ii Josi'jih 

Andrew King 

CliiiMili Kiiight 


Km I ley Knight 

Brian Uidiny 

April [jistet 
I III mini Di'W iy l-niiiil\ Slil 

Bradley Lee 
Computer Science 

Cam die Lee 

Erica Lie 
Computer Science 

Taniesha Lehiiiann 

Rachel Lemons 
Com m/ Management 

I 74 \ — re^hmen 

Shane Lindsey 
Comj)itti'r Info. Sf^tems 

Martin Lister 

Micha Logan 

Kaarina Lohko 

Michael Lonnon 

Gregory Louissant 
Physical Therapy 

William Lowe 
Computer Science 

Darlene Lumhsden 
\llird 11 rain I 

Rury Major 
Elementary Education 

Temika Mtillroy 
Elementary Education 

Dd'i'id A I /I I his 

Sinini Mdlliis 

Olivia MrAnuff 
Elemeyilm-y Educa.tion 

Darnell McConnell 


Cltnvvnh McCoy 

\ — recnmen I 25 

Kayc McDonald 
EInncntan' Edurntinn 

Jaim-s McUnJf 11 

Maiisici Melton 
Elementary Education 

Sonia Mims 

kceshii McDowell 
Allied Health 

Ijl\ mine Md-ailene 

Meredith McFarland 
Business Administration 

Marcus McGauley 
Allied Health 





Shalondra Mc Kinney 

Abe McKinstiy III 

Eicdncka M( Knighl 

DeCailo Ml Linen 


Rodney Meielas 

Kadiesha Miles 

faiiiri III Mills 
F,ii\incs\ Idiiiniistration 

Dion Mnig 
Business Administration 

Tenille Mitchell 

Rose Monroe 

Brandon MonloDiuoy 

Kerlene Montoule 
Social Work 

I 26 \ — peshmen 


Emily Moore 

\\ (Ilia ci'm cut 

Latrice Moore 

Shayla Moore 

Brenda Morelus 

Dafina Morris 
Music Business 

Kory Norwood 

Edna Nore 

Nicole Nuiii's 

Sekid Nurse 

Janice Nwokike 

\ — rechn 


Ddiyl P arris 

Anthony Patterson 

Darla Purlloio 
Elementary Eduration 

Sam I'dsilud III 

I'rivhd Palrirk 

Ronina Patten i 

Psychology J 

leny Payne 
Computer Srieii 

Kniibi'ih l'i'ai\(iii 
Psyi liiildgy 

Siniiilli I'eriikalhu 

Shelly Periy 
Elementary Education 


Randall Phang 
Education/Child Psychology 

Ki'iuu'isha Plidlips 

Keynnii Pierre 

Marie Pierre 

A ndrew Pdeggi 

I "28 -j — re^hmen 

Stci'cu Pitts 
Business \<hiniiistration 

Karis Pruiti 

Ton Ki(hardso7i 

Marquis Robinson 
Business Administration 

Aldolphus Poe 
Computer Science 

Alexia Potts 
Allied Health 

Jahmari Porter 

Melanie Pullman 
Businrw . \ (I ministration 

Rvnee Ramon 

Ryan Reid 

/(I) I'd Ruhr I Is 
Computer Info. System. 

Carjnen Robinson 

Cynthia Robinson 
Ele m ev ta n Education 

Keisha Prime 

Jeremy Rhodes 
Computer Scie7ice 

Mane Ruhnisnn 
Business . lihiiniisttation 

Vylissa. Rolmison 

Sara Rodriguez 
Human Dev./Family Sid. 

Robert Roland 

I il-.i'iini Romulus 

\ — re^nmen I zV 

Fmlvruh Sloan J J 

Dexiet Snulli 

Jovan Smilh 
Computer Science 

Kelton Smith 

Uwren Smith 

I 30 j — reshmen 

Mariysd Smith 

Sina Soullicni 
Physical Education 

Henry Stewart 
Computer Info. Systems 

Michael Smith 

Nicole Smith 

Patrice Smith 
Elementary Education 

ZyiiKi Spencer 

Jody Spraggins-Scolt 
Graphic Art & Design 

DeQiiav Spurgen 
Computer Science 

Alleta Stiggers 

Toccara Stokes 

Christiii Stone 
Allied Health 

Delano Son 

Eddie Standifer II 
Math !uliicalio)i 

Edith Subcr 

\ — re^nmen I 3 I 

Sluuite Sullii'dii 

Lisa Taylor 
Elementary Education 


Chnsldjihi'i rhiiiiij)\ttii 

liuiLd .Sidlwaii 
Computer Science 

ll(Mlll illlllllllS 


/iilii' l'h()Uiji\(tii 

A bdulla Sutherhuid Jr. 

SlijjIiiDiii Swaby 


JocUa Ihomas 
Computer Science 

lioamah Thomas 

Shi' I ice Tomlin 

Laynata Troupe 

Dejuan Tail 

Soiisrchiniiy Tioiis 

Marques Tiiinri 
I 'oitil Pci/oniKiiice 

Chidi Umez 
CommiDiii (itiotis 

Andrae Sykes 
Computer Science 

Aisha Thompson 
Elementary Education 

Riishihi'ii I III 1,1 1 

( jllllllli II Id! I// 


I 5'2 J — re^nmen 

ftDiiishii ]'(ilci)i 


Davion Walker 

Porsche Vanderhorst 
English/Language Arts 

Charmicielle Venters 
Medical Technology 

Herlande Vilclor 
Elementary Education 

Erica Walker 

Sharlee Walker 

hili'i iiiilidiiiil SIikIics 

Dwayne Walton 


Kristy Waldon 

Doricm Ward 
Health Science 

Andrea Wells 

Yohance West 

Akeeni Williams 

Alc\ Wdliams 

Charloic Williams 






\ — resnmen 


('.Idly Will Kims 
Hiiiiuni Drv. isi Finn. Slil. 

luluunil Williams 

^s^f,^' .j.-ssy^^fTT 


()l;i iiiiis II illuims 
, li rinintnuj 

Oiiitir Williiniis 

lUiMiirw Miiuiiiicmnil 



Roy Willis Jr. 
Computer Science 

n— 1 r,~l~ 
Tcireiice Wih 

I llCllId^] l'\\l IkiIiI!'] 

Kiiiiheily Wilson 
liidi lieiiiisiry 

Jiiliel Wise 
Film lieiiiislry 

:j!s5.- -ic-fe,;>,-' ■»■»»;, 

Josh Williains 
Applied Math 

Niisliiiii Williiniis 

Rohiii Willidins 
Business Ailiiiiiinli'ntion 

Sliiii Willi(iiii\ 
Social Science Ed. 

Donald 1 1 'ood jr. 
Business MaiuKj-eiiu'iil 

Naliisliii Woods 
Social Work 

Nevin Williams 
I 'iidr, ided 

Tiffany Williams 

I'easlia Woods 

I 34 \ — re^hmen 

Edward Woolcock 

Computer Sricnce 

Krystal Yearwood 
Intemational Studies 

Tameka Word 

E)jn Young 
Allied Health 

Brooke Wright 
English/ Spayiish 

Michael Wright Jr. 

Alyxis Wyjiden 

\ — re?hmen I 35 



Old School Yearbook 

Many of our administration, faculty, and staff walked the halls of Oakwood once as 
students themselves. Here's a little blast from the past of some familar faces. 

I 3 6 /-Xdmln^trcition, -I — acultij, (^ o^'^rt 


iMinneola Dabney (Dixon 


|(now college archivist 

To Right: 
Seth Lubega 
Class of '67 
(now on biology 

; /\dmin9'br(^"bion 

Dr. Delberl W. Baker 

Dr. John Anderson 
Executive Vice President 

Ms. Juliaette W. Phillips 
Interim Vice Pres. for Acad. Affairs 

Mr. Ronald A. Lindsey 
Vice President for Financial Affairs 



Mr. Anthony A. Medley 
Vice President for Student Services 

Dr. R. Timothy McDonald 
Exec. Director for Info. Technology 

Mr. Tim G. AUston, III 
Exec. Director for Public Relations 

Ms. Shirley C. Iheanacho 
Administrative Assistant 

AfJrninlffrniion Pticull-q ^-m S<-'-'ff ' 5 7 

■I — aou \h 


(.iiKil \llrn 

Karen AihIo.sdu 

Os.sii' Anderson 
funii. isj CdHsiitiicr Sr/fiice.s 

George Ashley 
Socitil W'ark 

KM 4 

Gatsinzi Bnsmiinyenzi 


Gete Bekele 
MdlJieiiKilii s 

Benitird Benn 

Keld B/llingy 

r>ii\nir\\ if Info) million S\\. 

Evelyn Blum he-Foyne 

P\\i lioloijy 

Franei'^ Bliss 
I dill ainon 

Kessljn Brnde 
S,„i,d Winh 

^\> / 

Frank Ginilreras 

I 3 8 /Xdmin^tration, I — acultij, (>i otcri 

Fiilriie Conwell 
Coniiiiiinii alions 

Cenh Dili) 

Ruth Davis 
Finn. &" GiDisumer Sciences 

Oliver Davis 

Caryll Dormer 

Kera Gwelm 


l(ii\('f Li 

La,jno)it Dupree 
Allied Health 

Flora Flood 
Nil ) si no- 

Edith Fraser 
Social Work 

Ephraim Gwebu 

Earl Henry 
Physirol Erhir/itinn 

Ramona Hyman 

Lela Gooding 
English & Coniniuiiinitiovs 

Selli Liihi'ga 

Nellie Maiilshy 

/limes Mh\iriiki)'ii 

Morris Iheancicho 

Luceta McRoy 
Business i^ Iiifoniialinii Sys. 

Administration, I— acultLj, Criotcff I 3 9 

Ait/i Mildiiiiiit 

Annette Mohan 
Finn, y Cnnsumcr Sciciuts 

Tiiugesh Milium 

Grade Monroe 

Malliniiiilii s 

Elizabeth Mosby 

Einydice Osterman 

Beverly Pirslun 
htiines.s isf Information Sys. 

Don Riniiitiingii 
< 'III Hii^hy 

igiiirl SiiiiiMiii 
l\i'l It'll in 

^.■s»?- m<^ ^sjSds^'-VM. ■ 

Cllll Si jllll. I'llll 


I iiliiinii Slwrsliii'ii 

Selena Simmons 

Diinna Smith 
Earn, isf Coiisnmer Sciences 

Ruth Swcm 


Robert Walker 

Jillian Willis 

Sandy Seeger 

\tli„l ll,.illh 

Yoedono Sovyanhadi 

I 4 /Xclminstrsition, ]— acultLj, C>i ^ta^p 


Everett Alexander 
Inforwatiini Trrhvolno-y 

Elaine Allston Elorcela Barr-Ennis 

Infornuilinn Terhfialiioy Alumni RelJ Development 

Linda Belgrave 

Mairia Buniette 
HUD arid Spr( ud Piojects 

Alan CMlhoun 
Phwiral Pl/nil 

Emmanuel Chester 

Veta Cowen 
HI 7) fi)i<l Sprridl Projects 

Emma Forde 
Warehouse Services 

Trevor Eraser 

Sylvia Germany 
Hinnaii Resources 

I'lillrrCcI field 
Post Ofjice 

Gretchen Brown 

Sherman Cox 

Esther Gdl 

AJminktrcition, j— dculh), (> otcif|- I 4 I 

LilluDi (iicr)i 

Matthew Kirby 

Mary Moore 

kini (tiiJJih 
Information Technology 

Lorna Harrison 

Francis Hughes 

Kaven Ible 
President's Office 


Hi 111/(11(1 Lathon 

Rise Lirweiy 

Dons McCraiy 

Beverly McDonald 

I Id, I, Mdiin 

hied I'lillius 
Ell Kill men I Mniniiscmeyit 

Erin Reid 

Silvia Rochester 

I II II linss 
All! Ill II I l\cl./l)('-,ie!iijiiiii'nl 

/ A' II II Ross 
Sliil>jiiiig iff Receiving 

liliis Riifl 
Physical I'lnnl 

Diiiiiiic l\ii<j^l('\\ 
Tresitrer's Of fee 

Mane Samson 
Libra n 

I 4 "2 /\Jmin<:trcition, j— dcultij, Gf< otdff 

Lionel Scott 
Physical Plant 

Maureen Scott 
Fi)iniifial . \id 

Shirley Scott 

Jimmie Seawright 
Public Relations 

Joyce Smith 
Enrollment Minuiiiewenl 

* < ■ *: ^ ^. ^ \ 

Linda Smith 
Wn)l! Ediuation 


William Sjnith 

Deo7i Spencer 

'ernon Stogia 

Donald Washington 
Physical Plant 

Joan Weekes 
' Wade Hall 

Joyce Williams 

Gloria Sepulvada 

Jody Stennis 

Monica Wilso)i 
Physical Plant 

/\<Jministrcition, ]— acultij, Qj^ otc^rf ' ^ •-' 

Due to circumstances beyond our control, regrettably, the following faculty and stcffwho took photographs 

were not able to be pictured: 

Flore Aubry-Hamilton, Chemistry 
Douglas Bell, Physical Plant, Custodial 

Ursula Benn, Foreigh Languages 

Tcmya Boiuman, Enrollment Maymgement 

Ruth Davis, Human Development ^ Family Studies 

Minneola Dixon, Archieves 

Theodore Gunn, Jr., Student Services 

Terry Hamilton, Phyical Fducatio7i 

Keith Johnston, Financial Aid 

R. Greg Jones, Financicd Aid 

Simon McGaidey, Sr., Physical Plant/ Custodicd 

Deborah Mebane, Psychology 

Lori Meikle, Accouyiting 

Victoria Miller, WOCG 

Cavelle Regis, Nursing 

Londa Sclmiidt, Biology 

Howard Shaiu, Physical Education 

Monica Sudeall, Student Services 

Jeannie Watkins, President's Office 

4 4 /Xdminstration, J— acultij, Gf' otci|j 


Ci.- If m- 


Terrible Tuesdays- 

The struggles of getting scanned after 
chapel is finally over. 

Study Time. 

Ask God's blessing on your work, but do 
not ask him to do it. -- Waggerl 


If you love sleep, you will end in poverty. 
Stay awake, work hard, and there will 
plenty to eat. -- Proverbs 20: 1 3 


"The weekends 
are eat, drink, and 
be merry for tom- 
orrow (Monday, 
organic, physics, 
calculus) we die." 
-Jonathan Elyse 

"EXPRESSIONS" make up the look of student 
life. When we are not wrapped up in working and 
studying, we focus hard on the other reason we 
came to college - to have FUN! Here at 
Oakwood, student life consists of various activi- 
ties, whether it's a walk to the Rock Quarry, a trip 
to the local skating rink, or a late night munch at 
the Snack Bar. Beyond our usual events -Miss 
Oakwood, the Spring Banquet, the Ambassadors 
and Lady Ambassadors' basketball games - other 
aspects of student life receive a great deal of 

The on-campus life is full of excitement 
and new lessons on life that will last a lifetime. The 
off-campus students are getting a taste of the 
"real world" summed up in one big word - BILLS. 
Maintaining these two areas of life aren't always 
easy, but leave It up to Oakwood students to make 
it happen. 

Let's not forget about two other impor- 
tant aspects of student life - food and studymg. 
What would a normal day be without a visit to the 
cafeteria with food that is served with a smile from 
our favorite lady, Mama Shand? Whether you are 
there to eat or to just plain out hang out with your 
friends, the cafe offers more than just a "tasty" 
meal, but also an opportunity to socialize with 
friends and others that you don't necessarily see 
on a regular basis. The Eva B. Dykes Library is the 
"hot spot" for all those group meetings that are 
required for most of our classes. But given the 
chance, even the library can turn into a place for 
students to get together and practice the 3 R's - 
Relax, Relate, Release. 

I 4 6 Student Life 

Below: We're hack in full effect. 

Keeping fit 

Marlon spends his spare time trying to 
stay fit for the young ladies. 

Organic Chemistry 

Leanna tries to stay focused while han- 
dling hazardous chemicals. 

Pass the ball 

Stennette prepares for the fast break, but 
is Nashon going to pass the ball? 

Above: One close friend is worth more than a thousand acquaintances. 

Student Life I ^ 7 


"Every woman is every other woman trying to figure out Who she is.' 

-Nana Korantemaa 

Carter Hall is known to be the 
hottest spot on campus, filled 
with the fresh new faces and 
attitudes of young girls just 
beginning to hatch out of 
their shell. Living in Carter 
Hall means making new 
friends and getting adapted to 
your new "home" for the next 
year. These girls are gomg to 
be your "family" with whom 
you interact on a daily basis. 
The late-night talks, RA's 
coming in to tell you to keep 
the noise level down, signmg 
out leaves, curfews. . .. "I 
thought I left 

Mom at home!" Guess again! 
The deans keep everything in 

Carter Hall helps to teach 
its residents hovv^ to evolve 
into God- fearing women and 
to fully understand the true 
meaning of friendship. The 
lessons that one learns here are 
enough to last them a lifetime. 

To Right: Bessie Carter Hall: the cultivate 
ing center that trains girls into Oakwood 

To Right: Sitting in the plush Carter Hall 

To Right: Tiffany Lee basks in the sun 
shine Ml front of ihc Llorniilory 

I 4 8 Student Life 


ln-Kn\ ^ oui doini loom is ilcfiiiilcly (lic 
pl.Ki- 111 go [o Ici UHir hair down and just 
;K'1 v'la/V. 

Immediate Below: You know, your roommate can 
become your friend lor iil'e. 

Far Below: You know, you might want to put $1.00 
in that dryer because one $.50 cycle just doesn't 
seem to do the trick. 



>^ . 

fv ^' 



^' I 

Kf^ ^ ^^f^ 







•r ^^^1 

Hl^&. ^. .. 








Above: Giselle and Ayesha display their entrance to their room 
with pride. 

Above: There is always some action at Carter Hall's desk. The guy 
on the far left tries to get his mack on while Fred keeps up with 
transferring the phone calls. 

Stu Jent Life I 4 9 

Peterson Hall 

"With a representation from 
five of seven continents and nearly 
every state in America, Peterson Hall 
houses a brotherhood that spans the 
globe. The curfews, worships, and 
dorm meetings bring 
the men of Peterson 
into a bond that will last 
through distance and 
time. As Freshman 
Orientation ends and 
the freshman men 
explore their new sur- 
roundings, names are 
exchanged and friend- 
ships are formed that 
will guarantee a support system that 
no other organization can compare to. 
The wall, doors, recreation room, and 
lobby of Peterson Hall houses 
preachers, teachers, doctors, mission- 
aries, attorneys, and a large array of 


However, the men of Peterson 
will stand out in any crowd, have 
more courage than any man, and be 
successful at any task because they 
are different from any other man in; 
the world. Men of Peterson are the! 
elite. These men are trained in every ^ 
aspect of life, but above all they are 
trained to love and fear God, 
Peterson Hall is the ground from 
which real men are cultivated; theyi| 
are the grounds on which children ' 
of sinful man become children of ai! 
saving God. Peterson Hall is where, 
men are made. Life in Peterson Half 
is summed up into this: men of' 
Peterson are men of success and' 
integrity because men of Peterson \ 
are men of God." ' 

John T. Boston II 
Peterson Hall Resident 

A Strong man masters others. A truly 

wise man masters himself. 

- The Wisdom of the taoists. 

I 5 Student Life 

To Rk;ht: 


To Right: maxin' and relaxin' in a 
friend's room 

To Left: A Peterson Hall resident returns from a usual Wal- 
Mart RUN. 

To Left: The ever faithful desk mc^nitor, charles, keeps a 
close watch at the front di-:sk. 

Student Life I 5 I 

Wade Hall 

"A woman is the intuitive perception of truth reflected as love in 
the soul." 

- Charles Filmore 

The Women of Wade Hall are summed up in one word - sensational. The 
women who reside here have a keen sense of style and charisma unique from anyone 
else on campus. These women are full of life and energy and, at times of course, loud 

noise. Home to approximately 345 women this year, this is the dorm most 
women come to as soon as their stay in Carter is officially over. 

Wade Hall's freshly decorated style and modem suites are what 
attract most women to choose this dorm as their 'home away from home' 
for the school year. Another added plus is the extended curfew that Carter 
Hall doesn't have. 

The two main things that are essential to any dorm life - food 
and studying - are extremely evident in Wade Hall. The women here have 
learned to stay up to date with their studies, whether it be to write a term 
paper or hold a last-minute cramming session (you can always expect to 
find this going on). Late night snacks ai-e also very popular among the 
women here when they get the "munchies." With Ramen noodles, Taco 
Bell and McDonald's as favorites, they can constantly count on these 
delectables to deliver them of their sever hunger pains. 

I 57 Student Life 

Le Boutique di Wade 

Whoever knew that Wade Hall was a 
beauty shop under cover? Relaxers, 
braids, eyebrows. . .you can always find 
somebody in the dorm to hook you up. 
Even guys sometimes come as custom- 
ers (their services are rendered in the 
lobby or outside in front of the dorm, of 

Food Break 

Occasionally, you just need 
to take a quick break from 
studying to munch on 

To left: Don't be scared; 
it' s j ust your bathroom 

Below: The stairwell has also been known 
to serve as a makeshift conference room. 

Otudent | 

I 53 


Edwards Hall 

"The experience of staying in the hving quarters of Edwards HalL 
is like that of no other. Although there exists a set of rules that one must 
abide by, there is also a sense of individuahsm and self-government 
(aka FREEDOM) that one can only obtain from the many responsibili- 
ties that being at school brings. At Edwards, the second phase of friend- 
ships develop and continue far into adulthood and 
eternity. The residents of Edwards Hall are men in 
every sense of the word, and we get along despite the 
plethora of cultures and characteristics that enter the 
rooms each year. God's spirit dwells in this place: this 
is His place, O.B. Edwards Hall. 

Donald Monroe 
Edwards Hall Resident 


To right: Ah, don't be 
stressed Dean Bulter! 

I 5 4 Student Life 

Above: "Good morning. Edwards 
Hall. . .." 

Above: The dorm secretary and 
office assistant sort out some 
things on the computer. 


Proverbs 27:17 

I— ^S«K, 

To right: The men of Edwards have the priviledge of hving 
in the only "gated community" on campus. 

To left: 

Chris and Josh get a breath of fresh air 

on the porch outside of their suite. 

To left: Theology major Alfonzo 
Greene dutifully brushes up on that 

StuJent Life 15 5 

Cunningham Hall 

"Wealth consists not in having great possessions but In 
having iev/ w^ants." 

- Epicurus 

Cunningham Hall claims the description as being "the other upperclasswomen's 
dorm." There are only a few women that live here in proportion to Wade, and Wade 
certainly is the newer dorm of the two. However, though Cunningham is nothing 
like Wade, it is still vibrant and full of life in its own way. The ladies here are graceful 
and elegant, and they enjoy the closeness that they share and wouldn't change it for 
the world. They come from many different paths of life but the main thing that 
keeps them together in unison is their love for Cunningham. 

Welcome, Ladies! 

The ladies of Cunningham 

are cheerfully greeted as 

they enter the door. 

I 5 6 StuJentLlfe 

Who needs a computer lab? 

left: Luisa churns out those papers 
om the comfort of her room. 

Forever Friends 

Above immediate left: The ladies of 
Cunningham all seem to be close knit, 
forming friendships that will last a life 

Move over Martha Stewart! 

Immediate left: Miranda Steele has taken 
great care in decorating her room. 

Below: Time for another dorm room chat ! 

Below: Rachelle, is that Valy? 

Student Lifi? 15 7 


The start of a school day is always the struggle for 
many each day. The alarm clock goes off like the sound of 
a freight train rolling through the morning dew. It's seven 
am and it almost time for class. It is morning, though it 
seems as though a minute ago it was night, and you just fell 
into bed. 

For many that can be the case. You fidget around 
and turn off the a.hrm, just five more minutes you thought, and 
lay your head down for an extra few minutes. By the time 
you look, it's almost 8:00. Quickly you rise, racing to get a 
shower and comb your hair. You're finally awake, or so it 
seems. To your amazement your day is finally about to 
start. No time to hit the cafe for breakfast, so you decided 
to wait until lunchtime. Got to make that long trek to class. 
It's hard living in the Annex because everything seems to be 
so far. 

You dash off to class almost ten minutes late, 
hoping and praying that you haven't missed the morning quiz 
or the morning devotion. You've just had a blessing the night 
before and were hoping to share it with the class. By the time 
you got there, they had started to take notes. This was your 
most strenuous class, CHEMISTRY 141, with Dr. 
Ranatunga. You gaze blankly at the board. Your mind is 
confused as the teacher continues on and on to talk about 
things you don't know. Thinking to yourself, you wonder 
when will this class end. 

Below: Jason is all smiles as he works on those tough 
physics problems. Hmm. there must be something more 
exciting about doing your homework when you're doing it 
in the Annex. 

There is not time for the cafe as you rush off to catch another 
class. You've gotta climb up to your annex to retrieve a paper you forgot. 
Again you miss another opportunity to eat. Afternoon comes as you tread 
off to work or to a late afternoon lab. Hunger! It finally strikes and you 
realize that you haven't eaten all day. You rush off to the snack bar, where 
you will order a quarter pounder with cheese, no pickles, and French fries. 

It seems like there isn't enough hours in the day; before you know 
it, the sun is setting and it's time to return to the Annex. The Annex is the 
place of rest for many. It's like being off-campus, but with no bills, no 
electricity, and not as much responsibility ofbeing in the "real world." No 
matter your intentions to study or write your paper, you always manage to 
talk to your friends. Before long, the doors of brief social life close, and the 
arms of the books open to embrace you. Hours later the night is already 
old and sleep is inviting. After all, tomorrow there are meetings to attend, 
more studying to do, and some time set aside to do you daily devotion. 
Right now, sleep, that precious commodity, overwhelms you and another 
day in academia passes. 

Above: Uh, wait a minute. Was it today thai we were supposed to turn in that ten page paper for < 

I 58 Student Life 

To Right: Some people mellow out by cranking on 
their stereos. Sirach makes his own tunes. Go 
ahead Sirach! 

Below: Hah! We caught ya! Robin returns to the 
annex after a long day and grabs a snack before she 
starts to study. 

Above: Outside the girls" annex. Living in the anne.x is 
a happy medium to some between living in the dorm 
and living off campus. 

To Left: Mahalia kicks off her shoes and works on a 

StuJent Life I 59 



"Prosperity is living happily in the real world, whether or not 
you have money" 

- Jerry Giles 

Off-campus life is the way to live for 
some. No more signing in, rushing back to 
the dorm trying to make it in before curfew. 
Sabbath dinners, movie nights, study ses- 
sions, little get togethers just because, my 
own washer and dryer. . .yes, this is the way 
to live life. 

Being off-campus also means being a 
mature, responsible adult. Off-campus stu- 
dents need to stay focused and are getting a 
chance to learn about the real world, with all 
of its ups and its downs.. 

We asked a couple of off-campus students 
some pros and cons to living off-campus, 
and here are some of the answers we re- 

-You can cook your own food 

-No one slamming doors at 1:00 a.m. 
-Boys can visit 


-Having to commute back and forth 

-No place to go betw^een breaks for classes 


To right: 

Triciana sits outside of 
her apartment, study- 
ing and enjoying the 

Student I ipe 

Clockwise from top left: Colonial Village. Aspen Village, and 
Hillside Village - three of the "villages" (or off campus apart- 
ments) that Oakwood students can frequently be found living 

To left: Living off-campus affords 

you the opportunity to cook a 

meal, invite a bunch of friends 

over, and just hang out. 

Student Life 161 

i ' #**'' '"'^ '* " ,^ . * 

Above: Chantel and Mark 

"Is this love? Is this love? Is this 

love? Is this love that I'm feel- 


-Bob Marley 

Left: Tabitha and Robert 
"People come into your life for 
a reason, a season, or a lifetime. 
When you figure out which it is, 
you know exactly what to do." 
—Michelle Ventor 

Below: Erika and Arrion 
"You'll never experience love 
until you surrender yourself to 

li'mf ' -M' 


if - - 

Above: Despite all hardships, 
Ysaak and Tammi cannot put each 
other out of their hearts and 



.» •»*' 





167 Student Lif 



'' \ V * 


Above: Stacy and Marcus 
" The love that we desire is al- 
ready in us." 

—A Course in Miracles 

Right: "A lifetime. . .." Hand in 
hand, Kyle and Jeanine. "We've 
been together for three years. 
What works for us is the ability 
to make compromises." 

Below: Nicole and Lavardo 
"Here and beyond. . ." 



Student Life I 6 3 

Right: Rodriguez and Monique 
"Loving someone and pleasing someone 
are two different things." 
-Jerry Jampolskl 

Shurkura and Reginald 
'Love is in the midst of us 

Rackeem and Amber 

Loves creates an 'us' without destroying 

the 'me."'" 

Shawn and Enjoh 

"If you know what you want, you will 

recognize it when you see it." 

Paula and Brain 
"With God, all is possible.' 

Andre and Nathalie 

"Only choose to marry a woman whom you would choose as a 

freind if she were a man."'- Joesph Joubert 

Kalandra and Trey 

"My beloved is mine, and I am his; he 

feedeth among the lilies."— Song of 

Solomon 2: 16 

D' Andre and Desmirra 

"It was love at first sight. I know from 

the way she looked at me." - Carl 


Erica and Keith 

believe that real love lasts 


James and Tameka 
A friend loves at all times, and 
endures all things." 

I 64 btudent Life 

Jarren and Ryan 

"Love is tender plant of heavenly 

growth" - Ellen G. White 

Craig and Crystal 
" The only relationship I will seek 
today is a relationship with love" 

Anika and Denry 
■'My joy is your joy, and your joy is my joy.' 

Reggie and Shoshannah 

"Except the Lord, those who build a 

house labor in vain." 

Ricardo and Marie 

"You must love in your heart before 

you can have hope."--Yoruba 


Erica and Cameron 

"Your divine mate is seeking you and 

you can only meet divinely." 

Erica and Andrew 
Finding love is like fishing. You have 
to be patient to get the best catch." 

Victor and Devonett 

"Before we can love each 

other, we must love Christ. 

Before we can be connected 

to each other, we must be 

connected to Christ." 

Julie and Tony 

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping 
together is a process; working together is a 
sucess." —Henry Ford. 

Sheni and Ryan 

"Always and forever, 

these moments we 


Stufilent Li|^ I 6 5 

All Good 

friendships last forever 

Zenel and Gina 
"A friend is like a precious jewel; you al- 
ways hold it dear to your heart." 

Micha. Jessica, and Angelita 

'Friendship is like silver and gold; it 

never runs out." 


Micheal, PJ, Bodowski, .lames, and 

"Chance makes our parents, but choices 
make our friends. "--Jacques Delille 

Ayris and Nicole 
"A friend is always happy about your success. 

Brandi, Sara, Tia, Courtney, Myecha, 
Teegus, Tiffany, Kito, Adaira, Nia, Ryan, 

and Keisha 

"We have fewer friends than we imagine, 

but more than we know." 

— Hugo Von Hofmannsthal 

Kathleen, Lorian, Tami. Shannon, and Alysia 
"1 am wealthy in friends. "--William Shakespeare 

Karen, Roma, Camille, Britney, and 
Dana: "Oakwood's Angels" 

Tekira and Camille 

"The only way to have a friend is to be 


Tiffany and Andre 
'A friend not in need is a friend indeed." 

166 Student Life 

Greg and Keith 
'Friends have all things in common." 
- Greek Proverb 

Tiffany, Tabitha. Candace, Jeanice, 

Amanda, and Meredith 

"Life is to be fortified by many 

friendships." - Sydney Smith 

Monique. Chantel, and Monique 
"Maice new friends, but don't forget the 
old ones." 

Blaine. Shane, Alyton, Dwayne, Dexter, 

Chris, and Geoffrey 

"Representin" to da fullest." 

Nkecha and Sonita 
"A true friend walks in when the rest of the 
world walks out." 

Usha & Johanne 
"Carribean Gals" 

Tameka, Lamata, Felicia, and Toccora 
"No Bananas!" 

Nicole, Drew, and Fabianna 
"To love and be loved is the greatest hap- 
piness of life." 

-- S. Smith 

Andre and Michael 
"The love of a brother is the strongest ever.' 

CJ, Jared, Jordan. Kevin. Scottie, Marx. 

Doobs, Mikey, Aaron, Henderson. 



btuJent Life I 6 7 

leasha and Natasha 
"Black Princesses: The Canadian Twins" 

Alexander, Aimand. and Eugene 
"Few are chosen, chosen are few" 

Sonya. Janel, Monique, Sonita, Priscilla, Nidia, Robin, 


"To exemplify Christianity through Christ." 

Natasha, Kaamilya, D.J, John, Decarlo, 

"Good friendships are always hard to 


Elanyna, Juanita, and Syreeta 

Alisha, Shannon, Shalon, Camiile, Anglique. Tiffany, 
Britney, Shichota, Shavon, Hopeful, and Kim 

Toya, Micheal, and Tito 

" I will treat my freinds as well as I 

treat myself." 

Lorraine, Rolanda, and Reytheda 
"A friend loveth all times" 

Tessa and Chanel 
Are you roommates or sisters'.' 

Chidi, Melanie, Kim 
"Promises may gel friends, but perfor- 
mances helps us keep ihem." 

I 6 8 Student Life 


Letticia and Sharlee 
Are you twins'?" 

Nicole Keturah, Tiffani, and Adrianne 
" Wade Hall RA's for 2000-2001." 

Sara, Natasha, Keisha, Earl, Ravida, Tia, Toccara, 

Jahmari, Tosin, Nigral, Daun, Lloyd and Anthony 

"Good friendships usually come in bundles." 

Tiffani Stephanie, Charis, Scarlet, and Erica 
"True friends forever." 

Nicole, Tiffani, Sharonda, Racquel, Alexcia, Kyrstal, 
Jennille, Melissa, Sebrena, Salena, Sara, and Roleen 
"2nd floor holding it down--Yeah, that's right!" 

Terri, Adreinne, Lamea, and Sam 
"The best friends 1 met, I met them in college" 

Lorrita and Tiffany 
"Best friends are hard to find" 

Saron and Levar 
"Are you related?" 

Chinwe and Stacy 
'Best of friends 'lil the end." 

Courtney, Dorhel, Kerri-Ann, Jonae, Nicole, and Rosalyn 
"The 'Florgia' conglomeration." 

Student Life I 6 9 


Ah yes, the OC cafeteria. No 
other place brings up such a wide 
variety of various opinions. Yes, 
there are some days where only a 
bowl of cereal will do, and. granted, 
it's not like Mom's cooking. But 
then again, is anything like Mom's 
cooking? It's interesting to note, 
though, that the same people that 
you hear complain about the food 
the most are the ones that chow down 
two to three servings of the stuff. The 
cafe also serves as the social center 
for on-campus live. Going to the cafe 
allows one to catch up with friends 
they haven't seen all day and to shoot 
the breeze before heading back to 
class or studying. 

Below; Candace tries to grab a bite 
between conversations. 

When in the cafe, you can either choose 
to sit and talk with a whole bunch of 
your friends (above) or choose to sit 
alone, take a breather, and just be 
reflective (to right). 

I 7 StucJent Life 

Til Icit: Chris and Ambciiy get their "eat" 

Below; See, the food ean't be that bad. 
She's sniihn;: 

Above and left: Friendships are definitely 
formed and strengthened in the eafeteria. 

Student Life I 7 I 


Oh yeah, academics are also a part of college life. Time 
management is definitely the key with keeping up with the 
game. Day after day we go back and forth between classes; 
then we have to balance those hours outside of class to allow 
adequate time for our homework and studies. Multiple-paged 
research papers, labs that require precise calculations, group 
projects, miderm examinations. . .at times it seems too over- 
whelming, but its all done to mold us to be able to survive, 
once we leave, those careers we've chosen for ourselves. But 
how do we endure it all while we're here? As it says in the 
song, "place it on Jesus name." 

If you think education is expensive--try ignorance." 

- Derek Bok 

^i c /ju/yjC'SC of ccfuc<^t?o/i ?s to fc^c/l oncscf/^ /io^u to sfiic 
o/i r/?c//' o/un: 

I 7 2 Studenb UF 

m pMi ^ '''^^V^H^^^^E^^^BHI 

■naHe^Mpi^p'ir' — ^" i^^H 

^WmF^^^^^ ^J 

jl^W B , ^ 

1 <(*>««. ^i^k. ^H 

^F ^" '^^l 

1 M^ '<^|^L 

'" '"" M 




''Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is 
the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to 
do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or 
not; it is the first lesson that ought to be learned, and 
however early a man 's training begins, it is probably 
the last lesson that he learns thoroughly. " 

-Thomas Huxley 

^kt&m a goorf to 
km (i difficiuft to 

"Ed-TicatioTi ma>Les people easy to lead., tait impossible to drl^^eT easy to 
(^CT^eim, txiot ino-possLble to eTiisla^v^e." 

^T-JJsjcury IPeteif Biroiag^tLam 

Student Life 1 7 5 

Keli gious Life 

Hailed as the "School of the Prophets;' Oakwood certainly offers a wide variety of activites and programs that 
richly add to the religious and spritual life of the campus, making it second to none. Weekly activities such as Bell 
Tower, Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting, Forum, and AYS give the students a chance to imping from their regular 
hectic schedules and take some time out to focus on the One who should be the true center of our lives. 

Campus Ministries 

Morning Light, Power Hour. Bell Tower, Ladies First - these campus ministries 
happen regularly during the week, seeing to the day to day spiritual needs of 
the students. 

Above: These three dislinguished gentlemen, 
Carlton. Marlon, and Jose, greet the women 
•Ltteniling Ladies First with a rose. 

Above: Alicia shares a tluuight at 
the Ladies First meeting 


Okay, okay. Granted, some students may come to chapel 
only to avoid those heafty chapel fines from being placed on 
their bills. However, chapel offers a unique experience in 
being one o[' the few times when all the students of Oakwood 
can come together and worship as one body. 

/\Ih.\c Sliuli-iils nuikc \\cckl\ Ul.l)( 
a.m. hi'k In (.ha|i(.'l 

I 74 StuJent Life 

Above; Speakers like Pastor John 
Lomacang come froin i'ar and wide to 
share a word v\'ith ns liir chapel. 

Above: Chapel is one ol those rare moments that bring all the 
student body together. 

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 

IVcs aivii'l used lo cntoivo altondniico and only one out of the five dorms have offered worship 
credit lor coming, but fi>r sonic reason everybody, their friend, and ther friend's friend come to 
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting at OC Church. Could it be that they come to hear Pastor 
Nixon or Pastor Tapp break down the Word, or is it because they feel the need of a mid-week 
"unplugging"? Whatever the case is, Oakwood certainly keeps the pews occupied for this 

Above: The precious gilt of coming belore 
the Most High through prayer. 

Above: Pastor Nixon brings a Word from 
the Lord. 

To left: Better hurry and find a seat before 
astor Nixon calls you out! 

Religion & Theology Forum 

Yes, it's geared for religion and theology inajors, but there's always an 
open invitation for others to attend this Friday night .service. With a 
number of soul-feeding sermons and special presentations. Forum is a 

powerful ministry on cainpus. 

Below: The platform participants get ready to 
ead out in the Forum service. 

hove: Dr. Trevor Fraser stops to talk to 
ome attendees of Forum following the 
Iresentation by him and his wife. 

Xo right: Forum gives one the 
)pportunity to hear sermons from 
jioneers of the church, such as Elder 
E. Cleveland. 



Coming through a week filled with numerous stresses and brain-busting assignments, 
AYS is a time when students can come to praise, saying, "Thank You, Jesus, for helping me 
through another week!" This year, under the leadership of Toussaint Williams, the AYS 
theme was "Lightbearers 2000-2001," encouraging OC students to share the light of Christ 
with others. 

Above: "When llw .Icwus in nic hnrs ihc Jcsiis in 
von. . .." OC students praising and worshipping 

Above: The very first AYS of the school year 
included a play illustrating this year's theme. 
"Lightbearers 20()()-20()i." Noah breaks down his 
fellow schoolmates how they can be lightbearers. 

Student Life I 75 

Ha ppy Sabbath!! 

'. f 





'.<*t t< . 


■ ■ » ~ '» 

>. J 

"^ ■ ' *- " 


, ^ 


Sabbath is most definitely a special day at Oakwood, the only Seventh- 
Day Adventist historically black college. Nothing can compare to the 
sweetness of Sabbath rest after a long, drawn out week filled with 
woiTies and wordly cares. From sunset Friday to sunset Saturday, the 
Sabbath provides a day-long opportunity of fellowship and communion 
with the Almighty; a day to strengthen our spiritual connection and to 
get that "charge" that we need to help us through another week. God 
truly knew what He was doing when He created the Sabbath. 

"And the Lord blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it. " 
-Genesis 2:3, KJV 

Above: A magestic sunrise signals the beginning of 
Sabbath morning. 

Ah(i\c: Ah. yes. rcluniiiig lioni Ihc traditional Sabbath 
breakfast in the cafe. Gotta get something to tide you 
over LUilil chuieh l'cIs ouI. 

Above: "Where is this girl? We're 
not "oing to find a seat." 

Above: Nothing strengthens a relation- 
ship like going to church together. 

Above: (left to right) Madistm Missittn. First Church, and 
Oakwood College Church, just three of the many 
churches in the area frequented by OC students every 


To right: A sight many are sorry to behold; the setting of the sun 
on Saturday signals the end of the Sabbath. Back to another busy 
week. But don't worry; before you know it, the week will be 
over and it'll be Sabbath once again. 

I 76 Student Life 


-jtuJenf -Acli.ii- 

Q_^utting I 0090 

The term "plugged" is 
defined by Webster's Dictionary as 
''obtruding or obstructing materials 
resembling a plug." In the aca- 
demic arena of life, a "plug" can 
represent any number of things, 
from homework, to term papers, to 
final exams. Sometimes we be- 
come so caught up in our pursuits 
for success that our circuits (brain) 
overload. It is at this time, just 
before we suffer from a complete 
melt down, that we must unplug 
ourselves from the "real-world." 
We owe it to ourselves to take five, 
chill out. just relax. 

Oakwood student activities are the 
breaks we need in our lives every 
now and then. Skating at the rink, 
attending poetry readings, basketball 
games, and revivals are just a few of 

the many events which students can 
take part in for their entertainment. 
Not only are individuals given the 
chance to finally let their hair down, 
but they are given opportunities to 
flourish in existing friendships, or 
plant seeds for new ones. 

Students often think that student 
activities are the threads which bind 
us Oakwoodites together. Unity and 
appreciation for diversity are two key 
componets which are stressed as the 
underlying backbone of this rich as- 
pect of Oakwood' s way of life. 



"Lcl your light so shine before all men. . .;' As the radiant sunshine beams down. Sam and 
Marlon lead the way as Oakwood light bearers go out into the community sharing the gospel 
ol Jesus Christ with all whom Ihey encounter. 


(LeTO "All eyes on me." An Oakwood 
student lakes a minute to jusl "chill out." 
Though he probably doesn't mind be- 
ing the center of attention in any nor- 
inal circumstance, you can be assured 
that this is not one of those moments. 

(Below) Friendships made at Oakwood 
are more than a mere earthly commod- 
ity. They endure through heartache 
and pain, during joy and celebration, 
through the life that is and the life that 
is to come. 

Showin' Out 



Marie, Quanny, Janae, and Chrissy are showin' out at the 
rink. Marie, you need to calm all that down, you know that's 
against OC policy. 

Showin' Up 


Ravida, Donna, Erica, and the rest of the girls take a break 
from their syncranized swimming practice and all surface 
to the top as they give brillant smiles for the camera. 

Showin' Down 

(Left) Swing that thing! These two show 
their stuff as they particate in a holla- 
hoop contest at the block party. 

(Above) Oakwoodites assemble themselves 
in a huge circle on the lawn between Wade 
and Cooper Complex to pray demonstrat- 
ing unity within the ranks, even in the midst 
of adversity. 

Stephanie, David and Adrianne, show their stuff down 
on the floor board as they twist and contort their bodies in 
all sorts of awkward positions. 

Past influential 
USM leaders. 

Above: Levar Higgs and the USM Banc 

Above; Actors Kevin. Michael, and Moses doing what they do 

I 80 Student Actlvitie 

Current USM leaders. 


On Tuesday, September 19, 2000, the United Student 
Movement of Oakwood College put on its first chapel for 
the 2000/2001 school year. The theme was "Fifty Years 
of Movement." With the USM celebrating its fiftieth year, 
This particular chapel was very special because it featured 
some past influential USM leaders, including Ms. Kesslyn 
Brade, Elder Aldwin Humphrey, Dr. Keith Burton, Ms. 
Minneola Dixon, and Dr. Susan Baker, who shed some 
light on how the USM operated back in the days when 
they attended Oakwood College. 

student /-Activities I 8 I 

(Above) Students are spreading the love of Jesus by 
doing what they love most, praising the name of the 
Lord through song. 

(Above right) This elderly man is enjoying the com- 
pany, as well as singing of the lovely Pendaza. Sing for 
Jesus, girl 

(Right) I bet his day was made. This gentleman from the 
soup kitchen is all smiles as he poses for a quick shot with 
these two hcautilul vouns: ladies. Jackie and Raniona. 

I 87 Student Activities 

(Hclowl I'mlxukini; off the bus. Reggie exeitedly poinls (Above) "There's something different about those young people." Despite the fact of not knowing the eause, 
10 the n\ission field this intrepid group of Oakwoodites niembers of the community fell in step as children tagged behind the OC Students parading down the street. 
.Ill- .iboul to Like on. 

I ne tjig o^l^l^^'ti^ CJutrec;icn 

"Let's see, which one should we go to? The 
nursing home, soup kitchen, hopsital, or street 
ministries?" This was the question that buzzed 
around Blake Center as more than one hundred 
students gathered on the grass in front of Blake 
Center to get ready to do some outreach. At least 
four or five buses pulled into the parking lot to 
transport the ready, able and 
willing students to the differ- 
ent destinations. 

Most students opted to 
go to the soup kitchen and 
the street ministries, but there 
were more than enough 
people to participate in each 

God is with each student as he or she minis- 
ters to others. By God's grace more and more 
students will join in the work for the Lord. Amen. 

Go ye therefore and teach ali 

nations, baptizing them in the 

name of the Father, and of the 

5on, and of the Holy Ghost. 

Matthew 28:19 

'Bif^ Sabbath Outreach is a great way to unite the 
Student Body in Christ through sen'ice. " 
--Lily Archer 

"Big Sablxith Outreach gives us an opportunity to follow 
in the footsteps of Christ. " 
-- Leo Campbell 

"Big Sabbath Outreach is the chance 
for me to share a special moment with 
somone else and share a little love, a 
little joy. a little Jesus. " 
— Marc Pel ton 

"In the very foundation of the 
Christian church is the phrase 'Seeking 
the lost. " As a result the thrust of any 
body of believers has always been and will continue to be 
witnessing. The USM outreach activities carried out by the 
student body have been a direct execution of the emphasis 
given by Christ in Matthew 28:19-20. Only heaven will tell 
the impact on the souls that we'll reach. " 
--Rommel Johnson 

[Below) There they go! 

Beating their drums and preparing the way, NAPS leads the street ministry troops to the 

These three exited await to sing in the lobby of Huntsville. 

gtuJent Activities 183 

To right: These two disciples of Jesus go forth, spreading 
the gospel to begin a Spirit-filled and sticcesful Big Sab- 
bath Outreach. 

I 84 Student Activities 

ln-lo\\ \ KIOI ,UUi RoggK- COIUCIM.' Oil lllO 

iit-M pi. Ill ol aclion. 

■ . . . *yk ' 


>l Jr "vi* 









Above: Oakwood students continue to wit- 
ness by reading the Word. 

To left: With Jesus in the nursing home, it 
is a happy nursing home. 

To Left: Llewelyn and Marvin take a break 
from their street ministry to think about 
how to spread the gospel on the next block. 

Student Activitie? 185 


Oakwood Hits 
the Lanes 

Often times, life pushes you around, pins you 
up, and knocks you down. Sometimes the abuse is 
almost too much to bare. One cannot help but to 
want to fight back and even the score. That's why 
Oakwood students hit the lanes Saturday night 
where the more they knocked down the greater the 
praise. At the AMF Bowling alley, one's task is to 
totally obliterate the obstacale standing at the end of 
a long beaten path. Bowling balls whirled down the 
lanes sometimes being trailed by students still hold- 
ing on. . .. 

(Below) Look boy. ..don't play with me! Nate is in some serious; 
trouble with Shayla. Who is the girl in the middle laughing at? 

(Above) George and Janclle pose just for a moment to lake a silly 

(Above right) "They call that bowling? I could leach (hem a thing 
or Iwo." 

(Right) Amanda ami Kcluiah smile big lor the camera, while the 
other two play it cool. 

I 86 Student Activltii 

Making a Splash 

Take a dip, a dive, or a swim; wiiatever it tai<es to cool out. Oai<woodites did just that 
by participating in various water games. The O.C. Natatorium served as the battlefield 
tor many battle of the sexes games. Students also engaged in high diving. Some 
graced us with the elegance of their skills, while others simply graced us with another 
shower. And still there were those who graced us with their presence. They stood by 
the water's edge and gave encourageinent to the battling sides, as well as sharing in the 
laughter of the moment when someone unfortaunate soul took that big breaking 

(Left) I think he's trying to re-enact the 1996 Olympics when that German guy 
fell short of his final rotation and violently smacked the water with his ENTIRE 
ventral side. 

(Far left) Josh, why you perpetrating 
with that whistle in your mouth? We all 
know you can't swim! 

(Left middle) They're trying to keep it 
on the low, but the reason Tammy and 
the girls aren't in the pool is because it's 
going to be another week before they get 
the next press. 

Above) Vicky is by nature a gladiator. Show'em what you're you're made of, 

(Above) "Chinwe you're soaking wet. 
Did someone push you in the pool? Oh, 
that's too bad!" 

(Left) Don't gel knocked in the head 
with ilial ilinig, "> ou'll be out for days! 

^ituaent /Xctivitie? I 87 

a JrUji ^ U^ CiH >^ 

To Right: Our very own Ms. Julie Moore-Ellis does her thing. 

Below: Ms. Vickie Winans. 


the OC Symphony Orchestra 

JuUe Moore-ElHs, 

Kevin Scott, 


special guest artist, 


The students of Oakwood College clap to the music at the POPS concert. 

188 Student Activities 

lo Left: "Long as 1 got King Jesus, 1 don't need nobody 

Below: Alicia and Nathan are thoroughly enjoying the 

StuJent Activities I 89 

The Cutting Edge 

Students work hard all week to 
prove that they are a cut above the 
rest. But they also know how to show 
they are on that same cutting edge 
in the ice skating rink. One would 
be hard pressed to find an 
Oakwoodite who doesn't love to 
skate, whether it's on an ice or on a 
wooden floor. 

Slipping, sliding, skating, and 
falling could all be found that Satur- 
day night. The rink served as a show- 
case of talent. Many individuals at- 
tempted (in many cases) to show 
their skills, but instead of awing us, 
they left us with a sense of "ouch!" 
Despite the fact that it was a ice rink 
and not a dance floor, there was a lot 
of breaking going on (break danc- 
ing that is, get it?). 

(Below) ■"Will you stop pulling me so 
fast? I'm going to fall!" 


uch the lolc model 

(Right) "'There you go; take it niee and 
easy. Glide, glide. . ..'" Gerald instructs 

(Below) "Perhaps if I look the other way 
and not coneentrate so much on my feet, I 
will be able to keep my balance better" 

190 Student Activities 

(Above) "Maybe il 1 laugh this off hard enough, 
everyone will think that I meant to do that." 

(Right) 'Tm only cheesin' this hard because I have a 
camera in my face. The truth of the matter is that I 
jusl got broke and I'm in a lot of pain." 

Roller Skating 

Skating takes place three times a week—Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday nights. It is the time to cut loose, disconnect, and 
unplug from the everyday flow of studies. Students get on the 
floor and release all their tension and frustrations with school. 
Chris or Steve produce the phat tunes, while the regulars, 
Quanny, Brian and Chinwe get down. 

(Below) Can someone, anyone, please explain to me what 
exactly is taking place here? 

(Above) "Listen to the rhythm of the music. Let it flow through your body. Now 
roll with it. It's all good from there." 

(Above) Carlton, Chandler, and Darrin: working hard to keep our school safe. 

(Above) Rollin", rollin'. rollin'. keep that doggie rolliii' 

3>tuclent /\ctivitie; I 9 I 

Oakwood College 
Senior Presentation 

The Oakwood College Senior Pre- 
sentation took place on January 17, 
2001 at the Oakwood College Church. 
Anxious and excited seniors of the class 
of 2001 gathered together to celebrate. 
The final stretch of their tenure at 
Oakwood College is here! The guest 
speaker for this special occasion was 
Elder Lisa Smith-Reid, a powerful 
preacher from Allegheny West confer- 
ence. The program also featured some 
words of encouragement by the presi- 
dent of Oakwood College. Dr. Delbert 
W. Baker, and a beautiful song, "I've 
Got A Home In Dat Rock" rendered by 
Lydia Husbands. Senior class vice presi- 
dent, Jarren Thurman, responded to the 
charge given to the class by Pastor 

To Right: Jarren Thurman accepts the charge on 
behalf of the Class of 200 

Above: Jarren, Alysia, Toussaint. and Lorian, "It's 
been great, Oakwood." 

Across: "You'd better sing that song Lydia!" 

I 97 Student Activitk 

Below: Dr. Delbeit W. Baker giving the 
Class of 2001 some very precious words 
of encouragement. 

StuJent Activities I 93 

To Right: The closing Sabbath of the revival; 61 students 
clothed in white lift their voices in harmony with the con- 

Below: Pastors Nixon and Tapp get ready to add two more 
souls into the kingdom of heaven. 

Above: These Oakwood men prepare to enter the watery 

To Right: Krista and friends anxiously await their turn 
to be baptized. 

194 Student Activity 

The Back to School Revival 

"The Way of the Cross" 

Shortly after the beginning of the fall semester for the 
2000/2001 school year, the Oakwood College Church 
led the students of Oakwood College in a back-to-school 
revival. Sixty-one students were baptized. The Lord be 

Below: "At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, 
and the burdens of my heart rolled away." 

Vbove: Annette, Kenniesha, and Kimberly are happy to 
'.ave another chance to make their calling and election 

Student Activities I 95 

DEEP Sabbath 

On December 4, 2000, two busloads of 
students from Southern Adventist University 
came to Oakwood for Sabbath fellowship with 
the OC students. This event was better known 
as DEEP Sabbath. Sponsored by the OC USM, 
this was another effort (in addition to the regu- 
lar DEEP) to unite the student bodies of 
Oakwood and Southern. Services were held 
in the Ashby Auditorium (the gymnasium). 
After disembarkuig from the bus. Southern 
students were welcomed with doughnuts and 

Sabbath School followed with a discus- 
sion of how to better race relations. The di- 
vine service was lead out by the students of 
Southern, complete with an inspiring sermon 
by Zaine Ye, Southern's student association 
religious vice president. After church was 
over, the students feasted on haystacks, and 
the afternoon wrapped up with a concert fea- 
turing students from Oakwood and Southern. 
It was indeed a blessed Sabbath. 

To Right: Southern's Religious Vice President, 
ZaineYe, gives a powerful sermon . 

Below: These two Southern students enjoy their 
time at Oakwood College. 

... c.«..C^m'<^ 

To Right: An audience lidl of Oakwood and 
Southern students worhsip together. 

196 Student Activitic 

Suuloniv lioni SihiiIkmii aiut Oakwooii pic- 
p.ui" lo ciM Jow n on soiiK' luiysl^icksl 

'JtuJent Activities 197 


f— \/ O" January 9, 2001 . OC celebrated the ribbon cutting of its 
|— ) | ]— /\ newest building: the Business and Technology Complex. The 
Business and Technology Department packed their bags from 
Moran Hall and moved over to the new, plush, two-story 
building. This was part of the first phase toward developing 
Oakwood's master's degree program in business. 

Above; A icmiIi uI scseial prayers and eftmls.lhc beautiful new Business \ let hi 
has become a reality. 

Above: Donnie Monroe is just one of the many President's Ambassodors 

Complex who helped in greeting guests for the building ribbon cutting ceremony. 

Abo\t II 

I. iiionial cultnii: ol the ribbon, otiicially opening the building business 

Above; These two gentlemen trom the community came out to show their 
support of the opening ot the Business and Technology Complex. 

Above; The crowded lobby full with Oakwood and Huntsville community supporters who came out for the ribbon cutting ceremony. 

?8 Student Activities 


Above: Drs. Delbert and Susan Baker greet the visiting guests. 

Above & niiikllc bcUnv: A classroom full of computers stands ready to be occupied 
by the students for classes. 

Above: The very next day following the ribbon cutting ceremony, classes were 
held in the new building. 

Above: The departnicnl ciiair's ollicc dl^pl.l\s ihc beautiful artistry of decoration 
found in the Business and lechonology t'oniplcx. 

Student Activitief I 99 


! Candids 

,/\ LJ ~r CD CS; F^ /^ i= I— I 





Mis^ O^kwood 200 I 

A rumble of excitement mingled through the audience as the tantalizing sounds 
of Caribbean music filtered through the room. As if out of nowhere, ten jubi- 
lant, energetic women emerged from beneath the stage into full view, colorfully 
arrayed in a vast assortment of island outfits. No, this wasn't Trinidad or Ja- 
maica, but it was Huntsville, Alabama, and the event was the 10th Annual 
Miss Oakwood College Pageant. This year's theme was ''Radiating His 
Glory,'' and throughout the evening, these women truly did ''radiate" bril- 
liantly as they graced the stage, providing model examples of the 
"Oakwood Woman." At the close of the evening, Shannone Holt and Alethea 
Goodridge were awarded the titles of 2nd and 1st runners-up (respectively), 
and Tyisha Cephas was crowned Miss Oakwood 2001. However, all of the 
contestants must be commended for their hard work and tremendous spirit, 

proving them all to be royalty. 

Pcigeont 200 I 703 





Quantrilla Carter is a 20-year-old 

biology major whose goal as Ms. 

Oakwood is to work toward a change 

that reflects her belief that where 
there is no vision, the people perish. 
Her vision is to see her fellow stu- 
dents on one accord, physically as well 
as spiritually. She wants them to do 
all they can to involve themselves with 
every aspect of their school. She be- 
lieves that if they work together, there 

will be no river impassible, no door 

unable to be opened, and no mountain 

unable to be moved. 

904 Pageant 200 I 




Caroline Douglas is a 20-year-old 
junior who is an English major with a 
minor in political science. Her goal in 
life is to be an attorney who remains 
strong in her beliefs while being suc- 
cessful in her field. She lives within 
the beautiful boundaries of Southern 
California in the San Fernando Val- 
ley. Though she lives in the Golden 
State, she hails from Nairobi, Kenya, 
which is the acclaimed haven for 
wildlife tours. Her goal as Ms. 
Oakwood is to uplift her fellow 
Oakwood queens to realize that 
unlike society's idea that a women is 
characterized by her looks, she is a 
hand-made creation crafted with the 
careful blend of wisdom, knowledge, 
and character. 

Pageoint 700 I 705 

My name is Roma Habtemariam. I 
was born in Sudan, and currently 

reside in Columbus, Ohio. I am a 

20-year-old junior with a major in 

elementary education. I aspire to 

volunteer and teach in my homeland, 

Eritrea, East Africa, for one year. My 

goal as Miss Oakwood is to represent 

the true Christian woman and serve 
the needs of my fellow student body. 

206 Pageant 200 I 

Originally from Monroe, Louisiana, 

Christina is a graduating senior 
majoring in business management, 
pursing a career in human resource 
management. Her goal as Miss 
Oakwood is to help her fellow 
students to utilize their full poten- 
tial in earthly service as they strive 

to achieve their heavenly goal. 

Paaeani 700 I 207 


Deondria Jeffries, originally from 
Texarkana, Texas, now resides in 

Atlanta, Georgia. She is a 20-year- 
old junior with a double major in 
vocal performance and pedagogy, 

theory and composition. Her goal 

as Miss Oakwood is to radiate 
God's glory by using her voice to 

spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to 
her fellow students and surround- 
ing Oakwood community. 

■208 Pageant 700 I 

Natalie Louis is a French linguistics 

specialist who is a junior music 

\-ocal performance major. She is a 

most friendly individual who enjoys 

outreach in any setting. She has 

experienced the joys of foreign 

mission in Haiti with NAPS and 

continues to reach people at the 

point of their need on the home 

front. As Miss Oakwood, Natalie 

plans to deal with some of the 

most pressing issues facing college 

students today. She plans to be a 

positive role model for young black 

women who are striving to reach 

goals that most would say are 
impossible; for Natalie, it is pos- 
sible to be black, intelligent, beauti- 
ful, and "ride the high places of the 
Earth in Jesus' name." 


Pcgeant 200 I 209 

tc^ (jLL. c::^^^ 



Syreeta Ali McTier is a^20-year-old 
'elementary education major from 
Los Angeles, California. Her goal 

as Miss Oakwood is to set the 

standard of what a true Christian 

woman should be. She wants to be 

an example of a well-rounded 

woman academically, spiritually, 

and socially. Her mission is to 

uplift God while uplifting others 

on and beyond Oakwood's campus 

hieher e 

excellence and eternity. 

2 I Pcqecint 700 I 

Shannonc Onckc' Holt is a finance major 

at Oakwood College. A 21 -year-old 
senior, her goal as Miss Oakwood will be 
to represent not only the students of 
Oakwood College, but also the college 
community as a whole. She is fully cogni- 
zant that during her tenure as ambassador, 
wherever the name Oakwood College 
goes, the far-reaching responsibility that 
she will have goes with it. She believes 
that, presently, there are four gulfs that 
tend to separate us: race, gender, genera- 
tion, and denomination. Shannone feels 
that if selected Miss Oakwood, she will be 
uniquely positioned to help bridge these 

gulfs aiid bring cohesiveness to all the 

necessary entities of the college into one 

unified body for this new millennium. 
















^ HI 

1 TiT III . |jjjy|BOiu| 




1 iisSJ 








1 '^ i^^'^ ll^VI^^^H 

L m 








mBi H^K 





Pcgeoint 200 I 211 



<l--CL<^ '^Lst.^^C 

\i A'f^<j.. 


My name is Alethea Goodridge, and I 

am a 22-year-old student studying for 

a bachelor's degree in social work with 

a minor in music. I come from a very 

beautiful province in Canada called 

British Columbia. I have observed 

that children and youth are lacking for 

positive role models and motivators in 

their lives. Therefore, my goal as Miss 

Oakwood 2001 is to empower children 

and youth in the community to a 

higher excellence in education. I plan 

to implement this goal by developing 

extracurricular programs and activities 

into the education system of Hunts- 

ville, Alabama. 

7 I 7 Paaeani 200 I 

Tyisha Cephas is a 24-year-old junior 
biochemistry major from West Palm 

Beach, Florida. She aspires to be a 
humble servant to God, specifically in 

the field of cardiovascular surgery. 

As Miss Oakwood, she wishes to 

allow the Lord to use her to imple- 
ment a program on self value that will 
teach young ladies how to appreciate, 
become, and perfect beine the women 

that God would have them to be. For 
a blossomed woman is a blossomed 



Ly -i^-L.^u^>-4^^o^ 


Poige<;int 200 I 213 


7 I 4 Pageant 200 I 

Below: Working out those steps one last time. 
Better hurry because before you know it. . . 

Above: Kela Holmes, pageant 
choreographer, contestant 
mentor, cheerleader, and just 
about everything else, makes 
sure everything just right with 
"her girls" up until the last 



Below: "The three finalist have got to be. . ." Christal James gives her 
projection of the results to fellow audience members Diana, Daniella, 
and Keo. 

4M , -tmi$»^ 

Above: The contestants bring a little Caribbean tlair to the the pageant. 

To Left: Aukea Joseph, Miss 
Oakwood 2000, makes her 
final walk. 

Above: The Junior Miss OC contestants. Look out Oakwood! 
Get ready for the contestants of 201 1 ! 

To right: Aukea passes on the 
torch, ur. . .crown, rather, to 
Tyisha Cephas, Miss Oakwood 

Above: And then there were three. . .. Shannone, Tyisha, 
and Alethea grasp hands awaiting the infamous "Question 

Pageant ?00 I "215 

/\n Interview witn 

c/w«»-^^ /C^^^/Ji€*^€^ C/WU«»<». \J^^ A r^^. * <.€L ocaJ U / 

why did you want to become Miss Oakwood? 

/ chose to run in the Miss Oakwood Pagecuit heccwse I ivanted to have an enpyahle experience. I saw the 
girls last year and sa-w the fun they had. I feel I have been given the gift of compassion. Entering the pageant 
would let me be a>i instrumoit for God-ministering to other girls by having a listening ear and being a role 

What was your biggest fear during the pageant? 

I' ailing, stage fright, or forgetting my lines. 

What was the funniest thing that happened to you during the pageant. 

The funniest thing that happened to me was when we were practicing the question segment. I was answering 
a question , and it was so tight m the begnining; then I just stopped, said thank you, and walked out. 
Everybody -was mad and one of my fellow contestants threw a shoe at me. They -were mad because we were told 
not to do that on stage. 

Who were your biggest supporters? 

Tracy Harris, Iroie Tubbs {taught me hoiv to sign), Ramcma Biggs, Joycelyn Poole, Alana Ackerman (my 
offstage judges, critics, and motivators), Aukea foseph, fmner queen (gave tips from last year's pageant), all 
the people in Tlorida, my church family, and my family. 

Other than being crowned Miss Oakwood, what have you gained. 

Eve gamed etiquette, confidence, and knowledge. 

What you like to do during you tenure as Miss Oakwood? 

Tirst, Ed like to join the Pre-Alumni Club because I feel that a)iy contestant running for Miss Oakwood 
needs to be a part (fthe club. Second, I will be running in the Miss National UNCE Pageant. 1 plan to help 
raise money f>r next year's pageant to make sure the run f>r Miss Oakwood next year is easier. I want to be 
a link for the students and their concerns. I want to contribute my skills in helping the Eadies Eirst Society. 
I also plan on recruiting for Oakwood College and representing my school to my utmost ability. 

7 I 6 Pagecint 700 I 



m t» 




/\lpllC! (ZH 

Q: What are the benefits of being in your 


A:"Alpha Chi provides it's members with 

academic support, exclusive scholarhips 

and valuable information on graduate 


-Olivia Alexander, Senior 

|--'re-| aw 

Q: If you had to sum up your club in a few 
words, what would you say? 
A: "We are a dedicated group of talented 
individuals standing on the verge of be- 
coming great assets to the world through 
the field of law." 

-Andel Brown, Senior 

j — ps-ilon j-^ni [Jeltci 

Q: What was your most recent major ac- 
tivity and why did you do it? 
A: "Whitewater rafting. We did it to pro- 
mote interest in the club and also to so- 
cially intertwine the members of the club." 

-Khandic Wautjh, Senior 


^1 plan on going into the 
medical profession, so I 
joined the science club to 
learn about opportunities in 
research and medicine. 
Plus, I needed that discount 
on the MCATr 

-Kareema Dudley, Sophomore 

Students come from all over 
the world to unite themselves in 
one accord by joining organiza- 
tions that are best suited for their 
personalities and academic pur- 
suits. Assembling themselves in a 
manner that requires teamwork is 
an important factor in really get- 
ting to know their true selves. To 
serve as a member of any organi- 
zation it takes a cooperative, re- 
sponsible, and dedicated person. 

Throughout the years the orga- 
nization section has consisted 
mainly of pictures of the various 
members of each organization. 
This year we hsi\e"unplugged" 
the well-known O.C. clubs or 
oganizations by asking their presi- 
dents questions that would give in- 
sight about their clubs. 




Below: Tliese VOT members are all smiles after rendering another selection at the first 
A.Y.S. of the school year. The candles symbolize letting your light shine in a world of 

Left: These science club 
members must rely on each 
other for safe rafting. Learn- 
ing through cooperation is one of 
this club's values! 

Above: Chris Simons delivers a poetic piece 
from his soulful collection at an Art & Soul 

Q: How long has your club been affili- 
ated on Oakwood's campus? 
A: "We have been affiliated here for the 
past 7 years. The choir has grown spiritu- 
ally as well as in number." 

-Anjanene Ware, Senior 


■■-■■■ ^'" 

ArtC:^ Ooul 

Q: What Bible personality does your 

organizaiton most resemble? 

A: "Jeremiah. He was the most poetic 

person in the Bible and an all around bad 


-Osmund Marecellin, Senior 


Q: What are the objectives of your club? 
A: "To foster unity between students of diverse 
cultural origins and also heighten the aware- 
ness of the student body on international is- 

-Jestan Sands, Senior 

Unplugging O^KWood v^olleges^ 


Dortn Organizations 

Carter Hal 


Gwendolyn Clark, Vice President 

Daria Partlow, Secretary 

Karia Nesmith, President 

Andrea Carter, Chaplain 

Brooke Wright, Treasurer 

Rhonda Stephens, Representative 

Wade Ha 

Peterson Hall 


Leo Cannpbell, President 

Tray WlHianis, Representative 

Dexter Snnith, Vice President 

Officers: Kawaisha Waldon, President 

Jessica Graharn, Vice President 
Regina King, Chaplain 
Angela Ezzard, Secretary 
Donna WiHianis, Sargeant.-at-Arnis 
Kerri Ann McNish, Public Relations 
Nathalie Myrtil, Treasurer 
Dorhel Davis, Parlianientarian 
Aniber Willis, Asst. Treasurer 
Kiyonni Oatez, Asst. Secretary 

Edwards Ha 

The Resident Assistants: 


Ricardo Wheatley, Brian MiHer, 

Osmund Marcellin, Andrew Canipbell, 

Courtney Hall , Regrick Howard, 

Jeff Higgins, Gary Jones, 

Alfonzo Green III, Llewelyn McPherson, 

Colin Bailey 

7 2 \_J)rqanhatior\i 

Class Organizations^ 







John T. Boston, President 
Curtesa Arnett, Vice President 
Jennell Cyril, Social Vice 
Martin L K- Lister, Chaplain 
Kevin M- Barnease, Parlianientarian 
Raginee EdW'ards, Religious Vice 

Class of 2002!!! 

Chinwe drops 
a bit of knowl- 
edge to her 
fellow class- 
niates as she 
takes her 
position of 
very seriously. 


Miranda Steele, President 
Chinvve Asomugha, Vice President 
Kalisha Waldon, Secretary 
Nicole Barron, Assistant Secretary 
Courtney Weston, Treasurer 
Gentry Long, Assistant Treasurer 
Paul Jones, Sargeant-at-Arr^s 
Kathleen Lewis, Parlianientarian 
Rolanda Lister, Chaplain 
Terry-Ann Griffin, Social Vice 
Racheeni Sagay, Public Relations 
Shelly Ann Stewart, Asst. Public Relations 
Mrs. Janice Newborn, Sponsor 


m mf •P>'.k"^ • 

*^» -k * 

f W mT*' " , ,_^ 






Dohnihique is very attentive at the junior class 







Qumbo is the literary journal of 
Oakwood College. It is sponsored by the 
English Departrnent, and it is student 
led and supervised. It is a collection of 
literary works by students of our 
school. It is called Gumbo because of 
the variety of styles in the publication. 

MjL^^l^m. \J>^' 



/ « 

Editor: Danielle Martin 
Assistant Editor: Paul Nixon 
Layout Editor: Anthony Harvey 
Editorial Staff: Jessica Cook, 
Melissa Morrison, Leeanne Stoddart 

Education Club 

Aniber Willis, President 

Regrick Howard, Vice-President 

Kalisha Waldon, Secretary 

Terry-Ann Griffin, Public Relations 

Ricky Cort, Social Vice 

Autunin Waslnington, Asst. Social Vice 

Adrianne Jones, Treasurer 

Troy Bright, Chaplain 

Dr. Melancon, Sponsor 

The future educators of our children! 

Whatever is good to know is difficult to learn. Greek proverb 

111 CJ^rgani^dtions 

Literary Guild 

Jessica Cook, President 
Melissa Morrison, Vice-President 

The niernbers of Literary Guild at one of their 
thought-provoking nieetings. 

Computer Club 

Hugh Percy, President 

Douglas McClearly, Vice President 

Neilla Brizard, Treasurer 

Frank Thonias. Public Relations 

Melissa presents Dr. Gooding ivith an 



Shhhh! Jessica is speaking! 

National Society for 
Black Ehgineers 

SaniUel Acoff, President 

(Jrgoinizcition? 2 2 3 



To fill these. 

.of the Religion and Theology Forunq! 

Dietetics Club 

Paula Hiornpson, President 

Dr. Newborn on fire for Christ! 
•We need these people. . . 

Woodrovv Vaughn, President 

'2 9 4 (Organization? 


%|jrEpsilon Phi Delta (Science Club) A 

Khancjie Waugh, President 
Nathalie Jean-Philippe, Vice President 
John-IVlichael Johnson, Treasurer 
Cara Monroe, Secretary 
Quantrilla Carter, Chaplain 
Donna Green, Social Vice 
David Ruff, Parlia^nentarian (not pic- 

Dr. Paul receives a book froni a guest 
presenter at a Science Club nieeting. 

The science club members listen to a guest speaker 

Health Careers Opportunity Prograni 

^ H.CQP U 

§"■■7 _!■■■■_ ^ :_: 



■ .t^^lHl 


_^^j^. ■«» 




Erika Perry, President 

Caron Heartley. Vice-President 

"li.C.O.P was not only 
benif icial in education, but 
also socially because it 
helped us to prepare for 
college courses and 
develop good peer rela- 

-Alexia Potts, 

"H.C.O.P. for me 
was like a bridge 
that helped rne in 
transition froni 
high school into 
college. While 
staying here for 
the surnmer, I 
learned nnore about 
college life." 

-Eryn Young, 

(Organisation? 2 2 5 

Allied Health CLub 

Lainisha Mclviiller, President 

Stacy-Ann Snnith, Vice President 

Tia Jef f ery. Secretary 

Nerissa Marr, Treasurer 

Dr. Sandy Seeger, Advisor 

Student Nationa 

Shawn Hervey-Jurnper, President 

Daniel A^Tiponsah, Vice President 

Cannillia Rodgers 

Niyrai-Daun Bradshaw p 

Kathleen Lewis 

French Club 

Chantel Sanison, President 

Ecology Club 

Lavardo Thonnpson, President 

Jonathan Elyse, Vice President 

Katrina Frazier, Secretary 

Brian Jacl<;son, Treasurer 


Dr. Randriarnahefa 

Dr. Lubega 

Dr. Durant 

2 7 6 U'''gani7citions 

Freshhian Orientation 

iVirs. R. Jacob, Supervisor 

Spreading Oak 

Lle^velyn IVlcPherson, Editor 

SiiTione Morgan, Assistant Editor 

Cliristine Thonnpson, Religion Editor 

Linda Skeete, Healtli Editor 

Jennifer Watt;ins, Layout Editor 

Natalie Castor, Sports Editor 

Zenaida Henry, Canipus News Editor 

Tenera Arnibrister, Beyond Oai^cwood Editor 

essica Grahani, Art and Entertainnnent Editor 

Staff Writers: LaToya Bent, 
Syrita Hall, Jonae Jackson, Sirach Selassie, 

Literature Evangelist 

Traininq Center 


Pastor Williarn Shnith, Director 

Pre-Law Club 

Andel Brown, President 

(Jrtjoinizcition? 7 2 7 

Below: NAPS volunteers 
rnarch or] Washihgtoh for 
peace in South Sudan. 

he National 
Association for the 
Prevention of Starva- 
tion (NAPS)is a non- 
profit, volunteer relief 
organization founded in 
1978 and registered in 
the state of Alabania. 
College students are 
NAPS' prirnary source 
of volunteers. Stu- 
dents are well repre- 
sented on the NAPS 
board of directors. As 
a result, students play 
a significant role in the 
decision nnaking pro- 
cess for the organiza- 
tion. NAPS volunteers 
are connnnitted to 
serve others. A large 
percentage of NAPS 
volunteers connplete 
their undergraduate 
study and advance to 

medical and graduate 
school. Many are now 
practicing as physicians, 
dentists, nurses, law- 
yers, and teachers while 
continuing to serve as 
NAPS volunteers. NAPS 
is anchored in the philoso- 
phy of education being 
central to the develop- 
ment of any comnnunity 
and the restoration of hu- 
nnanity. The organization's 
original focus was solely 
on agricultural develop- 
nnent. However, in 199 1, 
NAPS extended its vision 
to include the basic hunnan 
needs of food, clothing, 
shelter, and education. In 
response to this new fo- 
cus, NAPS has becorne in- 
volved in hurnanitarian ef- 
forts in the U. S. and 
foreign countries 

NAPS has traveled all 
over the globe. Here, 
sohne hnernbers are 
helping build a school 
in Guyana. 

7 7 8 C^rgcinlzc^tion^' 

"NAPS provides ordinary people 

with the ability to witness, to 

increase in personal growth, 

inreach, as well as outreach and 

to spread the love of Jesus." 



Through NAPS I'rn 

able to serve God 

by serving others. 

which prepares 

me for when we 

get to Heaven." 


Christal James 

Left: Senior, Christal 
Jaines, feeds a youhg 
child in Guyana. 

BeloW': Hugs are alW'a^/s 
good niedicine! Can't 
you see the joy on the 
children's faces?. 

"NAPS is the army of 
life that EG. White 
spoke about— fulfilling 
the gopsel comnnis- 


George Cyril 

"Mv involvement in NAPS has 
allowed me to use my 
gifts and talents to 
edify people over the 

Regina Williams 

N.A-P-S. Oakwood College 

Box 186 

Huntsville. AL 35886 

Phone: 1-S77-S87^NAPS 

Fax: (256)- 726-7055 

Or*Jnlr<.)tinns 2 20 

P^ludc ah vJcJikwood \^( 


Above: Stephen Boyce and John Nixon.' 
ai^e just tvvo of the Aeolians alunin 
\A/ho returned for the live recording. 

"Being the president of the College 
Choir teaches me how to be a nnore 
effective leader and to work well with 
people. The dedication of the niernbers 
in the College Choir and their love for 
music really encourages me to come 
out to every practice. Ivir. iVia I lory's 
knowledge, experise, and giftedness 
inspires me to do my best." 

Amanda Ambrose 
President of the College Chior 

Above: These Aeolians a^& all smiles preparing for their live recording. 

"2 3 C^rganizatlon? 

Lyync^imlc f-^rc^ii^e 

m^amammmgrn m 



tt i 

mk m.L^ M ^Hp^ 1 



^^^^^^ J___^_^._^ 

L '•*t 

■ ^^ ^ ^ 

^ te ■ X. 

' * ~ „... *■" 

■HB^ wR-- 





^., J 

"■Tl. ^ 

^ ^M ■ '''^ 

^ J^: ., 

MI^^^^^B ^^jMffi_^ ^^^^^B 

^' .^ 

\ : 4 

Above: Ray really gets into it when he sings with Dynannic 

When IS your alburn debut 

"What I like most about Dynannic 
Praise is that we are a group of 
young people furthering the work 
of God through niusic DP is a 
very connfortable environnnent. 
The people seem to be very 
spiritual and unity mirided. Benji. 
our director, is a God fearing 
man that is willing to extend a 
helping hand anytime." 

Tekira Brinkly 
Choir member 

(^raoinizcition? 1 3 


"Orchestra albW'S hne to expand hiV hori- 
zons in niv acadernic pursuits. The ennotion 
alisrn of rnusic is a way to release my ten- 
sions and stress. Dr. Collins is very dedi- 
cated to the orchestra and if she nnakes a 
cornnnitrnent she keeps it." 

Tia Jeffrey 
Violinist 2nd Chair 

/\nointed voice? oj'l-^r^iis-e 

7 5 2 (Organization 



oy I riumpfi 

■* ' f *. f t^ 

■I ^ . I // 

"I like the cohesiveness of 
our choir, as well as the 
spiritual aspect. The choir 
tnernbers a'rQ really easy 
to get along with- Danica, 
our director, is very ap- 
proachable and easy to 
talk to." 

Nackesha fvjaddix 
Choir mennber 

■" m-m^- 

{^^rc^isinlzcition^ 2 5 5 


The United Student Iviovehnent is the stu- 
dent governirient of Oal^w-ood College. As stated 
in its constitution, the USM was established "in 
order to enhance our spiritual, acadennic, and so- 
cial experience" at Oakwood College. Every stu- 
dent enrolled in Oakwood College is a niernber of 
the United Student Movernent; hence, it is the 
largest student-run organization on carnpus. 

The USlVl. through its offices, provides many 
services. Tliese include, but s^v& in no way lirnited 
to, social, academic, athletic, and religious ac- 
tivities. Some of the highlights of these 
activites include the spring banquet, college bow 
competition, intramural competitions, and the 
student week of prayer. Additionally, the USM 
produces the official Oakwood College newspa- 
per, the Spreading Oak, and the official Oakwood 
College yearbook, the Acorn. 

The USM also serves as a liaison between 
the college administration and the student body. 
The officers ax-^ organized into two main groups: 
the executive officers and the Senate. The ex- 
ecutive officers are elected at the end of the 
previous school year into the positions specified 
in the constitution. The Senate is elected at the 
beginning of each school year and consists of 
student representatives from each of the dor- 
mitories and the off-campus population. 

'not pictured: Stepanie Lester, Social Vice President of the Fall 2000 sennester 

\^^OTa^ \ — |owel I 
/\tnletic V ice [--'T'ejldent 

2 34 (Jrgoinlzation? 

V icfco-pici ;^?ekomeri 
3enc(te ^ecretdr^ 

Q^ninwe U 
•I — xecutive vice l-^resident 

j ii© 0®ri<^"t© fov "trie ipav 2000-200 I 

"Teams are collections of people who must rely on group collaboration if each member is to experi- 
ence the optimum of success and goal achievement." -William Dyer 

I osin ;^tolcigbe 
/Xcodemic \/ice |--^res-iden"b 

I &vav •}--jigg? 


I ^eo (^^ampbell 


onoT 30ci©"Cf©9 

Toccara Boyd, President 

Phi Eta SigiTia's rnernbers aro. freshhnen and sophonnores. 

New rnembers at the induction ceretnony on November 14, 2000. 

The speaker of the hour. 

% Olivia Alexander, President 
Jarren Thurman, Vice-President 

Tliedistiguised niehnbers of Alpha Chi (AX). Alpha Chi niembership 
is exclusively forjuniors and seniors. 

2 56 (Organization' 



ntere^t Q^lub 




^vK j^^^^m 

^^» ' 'T^ 

1 S__i 

^Hr M 






Pre-Aluhini Counci 



Did anyone vvin the can? 

Roberto Guerrero, President 
Anthony Raybourne, Vice President 

Ihteniational Students Organization 



c>s ''i^H^^^^^^^I 





^^f>' ^^^H 

^^^Rnl^L « 




Jestan Sands, President: Keith Albury, 
Vice-President: Andrea Lennard. Treasurer: 
Tiffany Good in. Secretary 

Jestan with guest speaker and president of Ala- 
bania A & M's Student Go^/ernnient, h/\r.C. Oniar 
Evans, at a leadership vvorkshop in Moran Hall. 

(^rgcinizcition? 2 3 7 

The ladies of B.A-S.E.. 

Black Able Sisters of Elegance 

Maria Sellers, President 

"The goal of Blessed 2 Blessed is to first 
uplift the narne of Christ, specifically m the 
Gurley, Alabarna, comrnunity. We uplift His 
harne in this cornrnunity by participating in 
building the ne\^ Mt. Piscah church in Guriey, 
supplying food to the cornniunity, and sharing 
God's Word. Blessed 2 Blessed is a non-profit 
organization and participates in the cornniunity 
by giving Bible studies to those who need it 
and visiting the sick and shut-ins in the Guriey 

Mission Statennent 
Blessed 2 Blessed 

7 38 Cd^gcinizations 

Blessed 2 Blessed 

Denry White, President 

Sarah Depke, Vice President 

Anika Powell, Treasurer 

Nicole Swanson, Public Relations 

Tonya Loveday, Secretary 

Kreol CLub 

Jeff Muggins, President 

Art & Sou 

Osrnuhd Marcel I in, Presictent and Treasurer 
Tannysha Evans, Vice-President 

Toyosi Atolagbe. Secretary 

Dudley Duberry, Public Relations 

Wade Ford. Chaplain 

Outer Dihiensions 

Rolanda Lister, President: 

Willing. Succeeding, & Blessed 

Sarah O. Morton, President 

Cannille D. Cochran. Vice President 

Shauna N- Sears, Secretary 

JohnD. Hall. Treasurer 

Ruby St. Felix, Public Affairs 

Garth Dottln. Spiritual Advocate 

Melanie Gregory, Connnnunity Service 

Erika^Rikki" Gordon. Drarna Director 

Alisha T1"Usty."Imhotep*' Editor 

Alislna's poems are alw'ays filled with 
rich language, ^i^lc| linages, and thought- 
pro^oklng messages. 

Tonya is bringing out her soulful sounds 
at Art & Soul's e^ent "Attack of the 
Black Intellecutal." 




Art &Soul mennbers pose for pictures. 

"As advocates of WSB, we a^e v^illing to accept the 
mark of the Higher Calling, by succeeding in every task 
that God has given us that will allow others, including 
ourselves to be blessed." 

y_)rc^(^n\-zabon? 2 5 9 

^e SNMA 
carwash at 
AutoZone. ^ 

The Senate with leader, ChihW'e Uinez. 

Getting their "eat on" at the Wade Hall agape 

One '_vi I iif^ n-iany CACiting Spreading Oak rneetmgs 

Mernbers of V.O.T. at concert. Can't 
wait to sing huh. Erica ?! 

These Allied Health 

Club mernbers are 

volunteering and 

tutoring at the 

Harris Honne for 


Tie mighty Navigators. 
Sue, don't hit any 

Well... Donna did want to have 
her picture in the yearbook!!! 

7 4 C^rganizcitions 

.and that's a wrap!! 


To be an. . . 





"Now then we are AMBASSADORS for Christ, as 
though God did beseech you by us: we pray you 
in Chrsit 's stead, be ye reconciled to God. " 

2 Corinthians 5:20 

riioiv's 1I10 menial and the spiriliial. bul whal about the physical aspects of education Oakwood 
C't^llcce elainis to cover? Well, welcome to the O.C world of sports. A place where you can get in 
shaped win a game, and sprain an ankle all in one shot! While jumping into the new century, not 
only are the men taking the sports realm by storm but so are also those fogotten treasures called 
"ladies" (who also have new uniforms, by the way)! The main highlight of the O.C. sports realm 
this year w as. . .THE CROWD. Much appreciation and thanks goes to Coach John Damon for a job 
well done on the women's basketball ledge. Ten Thousand thank you's goes to Coach James 
Roddy for caring so much as to put in so much hard work. The new goals for the new centruy: 
soccer and volleyball teams and, of course. . .A BIGGER GYM! ! ! 






Coach John Damon 

Coach Alex Johnson, Eryn Young, Ebony Andeson, Alison Dulan, Lorain Br 
Fowler, Camille Lee, Tywana Dulan, Tiffany Claiborne, Monica Taylor, Ann 


Not quite the WNBA, but these 
lady "bailers" are definitely 
making it happen! They have 
exploded through the difficulties, 
emerging successful in winning 
games, traveling, and competing in 
national tournaments. Under the 
leadership of Coach John Damon, 
these ladies have set the mark for 
the future to give nothing but 

th, Cladisha Partlow, Princess Lee, Sharondra McKinnley, Danita 
;thews, Takesha Burton, and Coach John Damon 


Adrian Hargrove #22 

Franklin Nicholas #23 

Jordan Earle #15 

Derek Lowe #14 

This year's Men 
Ambassador team 
UNPLUGGED the magic 
and took this year by storm. 
They accomplished new levels, 
which included attending a tourna- 
ment in Bemuda. Under the guidance of 
Coach James Roddy and his assistants, 
Dennis Turner, Alton Conwell, Marius 
Hill, and Jonathan Robinson (team 
Doctor), these men set the tone 
well for a new decade of 
excitement in the wonder- 
ful name of basketball. 


■246 Sports 


Femi Jinadu#13 

Donnie Monroe #25 

Tony Oliver # 30 

Patrick Carter #4 

McKinlcy Crockett #11 

Brandon Montgomery # 45 

SpoT-h 247 


Rebecca Lee setting up the of- Always remember that "a team 
fense. that prays together stays to- 


So who' s going to get the ball? 
Danita or Lori? 

"Anything a man can do, a woman can do 
also... but better!" 

'1 belter go aheail and shtx)l around now 
leeause I know eoach is not going to 
let me play. ..again'" 


AIR TONEY! "Which way 
did he go, which way did he 


"The Ambassadors are here, ready to cheer. . .Hey, were are those girls going 

dressed in blue and gold?" It's the new Lady Ambassadors Cheerleading 

Squad, and they are not your typical small school cheer squad. These ladies 

have the beats to move your feet, the smiles to go the mile, and the shouts to 

let the crowd know what they are all about! Congratulations for a job well 

done to their founder and coach, Myeesha Watkins. 






"We're here to cheer and that's no doubt; we're going to show what we 
are talking about! SO LET'S GO!!" 

•250 Sport 



"So clap your hands, and stomp your feet, 'cause here comes our 
team with a very Hve beat. . .." 

3^urt ^^ 


"Here we go!! Let's go O.C.!" 

Sporh 25 I 

First they dominated soccer, now they're 
off to take on flag football. These ladies 
were "no joke!" As a matter of fact, they 
call themselves rude. . .Rude Girls that is. 
They really don't look too rude. It's more 
like "Cute Girls." 

Well let's see. . .is he a spectator or a player? 
Definitely a spectator! 


75? Sports 



SpoTt? 753 


Looks like Canada was representing here. . . and very well 





Melissa Prescott and the Rude Girls showing what they got. 

It's here and one of the top 
played sports played at 
Oakwood. . .it's soccer! The 
intramural soccer league was very 
competative, exciting, and, some- 
times, very long. 

The skills were definitely 
exhibited on the skating rink floors. 
It seemed as if almost every island 
or country was represented. But 
the most important aspect was the 
teamwork and the sportsmanship. 

A team that prays together, plays together! 





Practice makes perfect! 


Just. ..WOW!! 

"The games just wouldn't be the same without 
the fans!" 

"256 Spo'rt? 


Is that Donnic Monroe going up? (yes) 

"O.C Basketball. . .Gotta Love It! 


Sport? 257 


What do you think about the game? 

'Missed dunks, crossovers, turn- 
Dvers; you can't ask for anything 
more." -Coach Mike T (West) 

■It's the BOMB-DIGGITY! Can't no- 
body hold it down!" "'It's off the chain!' 
-Giselle "Jazzy" Hayling 

(Eastside) "P-J- Roberts 

'Ghetto-fabulous! Out of control!" (southside) 

-Jerome Miles 




West vs. East 

39 51 




Noith vs. 






East vs. South 

60 54 

***TlTis competion ended with 
2:00 minutes left in the game 
due to circumstance*** 

In an unforgetable weekend 
in October, the Oakwood College 
gymnasium was filled with shouts 
of, "Westside! Eastcoast! We 
Redda! Northside!" This rowdy 
extreme had to mean only one 
thing. . .the North, East, South and 
West Basketball Competition. 
Although the West did not do very 
well, it was well represented in the 
crowd where you saw several 
"W's" in the air. The North was 
quite silent although they did 
fairly well in the game. Well, what 
can be said about the Dirty South 
which was indeed well "Redda" as 
they rocked the house. Oh, and 
who can forget the East who was 
truly "holding it down" as they ran 
across the court with painted faces 
carrying a New York Yankee flag. 
Clearly, these two nights of 
competition were all about the 
crowd and who represented the 
best. The crowd was so "crumped" 
in trying to represent that I don't 
think they even realized that the 
final game never ended. 



Jason Patrickson representing 
the Juniors, preps for the free 
throw. "Hercules!" 

Kari Clisby, representing for the 
seniors, tries to make the dif- 
ference, but the juniors still 



Some seniors gathering around for a picture. 








Seniors Sophmores 

54 VS. 48 


VS. 53 

Sophmores Freshmen 

64 VS. 76 







On October 29, 2003, the gym was 
filled with determine 1 bailers out to 
prove a point at the battle of the 
classes basketball game. There was 
trash talking, foul calling, and class 
representing all acroj^s the gym. 
Although all classes put in a great 
effort, the juniors UNPLUGGED 
the fire and went heme with the 
victory proving that the mighty 
class of 2002 can even put it down 
in 2000-2001 (sorry seniors, better 
luck next time!) 

RATH cocTiJcn Aqqcq 

sports closing. . . 

Y'all come 
back now, ya 

c^**....*..*^ A. ^E 



t has been said, that which doesn't kill us only 
serves to make us stronger. If that be the case, 




eeing Fm still alive, my strength must have increased ten-fold this semester. When I 

:ook on this position, I realized that it would be a whole new kind of experience, but noth- 

ng ever prepared me for the character building session that it would be. And though we 

lave had our bad times (as I'm writing this, someone is trying to fix our main computer, ^_^ 

vhich went bust yesterday, and we're still trying to locate our "missing" camera), God has f J 

)een with us every step of the way and has seen us through (and I'm sure that will go for \,.^ 

he computer and camera mishaps as well). In addition, the know-how and knowledge 

hat I have gained in doing this will last me a lifetime. 

As with any great effort, no one person can take the glory of doing it all, so there are 
L few people whom I'd like to thank for their contributions. First off, Ms. Hyman, thank 
^ou for your endless support and for always trying to remind me I wasn't in this thing by 
nyself. Ms. Allen, thanks for your help and listening ear. For my staff, thank you all for 
ill your effort and work. Couldn't have done it with out 'ya. My section editors, Diana, 
Nicole, Alva, John-Michael, Triciana, Candace, and Penny, you all are so on-point! David 
md Michelle, thank's for your precise spot-checking abilities. All the section assistants 
md photographers, your help was a significant contribution, and Shantil, thanks for going 
ip and beyond the call of duty. For all of my friends, especially Princess Di, Natie, 
^eecy, Tam, and Zo, I appreciate the supportive shoulders and your tolerance for allowing 
ne to collapse on your dorm room floors and pour out all my woes and tribulations. To 
ny roommate (of three years!) Tabitha, thanks for your encouragement and for under- 
tanding why my half of the room looked the way it did so many times during the semes- 
er. To my parents and sister, thanks for your generous financial assistance because I did 
lot have the extra time to be gainfully employed (tried it, had to quit). Thanks to Jason 
Thomas, who gave up five (plus) hours out of his Sunday (and study time) to try to fix 
)ur ailing computer and for hooking it up to "life-support" and resuing alot of our info. 
Vlso thanks to Enoch from the computer center who at the time I'm writing this is trying 
o fix our ailing computer. Tosin, thanks for hooking up the zip drive. Mr. Cleveland, 
hank you for all the multiple proof spot-checking that you did. Because of you, om pub- 
ication is so much more error-free. For all those who stopped to give a kind word when it 
ooked like I was loosing my sanity, I appreciate it. To any other person whom I could 
lave possibly forgotten, thank you, thank you, and once again, thank you. 

What you have before you is the fruit of our efforts - Acorn 200 L ''Unplugged/' I 
lOpe you enjoy. For me, seeing the finish product outweighs all the struggles. God bk\ss 
ou all, and, please, do remember to stop and take some time to "Unplug!" 

With Sincerity, 

Tiffany Sidra Taylor Aco.n&.ff^oo, 76, 

2001 Aami Fditor 





Nicole St. Louis, Ad. Ed 

Shantil Turner, Asst. 

Stiiilenl Activities: 
Alva Ferdinand, Std. Actv. Ed 
Michael Faison, Asst. 
Shelly-Anne Stewart, Asst. 

267 AcornSt'=iff'200l 

Others not pictured: Pendeza Green, Sports Ed., Trician; 

Nathalie Myrti 

Nicole Barron, Asst., 
John-Michael Johnson, Org. Ed 
CamiIHa Rogers, Asst. 

Diana Moseley. People Ed. 

Elizabeth Stewart, Treva Sweeney, Assts. 

Enjoli Christmas & 
Charita Boseman 
Not Pictured- 
Juleun Johnson, 
Kelle Neal, Bree Rob- 
inson, Alva Ferdinand, 
Byron Phillips, and 
Tiffany Taylor 


oltman, Student Life Ed., Dominique Francois, Terry-Ann Griffin, 
1 Student Life Assistants 

Michelle Hall, Copy Ed. 

David Ruff, Layout Ed. 

Candace McGoodwin. Directorv Ed. 

Acorn St^ff "200 I 263 

i am your life. 

Vm life© a television that's constantly on. 

all i do everyday all day is take the orders of 

whomever is sitting on the couch and holding the remote. 

i constantly show what i am told, 

reflect what i am instructed. 

my volume is automated, 

my programming is predetermined, 

my existence is uncomfortable, forced. 

occasionally my ability to receive signals becomes flawed 

and someone has to adjust my antenna in order for me 

to clear the static and regain my focus. 

my day does not end 

my cycle is unbroken 

i sleep sometimes, but never for long. 

i do sleep, but i do not relax, i do not rest. 

i sleep as part of a daily routine, 

Just the next thing on my schedule. 

i shut down in mere anticipation of the next command 

that i am to receive. 

i get commercial breaks two times a year, 

but even then i miss my opportunity to chill. 

i am a television and the only way that i can relax 

is if i were to unplug. . . 

hey. . .there's an idea. . . 

i think i'll 

unplug. . . 

-dizzy (aka Paul Nixon) 

\ \ J 

e^^^ i^ ^^S^^ ^ €if^^^^. 


Here are some folks who are new to Oakwood this semester, as well as some first semester students who missed the first picture 

taking session. 

Yaffa Andre, Freshman 
Geoffrey Bermett, Freshman 
I^keisha Bonner, Junior 
Tiffani Bradley, Freshman 
Edrita Bryant, Freshman 

Shereen Caleb, Freshman 
Dwight Chandler, Freshman 
Camille Francis, Freshman 
T. Vincent Fraser, Senior 
Andrea Gilhey, Sophomore 

Eric GlanviUe, Freshman 
Alfonzo Greene, Senior 
Nkecha Hamilton-Adam^, Junior 
Casalnnie Henry, Jr., Freshman 
Nathaniel Hollis, Freshman 

Vemika Holloway, Senior 
Luckson Jean Francois, Junior 
Kent John, Senior 
Sonita Ijiwrence, Junior 
William Lee, Junior 

Fredrick Montgomery, Senior 
Victor Pile, Sophomore 
Michelle Pullman, Senior 
I'aughn Raniphal, Freshman 
Kyaani Robinson, Senior 

Jeffrey Ruuhlon. Frcshnuin 
Luwanda Scott. Junior 
Jonathan Stephens, Junior 
Sasha Sterling, Freshman 
Qiienester Thompso)i, Freshman 

^\cldii:ion(;il \ — o 



Aaron Rhianna G 
4256 Ogden Drive 
Fremont, CA 94538 

Abney Adrienne 


1906 Thornhill Place 

Detroit, MI 48207 

Alexander Olivia N 
P.O.Box 166 Stake B 
SPO Cayman Brae, 
Cayman Islands 

Alexander Pauline 
P.O.Box 166 Stake B 
SPO Cayman Brae 
Cayman Islands 

Abrams Mark C 

Alexis Gian J 

256 Old Kensico Road 

2165 Rolling Brook Ln. white Plains. NY 

East Lansing, MI . ng q-t 


Ackerman Alana A 
222 North Hiawassee 
Orlando. FL 32835 

Acoff Samuel V 
1802 Bienville Stree 
Selma. AL 36701 

Adams Evelyn M 
181 Marshall Terrace 
Danville, VA 24541 

Adams LaTanya Y 
5587 Oakwood Rd. Uni 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Adams Sarah R 

181 Marshall Terrace 

Danville. VA 24541 

Adderley Lamta P 
1 Bay Estate Road 
St. David's, DDOl BD 

Ademba Ruth L 
P.O. Box 40677 
Dar Es Salaam, TZ 

Albury Anthony J Jr. 
218 S.W. 14th Avenue 
Boynton Beach, FL 


Albury Keith A 
70 Hampshire Street 
P.O. Box 3 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Alemayehu Saron 
P.O. Box 3329 
Addis Ababa, FT 

Alexander Lance C 
4515 Bonnell Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35916 

Alexander Melissa N 
P.O. Box 166 Stake B 
SPO Cayman Brae, 
Cayman Islands 

766 LjirectorL) 

Alford Jennifer L 
25899 Brick Road 
South Bend. IN 4662^ 

Allen Blaine N 
1 347 Edenrose St. 
Mississaug. Ontario 

Allen Carlene E 
1503SparkmanDr. 15 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Allen Christian D 
8243 Imperial Dr. 
Laurel, MD 20708 

Allen Corey A 

5802 Green Springs D 

WaiTenton, VA 20187 

Allen Ineke A 

360 West 29th Street 

Riviera Beach, FL 


Allen Kevin A 

5802 Green Springs D 

Wan-enton,VA 20187 

Allen Lloyd V Jr. 
4917 Cotton Row Apt. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Allen Sylvester Tin 

20 Willow Lane 

East Lyme, CT 06333 

Allen YanisM 
5 Crown Heights Cres 
Thornhill, Ontario 
L4J5T8 CN 

Allers Otero C 
1 2 Spicery Road 
Warwick WK02 

Alleyne Keisha D 
4015 Cedar Gate Rd 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Alleyne Marx Rolston 
2528 Wekiva Walkway 
Apopka, FL 32703 

Allsop Talitha K 
609 Maple Street 
Reading, PA 19602 

Ambrose Amanda V 
1969 Addison Road, S 
District Heights, MD 

Amponsah DaAniel N 
6207 Rime Village Dr 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Anderson Cameron S 
5081 Rosecrest Drive 
Pittsburgh, PA 35896 

Anderson Chantel N 
25 Woodsedge Drive 
Asheville, NC 28803 

Anderson Christine L 
5806 Bonna Avenue 
Cleveland, OH 44103 

Anderson Ebony D 
212 Juniper Street 
Mansfield, TX 76063 

Anderson Jeremy J 
1013 Sherwood Drive 
Burlington, NC 

Anderson Julia A 
5210 Kermit Street 
Flint. MI 48505 

Anderson Kimberly D 
212 Juniper Street 
Mansfield, TX 76063 

Anderson Kimberly L 
25 Woodsedge Drive 
Ashville. NC 28803 

Anderson Lorian M 
4007 Glendale Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Anderson Lon-aine S 
837 East 22nd Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Anderson Matthew E 
1811 Bethany Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Anderson Sheneeka S 

1350 Buckingham 


Winter Park, FL 32789 

Kimberly V 
PO Box 22651 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Andre David 

1175 Wahon Avenue 

Bronx, NY 10452 

Andre' Yaffa 
19013 Ford Rd. 
Pitt Meado, British 
Columbia V3Y 2H8 

Andrew Vaughn M 
3109 DehaLane 
Hunstville, AL 35810 

Andrews Gladson E II 
7232 Clovernook Aven 
Cincinnati, OH 

Anosike Ugonna S 
1358 Blue Diamond 
Missouri, TX 77489 

Anthony Damon K 
3007 Autumnwood 
Driv Apt. 
Huntsville, AL 

Antonio Duriel D 

41 Mount Royal Avenu 

P.O. Box G 

Nassau, Bahamas 

Archer Erie N 

1219 Maybrook Street 

Apopka, FL 32703 

Archer Lenis L 

1219 Maybrook Street 

Apopka, FL 32703 

Ard Donny D 

6261 Rime Village Dr 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Amett Curtesa L 
1911 Avenue O 
Ft. Pierce, FL 34950 

Asekomeh Victoria B 
9387 US 31 Lot 52 
BeiTien Springs, MI 

Asomugha Chinwe 
8811 Boone Road #101 
Houston, TX 77099 

Atkinson Orian N 
8602 Dover Street 
Fort Washington, MD 

Atolagbe Tosin A 
3043 Canyon Vista Dr 
Colton, CA 92324 

Atolagbe Toyosi A 
3043 Canyon Vista Dr 
Colton, CA 92324 

Aubry -Hamilton Flore 


1202 Rustic Circle, 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Auguste Evrance 
1010 Henderson Rd. # 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Ault D'elazah S 
1058 Rosedale Road 
Valley Stream, NY 

Aurubin Nadeje J 
11950NE2nd Ave., A 
Miami, FL 33161 

Austin Tonia M 
13143 Music Master D 
Silver Spring, MD 


Bagambiire Ssanyu 


113-135 BleeckerStr 

Toronto, Ontario 

M4X1X2 Canada 

Baham Justin T 

28 Belle Grove Drive 

Destrehan, LA 70047 

Bailey Anthony C 
8525 Tobias Ave., Ap 
Panorama City, CA 

Bailey Chantel Y 
586 Prince Avenue 
Freeport, NY 11523 

Bailey Dione L 
286 Prince Avenue 
Freeport, NY 11520 

Bailey Michael A 
1862 Matterhom Driv 
Orlando, FL 32818 

Bailey Nicole C 
286 Prince Avenue 
Freeport, NY 11520 

Bain Monalisa S 
P.O. Box SS-5026 
Nassau, BF 

Baker Benjamin J 
140 Taurus Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Baker Jonathan M 
140 Taurus Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Baker Maisha T 
300 Long Shoals Rd. 
Arden, NC 28704 

Baker Nechelle J 
4462 Murietta Ave., 
Sherman Oaks, CA 

Baly Usha P 
P.O. Box 8836 
St. Thomas 00801 

Banfield Kemick M 
40 Sweet Oak Court 
Brampton, Ontario 
L6Y3S4 CN 

Banfield Kevin G 
40 Sweet Oak Court 
Brampton, Ontario 
L6Y354 CN 

Banks Danielle J 
751 St. Marks Ave. # 
Brooklyn, NY 11216: 

Banks Keith T 
1347 22nd Street 
Newport News, VA 

Banks Lisa L 

1415 New England Dr.' 

Roseville, CA 95661 i 

Banton Aleena S 
2 Neville Crescent 
Brampton, Ontario 
L6S4Z6 CN 

Baptiste Raymond 
1340 Laverte Circle 
Mableton, GA 30126 

Barker Annette Pearle 
1451 Brookline Way 
Mableton, GA 30059 

Barksdale Leticia C 
4632 W. 18th Street 
Los Angelos, CA 

Bamease Kevin M 
2144 Rue Racine 
New Orieans LA 7007: 


Banvtl CoicN Aiitoino 
(iS24 PiMuoioy Circle 
Orlando. FL 32810 

Banoii Nicole A 
l??*-) Madrona Street 
Atlanta. G A 30318 

BaiTOw Delicia L 
2309 Powers Avenue 
Huntsville. AL 35816 

BaiTOW Rene C 

2309 Powers Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

'Bartholomew Jorge H 
5004 Dellmont Road 
Huntsville, AL 

Barnes Anthony W 
5603 Hamilton Street 
Hyattsville, MD 20781 

jBames Byron C 
4969 Appian Way 
Berrien Springs, MI 

Barnes David B 
4969 Appian Way 
Berrien Springs, MI 

Barnes Mellonie R 
(24091 Madeiros Ave. 
Hayward, CA 94541 

Bai-nes Morris A 
JP.O. Box 431163 
Los Angeles, CA 


IBarnes Trevor D 

'24091 Madeiros Avenu 

Hayward, CA 94541 


Barton Naomi 
5044A Faculty Road 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Bates Joseph L 
36172 Kiote Drive 
Newark. CA 94560 

Batista Lilian E 

4515 Bonnell Drive, 

Huntsville, AL 35816 
iBatiste Keith D 

5670 Argyle Way 

Riverside, CA 92506 

1 Baxter .lilian N 

^605 Portsmouth Circ 

Lithonia. GA 30038 

Baxter Kean 
226 Vine St. 
Hanisburg, PA 17104 

Baxter Lavinia A 
226 Vine Sti-eet 
Hanisburg, PA 17104 

Beale Samuel C 11 
8419 Laurel Trails 
Houston, TX 77095 

Belgrave Cariela A 
P.O. Box 22357 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Belgiave Christopher I 
101 -D Sunshine Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Bell James T 

100 MetropoUtan Dri 

Rochester, NY 14620 

Bellerand Monique N 
4304 Shaw Farm Circl 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Benjamin Sharlene K 
20312 NW 15th Ave. 
Miami, FL 33169 

Bennett Geoffrey C 
5739 Riverdale Cresc 
Mississaug, Ontario 
L5M4R5 CN 

Benson Kenneth R 
2255 Stadium Road 
Sumter, SC 29154 

Bent Latoya 
16510 Teak Dr. 
Missouri City, TX 

Bertram Bettina G 
680 Veneer Drive 
Altamonte Springs, FL 


Bevel Justin R 

1 29 Grenada Avenue 

Roosevelt, NY 11575 

Bickham Sheree L 
2072 Peterson Dr. 
Benton Harbor, MI 

Biggs Ramona A 
2916 Dan forth Dr. 
Odando. FL 32818 

Biilingy Shana E 
17936 Pond Road 
Ashton, MD 20861 

Bishop Roberta L 
1401 Crag Burn Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Black RaeShawnda J 
2195 Moms Avenue 
Clovis,CA 93611 

Black TaliaD 
2245 Heritage 
St. Louis, MO 63136 

Blackwood Andrew L 
1512 Halston Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Blake Marcus E 
8584 Whitehom 
Romulus, MI 48174 

Blanchard La'shanice L 
1155 Old Monrovia Ro 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Blevins Candice Lefaye 
2320 Highpoint East 
Mobile, AL 36693 

Boatright Marvin L 
2244 Norwood Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Bobb Sherwin V 
21 Walker Lane 
Bloomfield, CT 06002 

Bodley Kitti-Kaye K 
18 Chatterton Avenue 
White Plains, NY 

Bone Candace J. 
2710 West Mcnichols 
Detroit, MI 48221 

Boney Crystal D 
2347 Hillwood Drive 
Maplewood,MN 55119 

Bonner Lakeisha D 
4400 Tuskegee Place 
Clinton, MD 20735 

Boone Bryan D 
6825 153rd PI. Rd. 
Ocala, FL 34473 

Boone Dewayne W 
14409 Danube Lane 
Mitchellville, MD 


Boothe Gemar 
16111 SW 102nd 
Miami, FL 33157 

Boozer Brandon L 

35 Gordon Ave. 
Hyde Park, Ma 02136 

Borieux Martelli Y 
3518 Brookfield Lane 
Decatur, GA 30032 

Boseman Charita R 
1068 Oxford Road 
Cleveland Heights, OH 

Boseman Fredrick A 
1068 Oxford Road 
Cleveland Heights, OH 


Boston John T II 

445 SW 28th Ave. 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Bouyer Tierra V 
6301 Crest Club Circ 
Birmingham, AL 


Bovell Falaq S 
6518 Livingston St. 
Rowlett, TX 75089 

Bowe Antoin R 
P.O. BoxN-318 
Nassau, BE 

Boyce Camille S 
325 Waters Edge 
Madison, AL 35758 

Boyce Stephen Allen II 
1308 Apt. H Boxwood 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Boyce Yuel L 
880 Ocean Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11226 

Boyd Myon A 

501 Blairstone Road 

Tallahassee, FL 32301 

Boyd Toccata A 
3404 Milstead Court 
Waldorf, MD 20602 

Boynton Elayna L 
16143 Regency Ranch 
Riverside, CA 92504 

Boynton Samuel J 
16143 Regency Ranch 
Riverside, CA 92504 

Bracken Meki L 
1762 Iroquois Street 
Detroit, MI 48214 

Bradley Joseph Jr. 
276 Front Street 
Houston, DE 19954 

Bradley Tiffani N 
13633Colgate Way #9 
Silver Spring, MD 

Bradley Valencia T 
1230Cheri Lane N.E. 
Fridley, MN 55421 

Bradshaw Niyrai-Daun 
97 Connecticut Ave. 
Stamford, CT 06902 

Brady Michael D 
3056 S. Chicago Stre 
Seattle, WA 98108 

Bramble Derrick F 
4044 Dereimer Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Brandon Devon M 
6204 Cedar Point Dri 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Brandon Nigel A 
1401 Starting Place 
Brooklyn, NY 11213 

Branham Valerie C 
Route 1 Box 149-C 
Adrian, GA 31002 

Brannon Tabari K 
1 19 E. Eden 
Fresno, CA 93706 

Brazier Julian A 
3417 Hunters' s Hill 
Lithonia. GA 30038 

Brewer Carl A 
75 Casarow Drive 
Bridgeton, NJ 08302 

Bridgeforth Lorian L 
17491 Bridgeforth Av 
Tanner, AL 35671 

Bright Troy R 
3401 Gay lord Street 
Denver. CO 80205 

Brinkley Tekira A 
446 Spratley Circle 
Newport News, VA 

Brizard Neilla H 
1061 S.W. Alexandria 
Port St. Lucie. FL 

Brooks Kamica T 
12991 Acacia Avenue 
Desert Hot Spring. CA 

Brooks Sharon N 
150 Verobeach Blvd. 
Ontixrio, M9MIRI 

Brown Alvin N 
1810 S.Cecil St. 
Philadelphia, PA 19143 

Brown Andell K 
36 St Paul Place 
Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 

Brown Aquila M 
14515 Shepard Drive 
Little Rock. AR 72223 

Brown Eric C 
10900 AshfordCt. 
Upper Marlboro, MD ,■ 

Brown Jayson S 
12 Cathn Avenue 
Roosevelt, NY 11575 

Brown Johanna B 
14327 Rosemont 
Detroit, MI 48223 

Brown Jonathan S 
17700 N.W. 20th Aven 
Miami, FL 33056 

Brown Joycelyn Anitra 
17700 N.W. 20th Aven 
Miami, FL 33056 

Brown Maxine T 
P.O. Box N-571 
Nassau, BE 

Brown Sheree N 
Beadles Blvd 
Santa Cruz, St. Eliza- 
beth JM 

Brown Tiffany J 
3615 Marymont Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Brown Tiffany N 
3330 Zuni Street 
Denver, CO 80211 

Brown Ulanda R 
1545 Armistcad Driv( 
Clarksville, TN 37042| 

Browne Dalcon Hamls 
8042 South Praine. 
^Chicago. IL 60619 

Uirectorij 767 

Browne Linbert P 
123 Aurora Lane 
Kissimmee. FL 34758 

Browne Noel E 
8042 South Prairie 
Chicago, IL 60619 

Browne Verdine 
1107 Cooper Avenue 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Bruner Shira D 
4709 Candell Court 
Sacramento, CA 95823 

Bi7an Klossmeryl S 
444] N.W. 13th Stree 
LauderhillFL 33313 

Bryant Edrita J 

363 1 Greenbriar Driv 

Huntsville. AL 35810 

Bryant hiiani O 
P.O. Box 208024 
Chicago, IL 60620 

Bryant Tiffany L 
3631 Greenbriar Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Buckley Raquel M 
3132 Touchwood Drive 
Harvey, LA 70058 

Bucknor Simone 
5367 Randal #5 
Montreal, Quebec CN 

Bulgin Lee S 

5 California Road 

Mt. Vernon, NY 10552 

Bums Curlis A 
1405B Glacier Street 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Burns Demisha J 
215 Cairo Road 
Oakland, CA 94603 

Bunis Juanita E 
9005 Fir Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 

Burrows Inga J 
P.O. BOX N-3714 
Nassau, BF 

Buns Terrance T 
526 Crescent Drive 
Lake Park, FL 33403 

Burton Andrea T 
405 Grenock Drive 
Maple. Ontario 
L6A1M6 CN 

Burton Tiffany R 
5819 Knox Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19144 

Butler Fredra R. 
1054 W. Williams 
Banning. CA 92220 

Butler James 


1030 Sandy Springs R 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Buttler Tunisha C 
2198 Capitol Avenue 
East Palo Alto, CA 

BuUen Kario T Byars Camille L 

29 Duffy Court 1 234 Greenbriar Stre 

Central Islip, NY 11722 Jackson. MS 3921 1 

Burden Takesha C 
1346 Singer Place 
Pittsburgh, PA 15221 

Burgess William E 
1 19 6th Avenue North 
Birmingham. AL 35204 

Burks April C 
703 Yorkhaven Rd. 
Cincinnati, OH 45246 

Burnette Miles R 
113 Mill Creek Cross 
Madison, AL 35758 

Burnette Monualdai K 
6216 Rime Village Dr 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

268 LJlrectorL] 

Bynoe Oneka A 
17 Robichau Circle 
Stoughton, MA 02072 


Cadet Joelle O 

396 N.E. 87th Street 

El Portal, FL 33138 

Caldwell Dionne A 
22H Jaidee Dr. 
East Hartford, CT 

Caldwell James Louis 
4122 S. Memorial Pkw 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Caleb Joseph F 
740 Hancock Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11275 

Campbell Andrew A 
1 341 Midgreen Lane 
Mississaug Ontario 
L5V2E5 Canada 

Campbell Lakischa S 
3044 QuaiTy Rd. 
Palmdale,CA 93550 

Campbell Leo H 
3307 Grechen Road 
Mississaug, Ontario 
L5C1X8 Canada 

Campbell Sherene A 
1903 Pitman Ave. 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Canson Earl A 
1931 Country Club Dr 
Bakersfield, CA 

Cantrell Jonathan R 
45225 Dunn 
Belleville, Ml 48111 

Carlyle Monis J 
6470 Oakthorpe Road 
Thomville, OH 43076 

Carmen Darcy J 
3680 Woodcutter Lane 
Columbus, OH 43224 

Carmen Tara R 

3680 Woodcutter Lane 

Columbus. OH 43224 

Can- Adriel J 
23530 Alabama 
Toney AL 35773 

Canera Tessa C 
3507 Mona Lee Lane 
Houston, TX 77080 

Carrington Haniffe R 
1507 Hickory Valley 
Apt. B-12 
Chattanooga, TN 

Carrington Kevin M 
5982 Fairfield Estat 
Lithonia, GA 30058 

Carryl Nicole A 
6801 Lake wood Drive 
Mason. OH 45040 

Carter Andrea J 
2005 Lown Farm Lane 
Lithonia, GA 30058 

Carter Christopher S 
900 Frost Hollow Drive 
Desoto, TX 75 115 

Caleb Shereen E 
P.O.Box 4574 
KingshiU, VI 00851 

Callender Ian C 
4109 Belvedere Squar 
Decatur, GA 30035 

Calliste Nicole D 
12508 Marie Court 
Silver Springs, MD 

Cameron Howard D 
2 Rockwood Crescent 
Thornhill, Ontario 
L4J7T2 Canada 

Cameron Richard Dale 
2 Rockwood Crescent 
Thornhill, Ontario 
L4J7T2 Canada 

Campbell Aisha E 
P.O.Box 5854 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Carter Patrick T 
610 Clift Drive 
Madison, AL 35758 

Carter Quantrilla Y 
6040 Harlow Blvd. 
Jacksonville, FL 

Cartwright Wyvonne D 
279 Monroe Road 
Meridianville, AL 


Carty Hopefull M 
4004 Harvest Run 
Clarkston, GA 30021 

Casey Kionna K 
70 Judson Street 
Hartford, CT 06120 

Casmer Latonya 


101 Little Fawn Trail 

Toney, AL 35773 

Cassimy Lavona G 
33 Cohill Road 
Valley Stream, NY 

Castello Winfield A Jr. 
1407 River Rock Driv 
Missouri City, TX 

Castor Nathalie R 
87 Lafayette Street 
Milton, MA 02187 

Catuy Faustino O 
741 Mulford St. Apt- 
Evanston, IL 60202 

Caudle Jennifer M 
1349 Stratford Avenu 
Nashville, TN 37216 

Cephas Tyisha J 
400 35th Street 
West Palm Beach, FL 

Champagne Karine F 
3260 E. Atlantic Dri 
Boynton Beach, FL 


Chandler Anthony J 
3008 Fox Hill Circle 
Apopka,FL 32703 

Chandler Danica S 
12 Deerford Road, Ap 
Willowdale, Ontario 
M2J3J2 Canada 

Chandler Dwight A 
Rt. 4 Box 2033 J 
Havana, FL 32333 

Chapman Kita C 
31 12 Gardenia Drive 
Fort Worth, TX 76119 

Charles Dean M 
15 Jonathan Circle 
Windsor, CT 06095 

Charles Krista A 
22 Englewood Avenue 
West Hartford, CT 

Charles Martial A 
53 Maverick Street 
Dedham,MA 02026 

Cheatham Jonathan L 
6620 Old Madison Pik 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Checkley Zoe S 
1644Enington Rd. 
Conyers, GA 30013 

Cheese Kalandra L 
423 Star Blvd. 
Madison, TN 37115 

Chen Adrian O ' 

7784 Kittridge Drive - 
Mississauga, Ontario '^^ 
L4T3J6 Canada 

■ il 

Cherenfant Yvan N 
PO Box N 1095 
Nassau Bahamas 

Cherisol Bodowski W 
17221 NW Miami Ct. 
Miami, FL 33169 

Chery Joseph F 

7000 Adventist Blvd. , 

Huntsville AL I 

35896 ' 


Chester Qurentia C 
2045 Countydown 
Lane Stone 

Mountain, GA 30088 

Childs Dionne V 
2430 Road #20 Apt. 2 
San Pablo, CA 94806 

Chiles Michael Jjr 
1 North Brook wood Dr 
Montclair, NJ 07042 

Choyce Monique J 
710 Adelaide Avenue 
Bakersfield, CA 

Christmas Enjoh L 
76 Johnson Avenue 
Hackensack, NJ 

Cinous Brunelle 
1505 Sparkraan Drive| 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Claiborne Tiffani R 
12208 McCullagh Cour 
Upper Marlboro, MD 

Clairvil Elta 

820 NW 48th Terrace 

Plantation, FL 33317 

Clarke Annette M ^ 
1 1 Randolph Ave., Ap 
Toronto, Ontario 
M6P4G3 Canada 

Clarke Gwendolyn C 
3203 Moorewood Drivi 
Nashville, TN 37207 

Clarke Mnrvin O Coleman Nikki S 

4^H)S Coiion Row 7822 S. Scclcy Avenu 

Hunisvillo. AL 35816 Chicago, IL 60620 

Clarke Miehele Colin Johanne 

3247 B Clen Park Dri 20 East 18 Street Ap 

Huntsville. AL 35810 Brooklyn, NY 11226 

Clarke Rosey A 
9704 34th Avenue 
Corona. NY 11368 

Clarke Yannique C 
5055 NW 36th Street, 
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 

Collier Jordan C 
1216 Powell Ct. 
Atlanta, G A 30316 

Collins Nathan O 
109 Wigmore Dr 
Toronto, Ontario 
M4A2GJ Canada 

Claxton Darien J 
715 Cox Avenue 
Hvattsville, MD 

Conwell Alton C 
3700 Williamsburg Dr 
20783 Huntsville, AL 35810 

demons Joshua J Conwell Everett N 

4301 Evanston Avenue 2904 North 10th Street 
[Indianapolis, IN 46205 Kansas City, KS 66104 

demons Redena G 


Cleveland Paul R II 
5209 Goldmar Drive 
iBirmingham, AL 35210 

Clisby Kerry L 
40 Wood Street 
Sylacauga,AL 35150 

Clisby Tyrice L 
40 Wood Street 
Sylacauga, AL 35150 

Cochran Camille D 
Carter Hall, Room Gl 

Oakwood College 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Cochran Chei^l D 
Box 30044 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Cochran Kenneth T 
3 Luckie Street 
Newnan GA 30263 

'ochran Letitia R 
i>865 Liikeland Drive 
;3errien Springs. MI 

:odd Trisha D 

766 W. 123rd Street 

wos Angeles, CA 90044 

'I!oleman Christopher J 
'-22 London Way 
Jlhia Springs, GA 

Cook Jessica T 
P.O. Box 278 
Fenxim. VA 24088 

Cooper Krista 
20 Chatham Street 
Hartford, CT 06112 

Coopwood Therron E 
1 545 Mutz Drive 
Indianapolis, IN 46229 

Cornwall Jerome F 
1408 Brooklyn Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Corrodus Shane R 
220 Royal Pines Driv 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Cort Lee R 
16571 Princeton 
Detroit, MI 48221 

Cossa Deana P 

1028 Southern Oak La 

Apopka, FL 32712 

Cossa Donna M 
1028 Southern Oak La 
Apopka, FL 32712 

Cousins Sunquine T 
1150 Fountain Dr. SW 
Atlanta, GA 30314 

Cox Karin N 

324 Rolling Oaks Rid 

Cedarhill,TX 75104 

Cox LaTisha D 

1 322 Stone Ridge Dr. 

Columbus, OH 43213 

Cox William T 

1 322 Stone Ridge Dr, 

Apt. C 

Columbus. OH 43213 

Craig Anthea A 

7007 Cardinalwood Co 

Orlando, FL 32818 

Craig Jason L 
2407 Greeley Place 
Landover, MD 20785 

Grain Crystal C 
8912 YadakRd 
Dallas. TX 75249 

Crawl Demarest D 
2447 N. 56th Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19131 

Crichton Diallo M 
1512Halston Circle 
Apt. 1 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Crider Edward C 
MPO Box 0276 
Oberlin, OH 44074 

Crockett Mckinley N 
2756 Whitney Drive N 
Tallahassee, FL 32308 

Cuen Yara M 
2211 Verde Street 
Bakersfield, CA 

Cumberbatch Kimberly 
P.O. Box 340179 
Brooklyn, NY 11234 

Curry Matthew D 
3701 Paxmore Court 
Upper Marlboro, MD 


Gush Yolenne D 
9414 Van Nuys Blvd., 
Panorama City, CA 

Cyril George T 
33-B Race Street 
Charleston, SC 29403 

Cyril Jennell T 
33-B Race Street 
Charieston, SC 29403 

Cyrus Sophya A 

6 1 36 Karen Davie Dr. 

Huntsville, AL 35806 


Daley Sherine C 
28 Hendricks Crescent 
Brampton, Ontario 
L6Y4L2 Canada 

Damas Joslane 

81 Orton Marotta Abe 

S.Boston, MA 02127 

Dammier Jennifer 
170J Yellowstone St. 
Cocoa, FL 32922 

Dandridge Kendrick M 
5 East Geeter Road 
Memphis,TN 38109 

Daniel Darrel E 
Caribbean Union Coll 
Maracas, S 
Port of Spain 

Daniels Dan B 
1063 Raritan Drive 
Rockhill. MO 63119 

Daniels Rory L 
14204 Rutherford Rd. 
Upper Marlboro 
MD 20774 

Daphnis Ivan J 
1320 Nw 200th St. 
Miami FL 


Daphnis Ricardo A 
1320 N.w. 200 Street 
Miami, FL 33169 

Darby Reginald E 
120 Beach 19th Stree 
Far Rockaway, NY 

Davenport Agena R 
10680 Buice Rd 
Alpharetta, GA 30022 

David Robert F 
3601 Patton Road Apt 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Davidson Chelauna 
552 Ward Road 
Ellenwood, GA 30294 

Davis Amanda L 
3784 University Dr. 
Huntsville. AL 

Davis Angel ita 

9430 Channing Cr. Ap 

Tampa, FL 33617 

Davis Cedric E II 
15823 N. 57th St. 
Phoenix, AZ 85254 

Davis Danielle N 
701 Waterford Landin 
McDonough, GA 


Davis Don E 

4156 South Memorial 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Davis Dorhel 
5762 Oak Branch 
Lakeworth, FL 33024 

Davis Edwin C 

5462 Oakbranch Road 

Lakeworth, FL 33464 

Davis Jamie Jr. 
Route 3 Box 780 
Quitman. GA 31643 

Davis Jeramie 
Route 3 Box 780 
Quitman, GA 31643 

Davis Jeremiah A 
841 IN. 9th Street 
Tampa, FL 33604 

Davis John E 

8411 North 9th Stree 

Tampa. FL 33604 

Davis Justin Z 
1462 Fen-y Park 
Detroit, MI 48208 

Davis Rochelle L. 
711-B Gallatin St. 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Davis Tranteegus Y 

3784 Unversity Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Davis Willena A 
1 334 East Weaver Str 
Philadlephia, PA 

Dawkins Gail M 
4211 NW 44th Street 
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 

Daye Sekenah R 
90 E. Marion 
Youngstown. OH 

De-Graff Devaun S ? 
52 Roberts Avenue 
Devonshire West 
HM15 BD 

Dean Andrea C 
1290 Highgate Court 
Sparks, NV 89434 

DeCoux DeShaun D 
3 1 32 Sweet Gum Drive 
Harvey, LA 70058 

Delancy Charlisa E 
P.O. Box EE17658 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Delancy Jolon V 

268 Cobblestone Cove 

Sharpsburg. GA 30277 

Delaney Miehele P 
2000 A Readers Place 
Huntsville, AL 35812 

Delva Lynn M 
2223 Chestnut Hills 
Lakeland, FL 33805 

Denard Shavon M 
P. O. Box 2224 

Whiteville, NC 28472 

372 Denham Andre R 
223 Meridith Lane 
West Hempstead, NY 

Dennis Alton R 
1943 McDaniel 
Evanston, IL 60201 

Deschamps Darion D 
6919 Panola Road 
Pinewood, SC 29125 

Desilier Thamar 
170 Southfield Drive 
Brockton, MA 02302 

Dewindt Kimra N 
5014 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville. AL 35806 

Dickinson Qian M 
2 Camp Lane 
Wai-wick WK 02 

Diggs Elliott Dew;i 
8 ShepartI Court 
New Oricans.LA 

Dixon Colin 1' 

73 IS Log Cradle Dr. 

Houston,^ TX 77041 



Doepke Sarah Lynn 

5587 Oakwood Rd, NW 


Himtsville, AL 35806 

Doggette Shawn D 
2025 Flagstone 
Madison, AL 35758 

Doli Marian C 
8883 Liscarney Way 
Sacramento, CA 95828 

Dormer Rhodeanith A 
Houston, TX 77034 

Dorsainville Lissa M 
24848 TuHp Avenue 
Loma Linda, CA 92354 

Dorsey Lawrence S 
2816 Cora Hill Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Douglas Terry D Jr. 
1111 Chestnut Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Dowe Landon J 
1765 Laurel Brook La 
Birmingham, AL 35215 

Draw Kandis E 
7311 S. Langley Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60619 

Drew Lacresha T 
11 86 Creston Street 
Muskegon, MI 49442 

Drew Twila L 
1186 Creston Street 
Muskegon, MI 49442 

Drummond Jeremy N 
598 North Indigo Roa 
Altamonte Springs, FL 


Dorsey Shavonne M Dubeiry Dudley O 
1301 Forest Drive 440 Thurston Road, A 

Louisvillem, KY 40219 Rochester, NY 

Dossman Caleb J 
1404 Chestnut Ln. 
Jackson. MS 39212 

Dotson Petra M 

Dudley Charles E III 
5009 Pasture Court 
EUicott City MD 
404 Dudley GianK 

4510 Mastin Lake Roa 5682 Baldwin Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 Riverside, CA 92509 

Dottin Andrew B 
5014 Oakwood Road, N 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Dottin Garth E 
49 Peterborough Ave. 
Toronto, Ontario 
M6H2K9 Canada 

Dottin Juel A 

5014 Oakwood Road 

HuntsvUle, AL 35896 

Douglas Andrea R 
nil Chesnut Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Douglas Benjamin C 
nil Chestnut Road 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Douglas CcU-oline A 
1 3940 Sherman Way 
VanNuys, CA 91405 

Douglas Crysteena M 
808 West Avenue H-2 
Lancaster, CA 93534 

270 Ui-^a.M 

Dudley Kahlima N 
5009 Pasture Court 
EUicott City, MD 

Duggins Crystal V 
3 Andover Court 
N.Augusta, SC 29841 

Dukes La-tonya J 
104 Sylvester Street 
Rochester, NY 14621 

Dukes Marian X 
866 Ridge View Lane 
Pensacola, FL 32514 

Dulan Alison D 
4861 167th Avenue, S 
Bellevue,WA 98006 

Dulan Rashad J 
2610Clemson Court 
Bakersfield, CA 93306 

Dummett Skyra 

7 Hegeman Avenue, Ap 

Brooklyn. NY 11212 

Duncan Howard W 
5014 Oakwood Road, A 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Duncan Keitron A 
8319 Mill Race Drive 
Ooltewah, TN 37363 

Duncan Teresa N 
1904 Hauser Boulevar 
Los Angeles, CA 90016 

Duncombe Dwayne A 
10026 Coyle 
Detroit, MI 48227 

Duncombe Tamika Y 
P.O.Box CR 55958 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Dunkley Tanya C 
15 Blacker Street 
Brentwood, NY 11717 

Dunlap Rodney D 
3720 Creekland Court 
Nashville. TN 37218 

Dunson Amber M 
19002 Harlan Avenue 
Carson, CA 90746 

Dupree Anita R 
95 El Molino Drive 
Sparks, NV 89436 

Dyson Rosalyn Y 
1611 Ann Street 
Wilmington, NC 28401 


Earle Jonathan A 
1614 South Houston S 
Lancaster, TX 75146 

Earle Jordan L 

1614 South Houston S 

Lancaster, TX 75146 

Edmond Courtney M 
3313 Timber Trail 
Antioch, TN 37013 

Edmonds Randolph III 
7309 Niquel Place N. 
Albuquerque, NM 

Edwards Averil M 
906 E. Victoria Ave. 
Thunder Bay 
P7C1B4 Canada 

Edwards Celeste I 
116-32 132 Street 
South Ozone Park. N^ 

Edwards Donna S 
2151 Desoto Way Sout 
St. Petersburg, FL 


Edwards Marcus L 
2009 58th Circle Sou 
St. Petersburg, FL 


Edwards Raginee M 
3776 Landgraf Cove 
Decatur, GA 30034 

Edwards Rawlston L 
303 E. 96th Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11212 

Edwards Samuel L 
116-32 132nd Street 
Queens, NY 11420 

Eli Moses E 
68 Pembroke Lane 
Willingsboro, NJ 

Ellerbee Angelique P 
15 Fountain Ridge Ci 
Baltimore. MD 20134 

Elliott Coretta Fae 
951 Copperidge Court 
Orange Park, FL 32065 

Elliott Donny S 
205 Live Oak Court 
Lake Mary, FL 32746 

Elliott Lester E 
205 Live Oak Court 
Lake Mary, FL 32746 

Ellis Maya R 
14550-56 Street 
Edmonton, Alberta 
T5A3R1 Canada 

Ellis Stacey T 

1869 N.w. 111th Aven 

Plantation, FL 33322 

Ellis Tamara M 
8501 Brookridge Driv 
Oklahoma City, OK 

Five Francki 

2608 Delaware Ave. 

Evans Tannysha K 
26433 Norfolk Street 
Inkster, MI 48141 

Eve Herman J 
109 South Seas 
HaUington Smiths 



Fort-Pierce, FL 34947 FLOS BD 

Dulan Tywima A 

2610Clemson Ct. 

Bakersfield, CA 93306 Edwards Alj R 

Bovoni Bid. B, Apt. 
St. Thomas, VI 00802 
Virgin Islands 

Elysee Jonathan D 
480 St. Nicholas Ave 
New York, NY 10030 

English DeAnna S 
940 Southern Oak Lan 
Apopka, FL 32712 

English James O 

940 Southern Oak Lan 

Apopka, FL 32712 

English Marian M 
4514 Bonnell Drive, 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

English Philip J 
6341 SW 34th Court 
Miramar.FL 33023 

English Shelley S 
235 Duane St. 
Orange, NJ 07050 

Engram Tiashieka L 
3510 Cable St. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Epps Adrian L 

201 Wilson Hill Driv 

Madison, AL 35758 

Emest Jenelle S 
150 Bamburgh Cirie # 
Scarboroug Ontario 
MIW3V7 Canada 

EHinoffe Sharna S 
5 Woodsend Run 
Brampton Ontario 
L6Y4G8 CN 

Evans Aliethia N 
1503 Sparkmtm Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Evans Joseph I II 
553 Northwe-st 87th S 
Miami. FL 33150 

Evans Lindsay K 
381 Indian Lake Road 
Hendersonville, TN 

Evelyn Tomika M 
1761 Ridgecrest Driv 
Monroe, GA 30655 

Eversley Jude U 
3613 Galaxie Drive 
Gariand,TX 75041 

Ezzard Angela F 
1684 Lee Street 
Decatur, GA 30035 

Fair Haven J 
3780 North Mountain 
San Bernardino, CA 


Faison Michael J 
P.O. Box 2884 
Hamilton HMLX 

Faulkner Rebecca J 
P.O.Box 3102 
Charlotte, St. Thomas 
00803 Virgin Islands ; 

Feit Jose' F. 

1 17 Font Boulevard 

San Francisco, CA 


Felder Tenisha M 
5025 Blue Springs 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Felton Mark A Jr 
2403 Arapaho Way 
Gambrills, MD 2105^ 

Ferdinand Alva O 
Caribbean Union Coll 
Port of Spain 

Fields Russell M 
116 Sugarbluff Lane 
Madison, AL 35757 

Fils Nicole M 

4526 Clam Shell Driv 

Jacksonville, FL 




Floan NitHilc K 
125 r>isi 401I1 Slavl 
rtrookKn. NY 11203 

I'leuiiTUond Georges J 
13730 SW II 2th Court 
Vliauii, FL 33176 

Fleurimond Mary Lynn 
13730 SW 11 2th Court 
Miami, FL 33176 

Flowers Schari R 
S76 West Mciriposa St 
Mtadena, CA 91001 

Floyd Tyronne C 
3913 Pine Street 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Fluellen Angel M 
p795 Brainard Road 
i^Voodmere Village, OH 

.i'ogg Maiy M 

1^694 Blue Springs Dr 

kthens,AL 35611 

onrose Paulette 
"'546 Angler Drive 
Delray Beach, FL 


bnseca Akeem A 
/7 Locust Hill Ave., 
/onkers, NY 10701 

ontil Valy 
137 Los Altos Way 
t\ltamonte Springs, FL 



6211 Sandia Blvd. 

Huntsville.AL 35810 

Foster Jaitod R 
26306 Yale 
Inkster, Ml 48141 

Foster Karen D 

8718N.E. 29th Avenu 
Vancouver, WA 

Foster Stephen T 
6611 Willow Springs 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Fountain Tykisha O 

60 Alden 

Trenton, NJ 08618 

Fowler Danita P 
P.O. Box 5881 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Fowler Renee C 
4417 Roundtree Lane 
Lithonia, GA 30038 

Francis Camille L 
P.O. Box 3585 
St. Croix, 

Christiansted 00851 
Virgin Islands 

Francis Erlouse 
300 SW 6th Street 
Belle Glades, FL 

Francis Jared D 
100 Spurcewood Court 
Scarboroug, Ontario 
M1W2P2 Canada 

'ord Adaira J 

'212 South Ridge Tra 

Francis Kitson M 

'ort Worth, TX" 76133 ^203 Apache Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

'ord Nicol M 
1)452 Roche Court 
Columbus, OH 43229 

pord Shay E 
2 Glen Court 
pobb's Hill, Warwick 

l^orde Wade F 

Francis Letitia J 
13000 Percivale Driv 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Francis Natasha U 
1 1738 Mosscrest Driv 
Houston, TX 77048 

0589 Poplar Street 
Loma Linda, CA 92354 Brooklyn, NY 

Francois Alynton D 
4701 Avenue H 


1 183 NE 91st Terrace 
Miami Shores, FL 


Francois Jacques S 
320 A Lane 
Cocoa, FL 32926 

Francois Joslynn M 
145 Waterbury Dr. 
Hcirvest,Al 35749 

Frankhn Cherisa R 
1 Easedale Lane 
Warwick WKBX 

Franklin David B 
6650 Liggett Drive 
Oakland, CA 94611 

Frankhn Lisa R 

5806 Windermere Cour 

Lithonia, GA 30038 

Franklin Nicole D 
18663 East Linvale 
Auroia, CO 80013 

Eraser Trevor V 
10005 Kodiak Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Frazier Katrina A 
3305 Kapral Way 
Bakersfield, CA 93309 

Frazier Shelea M 
201 El Paso Street 
Bakersfield, CA 

Frett Akeem V 




Frink Sharonda C 
508 High Orchard Roa 
WhiteviUe, NC 28472 

Frye Lonaine B 

105 Maidencane Circl 

Meridianville, AL 


Fiyson Elise P 
1 1 Mar-Jo Lane 
Harvest, AL 35749 

48 Piu--la-ville Rd., 
Hamilton HMll 

FuUwood Andrea M 
588 Parkdale Dr. 
Memphis. TN 38109 

I'ordyce Orlando D 
'63 Barbey Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11207 

Francois Dominique M I-'ryson Firin M 

1 1 83 NE 9 1 St Terrace 1 lb Mar-Jo Lane 

Miami Shores, FL Harvest, AL 35749 

""^M^nclt Tiffany M 
6503 Woods Lane 

BD\pt. C 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Gaulteau Kimberly L 

701 NW 187th Drive 
Miami, FL 33169 


Gage Sean A 
1102 Tyler Road 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Gaines Ryan M 
4305 Audubon 
Detroit, Ml 48224 

Gaiter Andrea C 

2783 WoodhoUow Lane 

Jonesboro, GA 30236 

Gaiter Roy E Jr. 
521 Hardwick Drive 
KnoxviUe, TN 37923 

Gallon Danielle J 
6 Price Lane 
SicklervUle, NJ 08081 

Gardener Jennille N 
808 St. Ciarens Aveue 
Toronto, Ontario 
M6H 3X8 Canada 

Gardner Charles M 
651 1 N. Kings Highwa 
Texarkana,fx 75503 

Gardner Keith A 
4589 Lisa Lane 
Berrien Springs, MI 

Gardner Kevann A 
31940 Sibley Road 
Romulus, MI 49103 

Gamett Tiffany M 
6503 Woods Lane 
Apt. C 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Gardner Charles M 
65 1 1 N. Kings Highwa 
Texarkana, TX 75503 

Gardner Keith A 
4589 Lisa Lane 
Berrien Springs, MI 

Gardner Kevann A 
31940 Sibley Road 
Romulus. MI 49103 

Gayle Karie K 
P.O. Box 4758 
New York, NY 10163 

George Nicole M 
3578 Riverchase Cour 
Decatur, GA 30034 

Georges Lovelee 
1186 NE 11 1th Street 
Miami, FL 33161 

Georges Prad A 
1186NE 11 1th Street 
Miami, FL 33161 

Germany Antione C 
6010 Rutland Drive, 
Carmichael, CA 95608 

Gennany Kietrich B 
6010 Rutland Dr. Apt 
Carmicheal, CA 95806 

Gervais Amy D 
6 KnoUwood 
Flossmoor, IL 60422 

Gibb Akua-Nia 
23 Wheatland Avenue 
Dorchester, MA 

Gibson Farron I 
3115 Moorewood Dr. 
Nashville, TN 37207 

Gilkey Andrea C 
639 Cecil Avenue 
Louisville, KY 40211 

Gillespie Andrea N 
1 83 Herkimer Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11216 

Gillespie Clarence 
2004 NE 35th Place 
Newcaslle,WA 98056 

Glanville Austin E 
7148 Scotl Trail 
Riverdale. GA 30296 

Golding Kerrianne V 
1454 Stoneleigh Circ 
Stone Mountain, GA 

Goodin Avail a M 
101 Ce-lee cirlce 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Goodin Tiffany-Lynn E 
101 Ce-Lee Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Goodine Biyant L 
6014 Griffith Drive 
Camp Springs, MD 

Goodloe Leonard T 
5723 Sun Canyon 
San Antonio, TX 

Goodridge Alethea M 

9748-137 B Sti-eet 


British Columbia 

V3T4K1 Canada 

Gordon Justin E 
7480 Hickory Log Cir 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Gordon Robert V 
20 Coronation Circle 
Brampton Ontario 
L6Z4A7 Canada 

Grace Edmund J 
109 Cumberland Cir. 
Long wood, FL 32779 

Gracia Sandy K 
14225 Nw 3rd Avenue 
Miami, FL 33168 

Gracia Woody W 
14225 NW 3rd Avenue 
Miami, FL 33168 

Graham Ayris B 
1 08 Herbst Avenue 
Syracuse, NY 1 3203 

Graham Jessica C 
2616 Otto Drive 
Stockton. CA 95209 

Graham Sonjanae D. 
221 Siegel Street 
Westbury, NY 115901 

Glover Terrell J 
102-45 62 Rd #2-b 
Forest Hills, NY 

|_J)irectorL) 27 I 

Grant Sebrena V 
1 23 Circle Drwy 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Grant Zaira N 
691 Kathy Lane 
Margate, FL 33068 

Graves Tiah M 
109 Highway 533 
Laurel, MS 39443 

Gray Liana N 

615 Glenmore Ave. 

Brooklyn,NY 11207 

Gray Patricia Elaine 
300-A Wade Hall 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Greaves LaKeila C 
6 Scenic Lane 
SN04 BD 

Green Pendeza S 

153 Brightwood Ave.A 

Chula Vista,CA 


Greene Alfonzo III 

5860 Grand Canyon Dr 

Orlando. FL 32810 

Greene Donna A 
5860 Grand Canyon Dr 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Greenfield Kamaria S 
650 Wynn Drive. Apt. 
Huntsville. AL 35816 

Gregory Melainie T 
622 Van Courtlandt P 
Apt. 4E 
Yonkers, NY 10705 

Gregoiy Melbourne G 
622 Van Cortlandt Pa 
Yonkers. NY 10756 

Grey Michael E 
154 SW 16th Terrace 
Homestead, FL 33030 

Griffin Amma R 
31 TopcliffAve. 
Downsview, Ontario 
M3N1L6 Canada 

Griffin Natalie A 
21 Lakeland Crescent 
Toronto Ontario 
M1G2L4 Canada 

Griffin R. Benjamin Jr 
11025 Rockchff Driv 
HuntsvUle, AL 35810 

272 LJirectorLj 

Griffin Sharhonda L 
11965 Davis Street 
Moreno Valley.CA 


Griffin Shawanda F 
5050 Kennedy Street 
Columbus.GA 31907 

Griffin Terry-Ann T 
21 Lakeland Crescent 
Scarboroug Ontario 
M1G2L4 Canada 

Griffin Troy F 
35 Evansville Rd 
Toronto Ontario 
M1V1L4 Canada 

Griffin Vandeon D 
4433 Bonnell Drive, 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Griffith Jemaul 
1482 St. John's Plac 
Brooklyn, NY 11213 

Griffith Kareem J 
2008 Flagstone 
Madison, AL 35758 

Griffith Michelle N 
15019 HolleysideDri 
Montclair, VA 22026 

Griffiths Chevon A 
54 John Stoner Drive 
Scarboroug Ontario 
M1B3A3 CN 

Grissom Robert A 
1108MainSt. #12, P 
Buffalo, NY 14211 

Grissom Rodney O 
149 E. Amherst St. 
Buffalo, NY 14214 

Guerrero Roberto 
26381 Salem-Minor Hi 
Lester, AL 35647 

Guiness Elaine A 
229-14 144th Ave 
Rosedale, NY 11413 

Gunn Paul L Jr. 

1 07 Deer Meadow Circ 

Toney, AL 35773 

Gunn Stephen D 

107 Deer Meadow Cir. 

Toney, AL 35773 

Guy Bruce J 

1332 South 9lh Stree 

Noblesville, IN 46060 


Habtemariam Roma 
669 East Stmr Ave. 
Columbus. OH 43201 

Hairston Gelyce E 
21201 Community Stre 
West Hills, CA 

Hall Andrea M 

Hall Courtney W. 
149 Apache Trail 
Toronto Ontario 
M2H2J1 Canada 

Hall David A 

1500 Sparkman Drive, 

Huntsville. AL 35816 

Hall Joelle A 

302 Lefferts Avenue 

Brooklyn. NY 11225 

Hall John D III 
734 Park Road 
Lansdale. PA 19446 

Hall Michelle A 
3936 West 168th Plac 
Country Club Hills. IE 

Hall Monique M 
3936 West 168th Plac 
Country Club Hills, IE 

Hail Octavia N 

1 043 Wagner Avenue 

Philadelphia, PA 


Hall Ricky M 

6565 Emerald Point C 

Atlanta. GA 30349 

Hall Rochelle L 
734 Park Rd. 
Lansdale, PA 19446 

Hall Sharlene Z 
5017Galaxy Way, Apt 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Hall Syrita D 
1043 Wagner Ave. 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Hamer Genevieve N 
204 Poorhouse Road 
Taft, TN 38488 

Hamilton Carta M 
P.O. Box N-7051 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Hamilton Kristy N 
P.O. Box N-7051 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Hamilton Lisa M 

702 West Maple Avenu 

Sterling, VA 20164 

Han-is Tracy M. 
4619 Dietrich Rd, 
San Antonio, TX 

Harrison Caron O 
43 Shademaster Court 
Toronto Ontario 
M1B1Y5 CN 

Harrison Shanna M 
227-16 139th Avenue 

Hamilton-adams NkechaLaurelton, NY 11413 


652 South 7th Avenue 

Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 

Harrison Tasheima K 
227-16 139th Avenue 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

Hampton Talitha L 
205 Sterling Avenue 
New Castle, DE 

Handy LaSylvia S 
6401 North 34th Stre 
Tampam, FL 33610 

Harrod Lloyd W III 
19720 6704 Munsey Street 
Landover Estates 
MD 20784 

Harvey Anthony D Jr. 
122 Wintish Road 
EUenville, NY 12428 

Harden Naomi 

524 West Wilding Dri 

Montgomery, AL 36116 Hatcher Keitha Lois 

Ms 108 Willow 

Hardin Richard L 
1376 Valencia Loop 
Chula Vista. CA 91910 

Bluff Dri 

Madison, AL 35757 

Harriel Christopher W 

12 Sunset Court 

St. Louis. MO 63121 

Hcuiiel Mario J 

1 2 Sunset Court 

St. Louis. MO 63121 

Harris Claude III 
1 1 Magnolia Drive 
Douglassville. PA 

Harris Cory L. 
3629 N. 12th Street 
Milwaukee, WI 53206 

Harris Jamila L 
2261 Woods West 
Flushing, MI 48433 

HaiTis Makeda 
16612 S.W. 101 Ave. 
Miami, FL 33157 

Harris Melanie J 
5027 Lincoln Circle 
Jacksonville,FL 32209 

Harris Michael A 
5 Kortright Rd. East 
Guelph Ontario 
N1G4C8 Canada 

Haughton Karlette A 
107 Johnsberg Lane 
Bowie, MD 20721 

Haughton Nicole M 
107 Johnsberg Lane 
Bowie, MD 20721 

Hawkins Robyn D 
437 Arrowleaf Court 
Montgomery, AL 

Hayling Giselle K 

355 Lefferts Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11225 

Haynes Moses D IV 
9015 Cheval Lane 
Upper Marlboro, MD 


Haynes Stephanie S 
106 S. Walnut Street 
South Bend, IN 46601 

Hedman-baker Melissa 
4309 Dufferin Street 
Toronto Ontario 
M3H5F2 CN 

Hemmings Nicole M 
3459 Corsa Avenue, A 
Bronx, NY 10469 

Henderson Brooke L 
3007 Autumn wood Dr 
Huntsville, AL 3581 

Henderson John A 
1 882 Rutledge Court 
Severin, MD 21144 

Hendrieth Sharonica L 
10438 Wateribrd Dr. 
Pensacola, FL 32514 

Henley Kia C 
Estiite Dorothea #21- 
St. Thomas 
Virgin Islands 

Henriques Andrew 
140-17 115th Avenul ' 
South Ozone Park, NY 

Henry Casalnnie O Jr. 

803 Hines Dr. 

Cedar Hill, TX 7510^ 

Henry Christina C 
1022 Rose Street 
South Bend, IN 466F 

Henry Henderson R 
493 Luzon Crescent 
Mississaug Ontario 
L5B-3W9 Canada 

Henry Hyacinth L 
146 West 111th Stree 
Los Angeles, CA 

Henry LaShonda N 
5249 Golf Valley Way 
Stone Mountain, GA 

. ■; ( 

Henry Lorraine A 
803 Hines Drive 
Cedar Hill, TX 7510^ 

Henry Pamela R 
5462 Haleville 
Memphis, TN 38116 

Henry Richard O 
11946 Honey Hollow 
Riverside. CA 9255^ 

Henry Vanessa A 
23 Moffatt Court 
Etobicoke Ontario 
M9V4E2 Canada 

Henry Zenaida D 
20300 NW 3rd Court 
Miami, FL 33169 

Hor\o\ -Juniper Sliawn 
73 Chcslor vStivcl 
Winchoslcr, MA 01890 

Hewitt Andre' O 
S(vC Dubois Court 
Englewood. NJ 07631 

Hew itt Chiirles W II 
1536 Laramie Avenue 
Redlands, CA 92374 

Hewitt Roxiinne P 
86-c Dubois Court 
Englewood, NJ 07631 


Hewlett Wayne T 
5014 Oakwood Ave 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Hicks William R 
104 Lost Tree Drive 
Huntsville. AL 35824 

Higgs Levar 

P.O. BoxEE-17182 

Nassau Bahamas 

Hill James L 

6820 Cherokee Drive 

Fairfield, AL 35064 

Hill Marcus J 
24 Meadowbrook 
Manning, SC 29102 

Hill Marlon D 
805 Rose Street 
Greenwood, MS 38930 

Hill Nakeshia R 
4262 Nimons Street 
Orlando, PL 32811 

Hinds Erika N 
10026 Coyle 
Detroit, Ml 48227 

Hodnett Loren Richard 
7900 Old Madison Pik 
Madison, AL 35758 

Holder Clement 
2009 Colony Drive #p 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Holder Loderika S 
2 Farm Lane 
WK05 BD 

Holl Ccnevieve M 
44 Ridgeway South 
I Harare, Zimbabwe 

HoUingsworth Erika J 
7 1 Harold Avenue 
San Fransico, CA 

Hollis Nathaniel 
5829 Saddlemont Ct. 
Rex. GA 30273 

Holloway Vernika M 
1065 Charlney Avenue 
Norfolk, VA 23502 

Holt Shannone O 
4205 Hallmark Road 

Nashville, TN 37218 

Hope DeMar T 
1926 Dunning Rd. 
Columbus, OH 43219 

Horton Jeiry G 
15786A Highway 195 # 
Leesburg, GA 31763 

Houston Aleesha D 
223 South Pontiac St 
Denver, CO 80230 

Houston Klevon M Jr. 
Atlanta, GA 30329 

Howard Christopher N 
4623 Stanton Avenue 
Pittsburgh. PA 15201 

Howard Doiris J 
3229 Jamaica Road 
Atlanta, GA 30318 

Howard Margaret D. 
5587 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville. AL 35806 

Howard Regrick R 
260 Village Creek 
Winston Salem. NC 

Howe Amberley R. 
2810 East Wesliall R 
Mariposa, CA 95338 

Howell George 
Douglas 250 

Edwards Place 
Glendale, CA 91302 

Howell Runako K 
8122 South Peoria 
Chicago, IL 60620 

Howson Monica J. 
P.O. IJox 22 West l':nd 

Hubbard Sharelle J 
6212 Rime Village Dr 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Hudson Christopher 
625 Livingston St. 
Westbury, NY 11590 

Hudson Gary (Jasen) D 
276 North Caesar Ave 
Fresno, CA 93727 

Hudson Kiisten L 

55 Macdonald St. 
Hempstead, NY 

Huggins Jeff 

25 Sunnyside Drive, 

Yonkers, NY 10705 

Huggins Stanley 

5014 Oakwood Avenue 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Hughes Georgette 
7838 Dalton Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 

Humphrey Myla M 
5052 Faculty Road 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Hunter Claval I 
Box N-9863 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Hunter Nigel G 
4 Litchfield Ct. Uni 
Rexdalc. Ontario 
M9V2A8 Canada 

Husbands Lydia-Anne 
65 Littleleaf Drive 
Scarboroug Ontario 
M1B14F Canada 

Hutchinson Daryl K 
P.O. Box 145 
Elkton, TN 38455 

Hutchinson Jason L 
P.O. Box 145 
Elkton, TN 38455 

Hutton Antionette E 
3935 North West 176t 
Miami, FL 33055 

Hyde Natalie Alicia 
45 1 5 Bonnell Drive # 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Hylton Dwayne R Jackson Kimberly E 

1034 White clover Way 5 150 Jamaica Court 
Mississaug Ontario Union City, GA 
L5V 1G7 Canada 30291 


Ijeoma Uchenna C 
P.O. Box N4144 
Nassau Bahamas 

Ince Nadia T 
3818 Brenda Street 
Alexandria, LA 71302 

Innocent Eleanor A 
2039 Bent Pine Court 
Jacksonville, FL 

Irby Mark A 

2140 South 17th St. 

Springfield, IL 62703 

Irvins Kisha K 

2552 Victoria Meadow 

Alpine, CA 91901 

Israel Evens 

5014 Oakwood Road, # 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Jackson Andy D 
1508 Halston Circle 
Apt. # D Huntsville 
AL 35816 

Jackson Brian E 
8109 New Riggs Road 
Adelphi, MD 20783 

Jackson Danyielle D 
12 Loney Circle 
Greensbor, NC 27406 

Jackson Erica D 
1255 Gulledge Circle 
Wedgefield, SC 

Jackson Ilori M 
4430 B Bonnell Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jackson Jermaine K 
13209 Matador Dr. St. 
Louis, MO 63141 

Jackson Jonae M 
1601 Roberts Dr. 
Mableton, GA 30126 

Jackson Latoya N 
1813 Somerset Avenue 
Dallas, TX 75203 

Jackson Michael A 
2722 Tremont Avenue 
Roanoke, VA 24017 

Jackson Robert J 
1813 Somerset 
Dallas, TX 75203 

Jackson Ronald U 
206 B Binford Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Jackson Shannon N 
5518 Arturo Court, A 
Columbus, OH 43229 

Jackson Stea'Van D 
4504 Catalina Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Jacob Jamill N 
2403 Esther Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jacobs Sonja D 
51864 Portage Rd. 
South Bend, IN 46628 

Jacobs Sonya E 

2261 NW 178th Street 

Miami, FL 33056 

Jacques Patrick Elie 
852 Clearcrest Crescent 
Orleans, Ontario 
K4A3G1 Canada 

James Christal A 

929 Crestview Avenue 

Ada, OK 74820 

James Diana M 
152 N.Elliot Walk, 
Brooklyn. NY 11205 

James Fiona L 
66 Clementine Square 
Toronto, Ontario 
M1G2V7 Canada 

James Keith B 
3187 Leeland Road 
Decatur, GA 30032 

James Lloyd W Jr. 
3340 Hyder Avenue 
Deltona, FL 32738 

James Myron 

725 East 80th Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11236 

James Tanish L 
233 Robert Hicks Dr. 
North York, Ontario 
M2R3R3 Canada 

James Tiffanie L 
3784 University Driv 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jarrett Tammoi L 
14 happy Dale Road 
HM18 BD 

Jean-Francois Luckson 
Peterson Hall 324 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Jean-Philippe Nathalie 
2315 18th Street Sou 
St. Petersburg, FL 


Jean-Philippe Tahisha 
3185 Clopton Street, 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Jefferson Christina 
1101 Buckhom Bend R 
Monroe, LA 71202 

Jeffery Ryan L 
9121 Helaine Hamlet 
Columbia. MD 21045 

Jeffei7 Tia D 

9121 Helaine Hamlet 

Columbi, MD 21045 

Jeffrey Wendell P 
1508 Medland Road, N 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jeffries Deondria L 
2 Ben7 Ave. 
Newnan, GA 30263 

James Henry D III 

5373 Woodridge Ct. Jenkins D'Juan J 
AltaLoma,CA 91737 12088 Auburn 
Detroit, MI 48 ^ 

James Kaamilya T jg^kins Daniel S^ 

2006 South 10th Ave 7973 si,),;,, Avenue 
May wood, IL 60153 Jacksonville. FL 32219 

L^irectoTL) 273 

Jennett Joanne K 
2709 Trailridge Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jessup Janelle D 
906 Kings Court 
Duncanville, TX 


Jinadu Babalola O 
2508 Dover Hill 
Bakersfield. CA 

Jobson Synanda M 
2010 Nw 86th Street 
Miami, FL 33147 

Jocelyn Esther 

600 Robert E. Lee Pk 

Jonesboro, GA 30238 

Jocelyn Rose-Nadelle 
600 Robert E. Lee Pk 
Jonesboro. GA 30238 

John Kent 
P.O. Box 982 
Cai-ver, MA 02330 

John-Lewis Dalila 
3500 Nw 83rd St. 
Miami, FL 33147 

John-Lewis Rashida 
3500 N.W. 83 Street 
Miami, FL 33147 

Johnson Alisha G 

1512 Woodside 


Baldwin, NY 11510 

Johnson Amanda L 

6873 Aster Court 
Chino, CA 91710 

Johnson Attalie K 
729 Sherwood Road 
Fairfeild, AL 35064 

Johnson Brian J 
6904 Vallery Street 
Riverdale, MD 20737 

Johnson Cory A 
6904 Vallery Street 
Riverdale, MD 20737 

Johnson Damien O 
555 Executive Drive, 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Johnson David 

5025 Blue Spring, Ap 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

274 Uirectun, 

Johnson Deon M 
1220 Kenmore Plain 
Nashville, TN 37216 

Johnson Eugene H II 
632 Curtis Road 
Burleson, TX 76028 

Johnson Gemycah S 

5510 Jackson 

Kansas City, MO 64130 

Johnson Gerald A 
10206 Ostend Avenue 
Cleveland, OH 44108 

Johnson Gregory B 
291 East Scott Stree 
Rialto,CA 92376 

Johnson Jason A 
1905 Woodland Ave 
Modesto, CA 95358 

Johnson JeNean A . 
3524 Rippling Way 
Laurel, MD 20724 

Johnson Jerahmeel J 
2918 Sunset 
Texarkana, TX 75503 

Johnson John-Michael J 
1239 Ellis Road 
Hogansville, GA 30230 

Johnson Joseph L 
3917 Neptune Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Johnson Juleun A 
3542 Rippling Way 
Laurel, MD 20724 

Johnson Lacoya T 
187 Willow Tree Aven 
New Providence 

Johnson Lindsay K 
8336 S. Throop 
Chicago, IL 60620 

Johnson Lorna M 
576 Eastern Parkway 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1225 

Johnson Marlon K 
7032 Canton Ave. 
St. Louis, MO 63130 

Johnson Reytheda D 
5613 Conlin Drive 

Ft. Worth, TX 76134 

Johnson Robert 
2918 Sunset Road 
Texarkana. TX 75503 

Johnson Robert M 

3254 Covered Bridge 
Montgomery, AL 

Johnson Rodriguez D 
2918 Sunset Road 
Texarkana, TX 75503 

Johnson Rommel 
60-26 Smith Bay 
St. Thomas 
00802 VI 

Johnson Samuel I 
977 Haller Avenue 
Dayton, OH 45408 

Johnson Tiffany D 
4105 Darby Court NW 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Johnston Derrick C 
34 Smith's Avenue 
Warwick WK07 

Jones Adrianne L 
76 Azalea Drive 
Columbus, MS 39705 

Jones Amanda M 
76 Azalea Drive 
Columbus, MS 39705 

Jones Ayesha B 

1246 Schenectady Ave 

Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Jones Candace Y 
P.O. Box 998 
Gonzalez, FL 32533 

Jones Celestine 
3427 Glen Park Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jones Darrin C 
20213 Amantha Ave. 
Carson, GA 90746 

Jones DaVonna T 
85 Grafton Street 
Rochester, NY 14621 

Jones Desmin-a L 
824 Paul Street 
Dover, DE 19904 

Jones Earl Linwood Jr 
1251 Kathleen Road 
Cantonment, FL 32533 

Jones Gtiry L Jr. 
76 Azalea Drive 
Columbus, MS 39701 

Jones Jessica A 

1 3 1 Waterbury Drive 

Harvest, AL 35749 

Jones Leatha K 
POBox 161254 
Alamonte Springs, FL 

Jones Melanie L 
909 Biidgette St. 
Fayetteville, NC 

Jones Paul A 
214 Warfe Court 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jones Ronald L 
400 Swan Creek Road 
Ft. Washington, MD 

Jones Tia R 

14605 East Walsh Dri 

Aurora, CO 80012 

Jones Veronica M 
Hyattsville, MD 

Jordan Ernie R 
5014 Oakwood Road, 
A Huntsville, 

AL 35896 

Joseph Aukea M 
Sutherlands Devplmt. 
House 99 
St. John's 

Joseph Janique P 
238 Annas Retreat 
St. Thomas 
00801 VI 

Joseph Lucson 

1010 Henderson Road 

Huntsvill, AL 35816 

Joseph MeHssa R 
7594 Mt. Hood 
Huber Heights, OH 


Joseph-Cupid Fabianna 
239-29 147th Drive 
Queens, NY 11422 

Jouett Brandi N 
105 High Meadow PI 
Goose Creek, SC 

Jouett Gar>' J II 

105 High Meadow Plac 

Goose-Creek, SC 


Julien Caulette O 
Smoked Tree Diive 
Well Road, 
St. Maarten, NA 


Kelly Justin M 

1 1 355 Richmond Ave. 

Houston, TX 77082 

Kelly Shaunda Elyse 
5920 Long Peak Drive 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Keogh Jeanine Yvelte 
999 Nottingham Drive 
Corona, CA 92880 

Kewley Mayonica A 
23 Lefferts Place 
Brooklyn, NY 11238 

Kimani Lee D 

249 ToiTcy Pines Cou 

Vallejo, CA 94591 

King Adrienne D 
4823 Brinker Ave. 
Ogden, UT 84403 

King Andrew S 
52 Madison Street 
Massapequa, NY 

King Craig L 

4709 Grantland Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

King Hersha L 
2990 Main Sail Cove 
Kissimmee, FL 34746 

King Melvin A 
248 Birchfield Dr. 
Savannah, GA 31405 

King Raymond S. Ill 
3211 Woodlea Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

King Tamiya F 
5540 Haverhill Road 
West Palm Beach. FL 

King Terri D 
1710 Lydia Drive 
Huntsville, AL 358161 

King-Sharif Aginah I 
3610 McVay Street Ap| 
Huntsville, AL 358051 

Kinley Sharita Vonee' 
2518 1 2th Street Sw 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Kinlock Kamillah T 
717 Stonebridge Park 
Lithonia, GA 30058 

Knight Anthea J 
38 Esplanade 
Mount Vernon, NY 

Knight Chasati K 
817 W. Nocturne Driv 
Nashville- TN 37207 

Knight Dejuan N 
9030 Hawley Gibson E 
Crestwood, KY 4001^ 

Knight Derrick L 
306 Holly Springs Dr 
Madison, AL 35758 

Knight Kurtley E 
306 Holly Spiings Dr 
Madison, AL 35758 

Knight Michael A 
50 Carabob Court, Ap 
Toronto, Ontario 
M1T319 Canada 

Knight Nicole Y 
161 Cartmel Drive 
Markham Ontario 
L3S1W6 Canada 

Knight Wairen W 
1580 Sandhurst Circl 
Toronto, Ontario 
MIV2L3 Canada 

Knott Carlton A 
5570 Northwest 44th 
LauderhillFL 33319 

Knotts Harvey A 
Claytown Bailey's Ba 
Hamilton P Bermuda 
CR03 BD 

Koko Allou S 
3101 Doak Drive 
Huntsville, AL 358111" 

Kulobw ;i Kan\ oba F. 
41 1. > Nelson Dr. 
Hiinisvillc. AL 35810 


Labady Anthony J 
6221 Kaieteur Lane 
Orlando, FL 32808 

LaBt>rde Michael A 
3204 Millbrook Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Labossiere Michel 
5014 Oakwood Road, # 
Huntsville. AL 35896 

Lackey Enjoli C 
1390 Jackson Road 
Norwood, GA 30821 

Lacount Shayla M 
P.O.Box 1112 

Chandler, AZ 85244 

Ladiny Brian 

548 East 29ih Street 

Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Laguen'e .loelle P 
19920 Franjo Road 
Miami, FL 33157 

Lamand George M 
1752 North East 144t 
Miami, FL 33181 

LaMar James L Jr 
2 Jamor Court 
Nesconset, NY 11767 

.ambert Michael C 
Devon Spring Road 
Devonshire FLOl 

Lambert Natasha N 
1650 Kent Street 
:olumbus, OH 43205 

Lang Robyn T 

5507 Greenmeadow Rd 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

vanghorn Carlyle G 
1035 Catalpa Drive 
3'fallon, IL 62269 

^anghorn Crystalle R 
1035 Catalpa Drive 
3'fallon, IL 62269 

-aster April V 
W52 Louisiana St. # 
ianDiego, CA 92116 

Latham Kenyatta M 
5432 Helen 
Detroit, MI 48211 

Lathon Henrietta P 
29897 Andrea Lime 
Madison. AL 35756 

Laurent Claudisson 

124N.W. 5th Avenue 
Hallandale, FL 33(X)9 

Lawrence Sonita M 
95 Shepard Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11208 

Laws Lahdianya M 
1130 North Dearborn 
Chicago, XL 60610 

Leblanc Samantha C 
P.O. Box 1767 
Kankakee, IL 60901 

Lee Bradley J 
200 Heritage Circle 
Lavergne,TN 37086 

Lee Camille Y 
2403 W. Jefferson St 
Louisville, KY 40212 

Lee Erica R 
5102 Doral Ave. 
Whitehall. OH 43213 

Lee James J 

1905 W. 137th Street 

Compton, CA 90222 

Lee Rebecca N 
2403 West Jefferson 
Louisville. KY 40212 

Lee Rose M 11 

2203 North Paulsen A 

Compton, CA 90222 

Lee William J 

830 Mineral Avenue 

Benton Harbor, MI 


Legal 1 Cory L 
2253 S.W. Fort King 
Ocala, FL 34474 

Legall Natalie M 
179 Parkside Drive 

Lehmann Taniesha N 
4814 RutledgeDr. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Leiba Deidra-Ann P 
815 HendrixSt 
Brookly, NY 11207 

Lemons Rachel N 
247 S. 17th Avenue 
May wood, IL 60153 

Lennard Andrea L 
10 Humberline Dr. #1 
Etobicoke Ontario 
M9W6J5 CN 

Lester Stefanie R 
906 East Cynthia Trail 
Goodletttsville, TN 

Lethola Tshepo 
16095376 P.O. Box 15 

Levy Carletta M 
120 Kenilworth Place 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Lewis Alexander B 
346 S. 302nd Place 
Federal Way, WA 

Lewis Antwann L 
3824 W. VanBuren 
Chicago, IL 60624 

Lev^^'is Colleen A 
24 Whiteram Close, 
Calgary. Alberta 
T1Y5X8 CN 


Lewis Dionne P 

95 Indian Creek Road 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Lewis Eugene J 
346 South 302nd Plac 
Federal Way, WA 

Lewis Henry III 
2409 Saint Clair Roa 
Louisville, GA 30434 

Lewis James L III 
1311 Cotton Wood Dri 
Lewis Center, OH 

Lewis Kathleen T 
1338 Cedar Lane Cl. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Lewis Kellee S 
168-14 127lh Avenue 
Jamaica, NY 11434 

Lewis Prince A Jr 
3430 Nw 176th Street 
Miami, FI.. 33056 

Lewis Roosevelt W 
5600 Silver Star Roa 
Orlando, FL 32808 

Lewis Tameka I 
1 9 June Street 
East Hartford, CT 

Claudisha K 
1761 Sundale Drive 
Lawrenceville, GA 

Lewis-Reese Antoniah 
3824 West Van Buren 
Chicago, IL 60624 

Lezama Xemona I 
17444 SW 108 ct 
Miami, FL 33157 

Liburd Edison C 
4160 Bruner Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Lightbourne Tino R 
Maple Street 


Lindo Olive N 
12173 88th Place N 
West Palm Beach, FL 

Lindsay Joseph B 
2264 Governors Bend 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Lindsey Shane J 
5 Norbrook Cresent 
Rexdale Ontario 
M9V-4P7 CN 

Lister Martin L 
1309 Shady Creek Dr. 
Euless,TX 76040 

Lister Rolanda L 
1309 Shady Creek Dri 
Euless,TX 76040 

Loftman Triciana M 
680 Peter Robinson B 
Brampti)n Ontario 


Logan Heather M 
23441 Sussex Avenue 
OiikPark, MI 48237 

Logan Micha E 
9061 W. Outer Drive 
Detroit, MI 48219 

Lokko Kaarina 
131 Bullit Circle 
Ardmore, AL 35739 

Long Gentry M 
7546 Deer Creek Dr. 
Worthington, OH 

Lonnon Tiffani D 
2115 Hagood Street 
Savannah, GA 31415 

Lottie Christina M 

930 N. Niles 

South Bend, IN 46617 

Louis Josette 
Miami H. 33150 

Louis Natalie B 
50 Neville Crescent 
Bramalea Ontario 
L6S5L4 CN 

Louissaint Abiguel 
5485 Redmond Street 
Saint Hube Quebec 
J3Y2C9 CN 

Louissaint Gregory D 
5485 Redmond 
St. Hubert Quebec 
J3Y2L9 CN 

Loveday Tanya C 
105 Tappscott Street 
Brooklyn NY 


Lowe Derek L 

14979 Alabama Hwy. 5 

Opelika, AL 36801 

Lowe Jevon D 

7 Ocean Lane, Langto 


HM13 BD 

Lowe William J 
2447 Omaha Rd. SW 
Atlanta, GA 30331 

Lubin Odette 

140 N.W. 102nd Stree 
Miami Shores. FL 

Lucas Chandler L 
17806 Pebblewood Lan 
Hazel Crest. IL 

Lucombc Eddison R 
2430 Vining Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810, 

Lumbsden Darlene I 
261 Pacific Avenue # 
.lerseyCity, NJ 07304 


Mabandla Mlibazisi P 
60 Grimston Road 
Radford Nottingham 

Mackey Kyle D 
1254 West 84th Stree 
Los Angeles, CA 

Maddex Nackesha M 
99-20 24th Avenue 
East Elmhurst, NY 
1 1 369 

Maddix Rochelle M 
6136 Karendavie Driv 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Maddox Jerita M 
1155-4E Old Monrovia 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Mahanga Mwaka K 
c/o Baraka K Senzira 
49l7Cotto Huntsville 
AL 35816 

Major Rory L 
Knollwood Drive 
P.O. Box N Nassau 

Mallett Melissa N 
2088 Martingrove Rd. 
Toionto Ontario 
M9V3T3 CN 

Malloiy Temika L* 
10 Rose Hill Road 
Southampton West 
SB03 BD 

Malone Darameon L 
20154 Northwest 12th 
Miami, FL 33169 

Mann Jason G 

3507 Mona Lee Lane ; 

Houston. TX 770801 

Mann Jonathan E 
3507 Mona Lee 
Houston. TX 77080 


l_Jireci:o7^Lj '275 

Manning Ryan O 
1585 Sw Andalusia Rd 
Port St. Lucie, FL 

Maragh Alvin L 
1226 Haverhill Road 
West Palm Beach. FL 

Maragh Kevin L 
1226 Haverhill Road 
West Palm Beach, FL 

Marcellin Osmund J 
22 Keeble Crescent 
Ajax, Ontario 
L1T3R7 CN 


Marcellus Mirlande 
224 Wihnat Street 
Camden, N J 08105 

March Erissia D 

302 Morgan Ave. Sout 

Fayetteville. TN 37334 

Maria Nidia M 
114-38 127th Street 
Jamaica, NY 1 1420 

Marquez Joyceline I 
240 Crown Street #4- 
Brooklyn, NY 11225 

Marr Naema L 

4015 #11 Hunters Rid 

Huntsville. AL 35802 

MaiT Nerissa L 
8828 Ava Lake Drive 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Marshall Samone N 
4960d Cordez Street 
Ft. Campbell, KY 


Martin Danielle C 
1549 Greer Dell Road 
Indianapolis, IN 46260 

Martin Jerry L 
7060 East Renaissanc 
New Orleans, LA 

Martin LaTisha L 
3335 Dunn Street #98 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Martin Oris D 
1278 Mohave St. 
Colton, CA 92324 

Mason Sheana U 

276 LJirectoru 

5521 Marlin Street 
Rockville, MD 20853 

Mathis David T 

105 West Inwood Circ 

Madison, AL 35758 

Mathis Dwayne Jr. 
105 W. Inwood Circle 
Madison, AL 35758 

Mathis Shavonne M 
17647 Southwest 32nd 
Miramar. FL 33029 

Mathis Tracie D 
5025 Galaxy Way, Apt 
Huntsville. AL 35816 

Matiwaza Mthulisi B 
2210 Dogwood Lane 
Huntsville. AL 35810 

Matthews Annell S 
115 Fairington Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Matthews John S 
Birmingham, AL 35215 

Mattison Java D Jr. 
5465 Red Berry Ln 
Atlanta, GA 30331 

Heather C 

4 Overbrook Parkway 
Wynnewood. PA 19096 

Maundy Aswad D 
15 Skyline Drive 
Jersey City, NJ 07305 

Mavundukure Allen S 
15 Berwick Road 
Gweru, Zimbabwe 

Maycock Adam M 
2613 Trail Ridge Roa 
Huntsville. AL 35810 

McAnuff Olivia L 
1 78 Berkshire Place 
Irvington, NJ 07111 

McCall Tamara R 
123 Maverick Dr. 
Harvest, AL 35749 

McCalla Devon C 
16723 Sw 78th PI. 
Miami, FL 33157 

McCarthy Dananai A 
207 Oakhill Road 
Keene, TX 76059 

McCleary Douglas T Hampton Cove, AL 

7427 Kathydale Rd. 
Pikesville. MD 21208 

McClure Timothy 
6217 Menifee Drive 


McGriif Jamie L 
500 Ripple Ln. 
Hampton Cove, AL 

Huntsville, AL 35810 35763 

McConnell Darnell J 
2911 FlintridgeWay 
Colorado Springs, CO 

McCoy Chavvah J 
8516 Chickamauga Ct. 
Mabel vale. AR72103 

McCray Charles P Jr. 
85 Mt. Zion Rd., Apt 
Atlanta. GA 30354 

McDonald Kaye L 
622 East 82nd Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11236 

McDonald Phihp B 

74 Forster Ave. 

Mt. Vernon, NY 10552 

McDowell Keesha B 
1810 East 67th Terra 
Kansas City, MO 64132 

McFarland Justin D 
3912 Stilton Dr. 
Nashville, TN 37207 

McFarland Meredith M 
3912 Stilton Dr. 

Nashville, TN 37207 

McFarlane Dianna P. 
1306 Gabes Place 
Landover, MD 20785 

McFarlane Nicole A 
16111 SW 104 Ave. 
Miami, FL 33157 

McGauley Marcus A 
3705 Grizzard Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

McGinnis Nathan L 
300 North F Street 
Pensacola, FL 32501 

McGoodwin Candace 
1309 Lancewood Dr Ap 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

McGowens Joseph N 
5587 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

McGriff James T II 
500 Ripple Lane 

McKenzie Edd R 
9 Lightwood Drive 
Rexdale, Ontario 
M9V2Z1 CN 

McKenzie Laurence O 
1 Ramers Way Apt. 12 
Markham, Ontario 
L3P5J7 CN 

McKenzie Zahair H 
982 Farragut Drive 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

McKinney Shalondra 
950 Palmbrook Drive 
Redlands, CA 92373 

McKinstry Abe III 
16505 Warwick Street 
Detroit, MI 48219 

McKnight Fredricka C 
5321 85th Avenue Apt 
New CaiTolton, MD 

McLaren DeCarlo S 
17 Denison Street 
Newark, DE 19711 

McLean Marvin D 
56 Hughes Street 
Maplewood, NJ 07040 

McMiller Lainisha L 
3743 NW 207 Drive 
Miami, FL 33055 

McMun-ay Rebecca J 
1502 19th Ave. SE. 
Decatur, AL 35601 

McNeil Amy D 
8359 Greenham 
San Antonio, TX 

McNeil Betina C 
14724 54th Way North 
Clearwater, FL 33760 

McNeil Jonathan J 
512 Portchester Cour 
Columbia, SC 29203 

JVlcNeil Melinda G 
14724 54th Way North 
Clearwater, FL 33760 

McNish Franz C 
2331 NW 43 rd Terrace 
Lauderhill,FL 33313 

McNish Kerri-Ann 
2331 Nw 43rd Terrace 
LauderhilLFL 33313 

McPherson Llewelyn A 
1 403 Ascent Avenue 
Huntsville. AL 35816 

McPherson Noyle D 
2156 Fulton Street 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1233 

McRae Marvin III 
150 Spinnaker Ridge 
Apt. G-226 
Huntsville, AL 35824 

McRoy Carl E 

5014 Oakwood Rd #7 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

McTier Syreeta A 
3536 Burton Ave 
Lynwood, CA 90262 

Meadows Gerald T 
3040 Sunlake Blvd #1 
Huntsville, AL 35824 

Medley Ernest R 2 
305 Northside Drive 
Nashville, TN 371 15 

Melbourne Launice A 
8121 Lockney Avenue 
Takoma Park, MD 

Melton Marissa J 
109 E. Cato Street 
Fitzgerald, GA 31750 

Melton Melvanie R 
109 East Cato Street 
Fitzgerald, GA 31750 

Menelas Rodney 
188 E. 34th Street 
Brooklyn. NY 1 1203 

Merri weather Marcus J 
808 N. Merrimac Drive 
Fitzgerald, GA 31750 

Merriweather Michael 
2048 66th Avenue 
Sacramento, CA 95822 

Metcalfe Melanie N 
13881 PharesHinton 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 

Michell Huggins 
367 East 5 1 Street 
Brooklyn. NY 11203 

Miles Fayth L 
3812 Cedar Drive 
Baltimore, MD 21207 

Miles Kadiesha C 
20 Huntley Rd. 
Elmonl, NY 11003 

Miller Bonita C 
IIA Shaften Street 
Dorchester, MA 02121 

Miller Brian S 
2134 Quail Hollow 
Grand Prairie. TX 

Miller Damion M 
140-18 160th Street 
Springfiel Queens, 
NY 1 1434 

Miller Leah R 
16312 Bama Drive 
Granger, IN 46530 

Miller Tabitha L 

1 1784 Mount Wilson ( 

AltaLoma.CA 91737] 

Mills Jamecia L 
2344 Gilmore Street 
Jacksonville, FL 32201 

Mills John A IH 

P.O. Box l263Glovef^ 

Ridgeland, SC 29936 

Mills Stephen A 
200 Angelo Circle 
Whiteville, NC 28472 

Mims Sonia L 
2723 Manor Cove 
Decatur, GA 30034 

Ming Dion J 
4 Hill Crescent 
HM02 Beraiuda 

Minor Gregory K 
8521 Grandhaven Ave 
Upper Marlboro, MD 

Minors Kenneth H 
6 Mission Heights 
Paget, PG06 Bermuda 

Minors Kim M 
25272 Craft Road 
Athens, AL 35613 

>tinoll Andre' N. 
4'> ramarack Drive 
WuKlsor. CT 06093 

Montgomery Fredrick 
6405 Old Madison Pik 
Huntsville. AL 35806 

MoiTis Altliea N Murray Meredith E 

16420 SW 107 Avenue ^354 Monaco Pkwy. 
Miami FL 33157 Denver , CO 80207 

Miteheli Abdul M Montgomery Shayla N 

1217 Plant Rd. 3{K) Seguayah Dr. 

Charleston. MO 63834 Dothan, AL 36303 

Morris Dafina I 
1137 Bergen Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 11216 

Mwasumbi Michael 
2816 Cora Hill Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mitchell Henry L IV Montoute Kerlene A Monis Lon'aine A Mwesigwa John 

37 Graeler Drive 89 Louis Avenue ggO jvf^^ 180th Terrace ^^03 Barney 

St. Louis. MO 63146 Elmont, NY 11003 Miami. FL 33169 Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mitchell Tenille N Montoute Mymelle S 

16 Camp Rd. 4107 Newson Road 

Massapeqmi. NY 11758 Huntsville, AL 35805 

Mobley Angela L Moore April M 

1015 NW 21st Avenue, 2580 Fieldstone Driv 

Gainesville, FL 32609 Conyers, GA 30013 

Modeste Martina L 
3010 Joe Louis Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32805 

Moffett Catrice D 
273 Shasta Drive 
Pittsburg. PA 15239 

Monde sir Edhyson C 
57 Ford Street, Apt- 
Brockton, MA 02301 

Mondestin Jacqueline 
96 Torrey Avenue 
Brockton, MA 02301 

Monroe Candyce E 
104 South Park Rd Sw 
Birmingham, AL 

35211 ^ 

VIonroe Cara E 
104 S Park Road SW 
Birmingham, AL 
L5211 ^ 

VIonroe Donald W III 
5201 Rita Lane 
iuntsville, AL 35810 

vlonroe Rose D 
\0. Box 824 


vlonroe Tina M 

!35 South Adams Stre 

)aytona Beach, FL 


Montgomery Brandon 
iOO Sequoyah Dr. 
)othan, AL 36303 

/lontgomery Brian C 
'.O. Box 352 
/letcalfe, MS 38760 

Moore Bradley M 
2709 Oman Street 
Durham, NC 27705 

Moore Britney Y 

233 Day Drive 

St. Louis, MO 63135 

Moore Emily E 
2807 Highway 20 NE 
Conyers, GA 30012 

Moore Hadassah C 
100 Meadowlark 
Greenv^ood, MS 38930 

Moore .lamai- K 
200 E. Schykill Road 
Pottstown, PA 19465 

Moore Kenneth S 
8043 Rodney Street 
Philadelphia. PA 

Moore Latrice D 

3732 Avondale 

St. Louis. MO 63121 

Moore Shannan C 
2807 Highway 20, Nor 
Conyers. GA 30012 

Moore Shayla J 
25043 Kay Avenue 
Hayward, CA 94545 

Morelus Brenda 
88A Bowdoin St. 
Maiden, MA 02148 

Morgan Simone A 
705-35 Fountainhead 
Toronto Ontario 

M3J2V7 CN 

Morris Priscilla B 
101 Jones Valley Dri 
Huntsville. AL 35802 

Monis Rodney K 
101 Jones Valley Dri 
Huntsville. AL 35808 

Morrison Mehssa R 
7765 Wildfem Drive 
Mississaug Ontario 
L4T3P8 CN 

Monison Salena N 
25 Rock Hill Place 
Asheville, NC 28803 

Morton Robert D III 
3701 Homestead 
Avenu West 

Mifflin, PA 15122 

Morton Sarah O 
P.O. Box 2488 
Kingsh, St. Croix 
00851 VI 

Moseley Dianna B 
3517 Mr. Berwick Dr. 
Apopka, FL 32712 

Moten Arnold W 
156 Gordon Drive 
Moulton, AL 35650 
Moten Shayla D 
1336 Draper Road 
Talladega, AL 35160 

Murphy Frederick G 
4112 Fieldway Road 
Rex. GA 30273 

Murphy Jennifer A 
1215 Ellen Court 
Apopka, FL 32703 

Murtaine Eslie H Jr. 
1172 St. Marks Ave. 
Brooklyn. NY 11213 

Muriay Diane C 
1131 Carding Mill PI 
Mississaug Ontario 
L5W1C4 CN 

Myrtil Nathalie 
16262 Peachway 
Delray Beach, PL 


Nabors Erica M 
1509 16th Ave. Apt.# 
Birmingham, AL 

Neal Kelle E 

4200 Grandville Blvd 

Nashville, TN 37207 

Nelson Gregory 
35 Keegan Street 
Elmont. NY 11003 

Nembhard Dal i ah P 
109 Colton Street 
W^indsor, CT 06095 

Nervis William C 
11 118 Novelda Drive 
Oakland, CA 94603 

Nesmith Karla K 
4 Oak Bluff Court 
Columbia, SC 29223 

Newborn Janis S 

137 Thunderbird Drive 

Hai-vest, AL 35749 

Newton Esther G 
4105 Huntersridge Dr 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Newton Leoniu-d G 
4541 N.W. 12th Court 
Lauderhill, FL 33313 

Newton Shawnika N 
24 1 1 5 Citrus Avenue 
Perns. CA 92570 

Neymour Lavaughn R 
West Bay Street 
Nassau BE 

Nicholas Franklin R 
241 1 Foxglove Avenue 
Highlands, TX 77562 

Nicholson Theodore HI 
2346 Boxwood Court 
Villa Rica, GA 30180 

Niles Marnel N 
2310 Bryn Marwr Aven 
Philadelphia, PA 

Nisbeth DeWhyte B 
1514 Heather Hill Cr 
Flossmoor, IL 60422 

Nixon Paul D 
2629 Gawain Road 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Nore Edna 

1010 North 23 Street 

Fort Pierce, FL 34950 

Norris Kevin L 
217 Creekview 
Garland, TX 75043 

Norris Myisha K 
1 943 Bordeaux Teirac 
Chula Vista, CA 

Norwood Leslie M 
232 E. Umer Street 
Pottstown, PA 19465 

Nozil Aimee L 
42 French Ridge 
New Rochelle. NY 

O'Giste Keotish 
Aundra 209 Beau 

Tree Drive 
Wilmington, DE 

Oakes April E 

39 South 3rd Avenue. 

Mt. Vernon, NY 


Oates Parrie L 

11621 N.W. 17lh Aven 

Miami. FL 33167 

Ogbonna Susan N 
2728 Holland Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10467 

Okike Oluchuku 
P.O.Box 161143 
Altamonte Springs, FL 

Okike Tochi M 

POBox 161143 

Altamonte Springs, FI 


Ola Oluwatosin A 
500 Garland, F- 12 
Berrien Springs, MI 

Olatunji Mahalia A 
4722 12st. N.E. 
Washington, DC 

Nozil Laura A oiaye Segun M 

730 Voluntown Road 3345 p Abbey Rd. 
Jewett City, CT 06351 East Point. GA 30344 

Nunes Nicole N 
15212 East Riviera L 
LaMirada, CA 9063? 

Nurse Sekia M 
2029 Milton Avenue 
Neptune, NJ 07753 

Nurse Tesa N 
#27 Kendal Hill Pai'k 
Christ Church 

Nwokike Janice C 
9215 Benchley Drive 
Houston, TX 77099 


O'Connor Xavicr 
301 Se 7th Street 
Delray Beach, FL 



Olibris Irmide 
1218 NW 11th Place 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

Oliver Diuyl L 
3632-8 Cresview 
HunstviUe, AL 35816 

Oliver Tony D 
106 Park Circle 
Fitzgerald, GA 31750 

Omeler Marie O 
200 NW 127th St. 
Miami. FL 33168 

Onwerc hrislopher K 
Cr296 Prospect Drive 
Pomona. CA 91766 

Opoku-boaleng Akosua 
2918 W. Locust Ave . 
Fresno. CA 93711 

L^irectoTL) 277 

Opoku-Boateng Akua 
2918 West Locust 
Fresno. C A 93711 

Osborne Susanne V 

16283 79-A Avenue 


British Columbia 

V3S7C9 CN 

Oscar Danielle G 
Mome Dillon Bat A 
8 Residenc Fort-de- 
France 97200 

Osi Sara B 

1151 SW Collins Ave 

Topeka, KS 66604 

Otey Katrina D 
1067 Waterloo Rd 
Westpoint, TN 38486 

Owens Frederick W 

174 Moosup Pond Rd. 
Danielson,CT 06239 

Owusu Betsy O 

175 Hazelwood Drive 
Westbury,NY 11590 

Richmond Hill, GA 

Partlow Darla J 
1761 Sundale Drive 
Lawrenceville, GA 

Paschal Samuel M III 
3509 Lake Avenue, #1 
Columbia, SC 29206 

Patel Adam S 
14 Tearpak Ct. 
Sacramento, CA 

Patrick Teleka C 
115-84 225th Street 
Cambria Heights, NY 

Patrickson Deidra M 
170 Victoria Drive 
Fayetteville, GA 

Patrickson Jason W 
170 Victoria Drive 
Fayetteville, GA 

Owusu-Frimpong Patten Ronina K 

Priscilla 104 Lay ton Court 

490 Claremont Parkwa Upper Marlboro, MD 
Bronx, NY 10457 20774 

Patterson Anthony R IT 
8009 Mandan Road, Ap 
Greenbelt,MD 20770 

Pace Tanya L. 

1705 West 14th Place 

Chicago, IL 60608 

Page Maria A 
4513 5th St.NW 
Washington, DC 

Paige Delores Annette 
1604 Arcaduab St. 
Savannah, G A 31405 

Parham Darnell 

914 Towerview Street 

Decatur, AL 35601 

Parham Mattisha Marie 
98 Limerick Lane 
Rochester, NY 14606 

Parker Sonya H 

1050 Anderson Ave, A 

Bronx. NY 10452 

Panis Daryl M 
P.O. Box 616 

2 7 8 DiT-ect 

Patterson Esther R 
9405 Walhampton Driv 
Louisville, KY 40242 

Patton Anna-Gayle N 
1347 Marlborough Ave 
Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Patton Jason M 

1 347 Mariborough Ave 

Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Paul Donald 
2421 NE 3rd Avenue 
Pompano Beach, FL 

Paul Natasha K 

2792 West Fairview D 

Rialto. CA 92377 

Paulino Belkis R 
2611 Trailridge Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Payne Daniella A 

58 Wegman Parkway 
Jersey City. NJ 07305 

Payne Kerth V 
4522 Barnes Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Pearce Nadia C 
2209 Main St. c44 
Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Pearson Kimberly 
3907 Lake 
House Rd. 
Beltsvine,MD 20705 

Pemberton Shukura K 
161 Lakeside 
Newburgh.NY 12550 

Peoples Raymond 
9015 Midway,*] 
Berrien Springs, Mi 

Perakathu Sumith 
1653 Artemisa Avenue 
Brownsville, TX 


Percy Hugh E 
1830 W Finland Dr 
Deltona,FL 32725 

Renin Kenton C 
17 Orpington Cres 
Etobicoke Ontiirio 
M9V3E2 CN 

PeiTy Erika Y 
2439 Newgate Drive 
Decatur, GA 30035 

Perry Shelby E 

855 Mt. Zion Rd, E-6 

Jonesboro, GA 30326 

PeiTy Walter L 
3302 Bridlewood Driv 
Glenn Mills, PA 

Person Schennia M 
1505 Sparkman Drive, 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Peters Franklin L 
8767 Sorrento Drive 
Riverside, CA 92503 

Phang Randall O 
1725 Pinacres Blvd. 
BayShore,NY 11706 

Phillips Janelle N 
2603 Hoffman Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Phillips Kenneisha P 
45 Genessee Ave. 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Plowden John D 
474 Praylou Rd. 
Wedfield, SC 29168 

Phillips Malcolm R III Poe Aldolphus D 
1 9 Greendale Ave 3008 High Rigger Dr. 

Mt. Vernon, NY 10553 Nashville, TN 37217 

Phipps Wendy E 

1155 Old Monrovia Ro 

Huntsville. AL 35806 

Phipps Wintley A II 
6428 Four Foot Trail 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Pieire Gina-Marie 
8560 N.W. 46th Stree 
Sunrise, FL 33351 

Pierre Jean-Richard 
575 Northbridge Driv 
Altamonte Spring, FL 

Pierre Jerrald Jr. 

5025 Galaxy Way #804 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Pierre Kenyona L 
4721 NW 170th Street 
Miami, FL 33055 

Pien*e Marie C 
6829 Compass Court 
Oriando.FL 32810 

Pierre-Louis Nicole A 
245 Locust Drive 
Bay Shore, NY 11706 

Pile Victor S Jr 
18r2Metzerott Rd#4 
Ade]phi,MD 20783 

Pileggi Andrew C 
14 Madeli ne Teixa 
Chestnut Ridge. NY 

Pitcher Marvin Claxton 
5030 Wayne Court 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Pitt Kenneth E 
6570 Clarksville Hig 
Joelton,TN 37080 

Pitter-Horton Valerie S 
5014OiikwoodRoad, A 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Pitts Steven C 
7703 Donegal Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Poole Joyceline R 
588 Fremont Avenue 
Daytona Beach, FL 

Pooler John Will 
41 1 Sheila Street 
Hope Mills. NC 28348 

PorterJahmari J 
4132 Cambridge Drive 
Country Club Hills IL 

Potts Alexia D 

210 East Condor Driv 

Rialto, CA 92377 

Pough Rokeem G 
505 West 143rd St.. 
New York. NY 10031 

Powell Anika T 
135 Lincoln Street 
Steelton,PA 17133 

Powell Duane C 
77 Cairpenter Avenue 
Mt. Kisco NY 


Powell Edwin S 
4203 Intedake Drive 
Tampa, FL 33624 

Powell Judy-Ann S 
1439 Wood Road, Suit 
Bronx, NY 10462 

Powell Michelle T 
77 Carpenter Avenue, 
Ml. Kisco, NY 10549 

Preddie Antoinette D. 
1 1 15 N 5th Street 
Reading, PA 19601 

Prescott-crewe Melissa 
4983 Rathkeale Rd. U 
Mississaug Ontario 
L5B2B3 CN 

Preston Beverly Jeanne 
6215 Cediir Point Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Preston Brian J. 
33 1 Beechwood Lane 
Stone Mountain, GA 

Price Carlton E 
4900 Nth Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 
90043 ^ 

Price Jason Lamont 
240 Martin Raod#18C 
Huntsville, AL 35824 

Price Sara D 
P.O. Box 8964 
Richmond, VA 2322! 

Price Torrey L 
7920 South Prairie 
Chicago, IL 60619 

Prime KeishaT 

1 504 Medland Road 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Profitt Tiffany A 
1 96 Stone Valley Dri 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Provost Angel H 
6010 WestknollDi-ivei- 
GnmdBlanc, MI 

Pruitt Karis M 

71 17 Cedar Hill Driv 

Gainesville, GA 3050 

Pullins AlysiaL. 
1 15 HightowerRd. 

mutest, AL 35749 

Pullman Melanie J 
18996 Mitchel Place 
Denver, CO 80249 

Pullman Michelle D 
18996 Mitchell Place 
Denver, CO 80249 1 



Quinnie Kristi M. 
305-58th Street 
Fairfield, AL 35064 


Rahming Tangie M 
631 NW 3rd Street 
Florida City, FL 3303^ 

Rainey Evette L 
7062 Waveriy Court 
Kansas City, KS 6610 




Rhodes Angela C 
5730 Nw 54th Ten-ace 
Gainsville. FL 32653 

Rhodes Jeremy A 
5730 NW 54lh Terrace 
Gainesville, FL 32653 

Richiirdson Henry A 
8081 Battin Howell 
South Charleston, OH 


Richardson Kyrinda D 
18 Hill Farm Road 
Bloomfield, CT 06(X)2 

Richardson Tori E 
16 Smiths Avenue 
Triangle C Warwick 
WK07 BD 

Richardson William G 
8081 Battin Howell R 
South Charlston. OH 

Rickman Joyce D 
3784 University Driv 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Rideout Mark J 
18 J 5 Bethany Lane 
Huntsville. AL 35806 

Rigby Giurard A 
2092 Ficus Street 
New Providence 

Riley jNicholas C 
2953 Avenue W, Apt. 
Brooklyn, j\Y 11229 

Roache Kymberlee R 
P.O. Box N-8662 
New Providence 
Bahamas BF 

Roberts Apryl J 
110 Sorrel Way 
Alvarado.TX 76009 

Roberts Jared V 
Evergreen Tree Road 
LibertaVi St. Pauls 

Roberts Kevin A 
2955 Provost 
Montreal Quebec 
H9G2N8 CN 

Roberts Loina P 
P.O Box 953 

00841 VI 

Ruff Natalie E 
557 E. Tower 
Fresno, CA 93706 


833 Lorretta Drive 
Goodlctsville, TN 

Ramon Ronoo P 
3885 Old 1-airburn Rd 
Atlanta. GA .^0331 

Ramphal Dayiinand 

Cottonwood Trail 
Riverdale, GA 30296 

Ramphal Vaughn E 
6933 Cottonwood Trai 
Ri\erda!e, GA 30296 

Rayboume Anthony R 
187-05 Nashville Bou 
Jamaica, NY 11413 

Reade Devin L 

475 Carlton Ave, Apt 

Brooklyn, NY 11238 

Reece Ebony M 
3784 University Driv 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Reed Shalon K 

1242 East Mckool Cir 

Carson, CA 90746 

Reese Chai-les E 
1304 Cavalier Dr. #7 
iRichardson, TX 75080 

Reeves Richard A Jr. 
208 Windy Hill Rd 
Coatsville. PA 19320 

Regis Cavelle S 
P.O. BOX 30067 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Regis Marcellinus J 
4552-C Bonnelll Driv 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Reid Kanika Jamila 
P.O. Box 30 
Davidsonville, MD 

Reid Marlon W 
14536 South Normal 
?liverdale, IL 60827 

^eid Ryan D 
7709 E 73rd Street 
<;ansas City, MO 

leid Shoma A 
(50-G Mickley Run 
\llentown,PA 18052 

lemy Marsha Althea 
i025 Credit Woodland 
vlississaug Ontario 

.5C2V3 CN 

Roberts William Pill 
908 Circle View Dr 
Dothan, AL 36301 

Robinson Bree N 
25043 Kay Avenue 
Hayward, CA 94545 

Robinson Carmen T 
2402 Edgedale Dr. 
Missouri City, TX 


Robinson Cynthia M 
7000 Adventist Blvd. 
Huntsville. AL 35896 

Robinson Erin L 

1 926 Pomona Avenue 

Memphis, TN 38116 

Robinson Marie S 

1 1 30 Berkeley Avenue 

MenloPar,CA 94025 

Robinson Marquis D 
37181 Chester Road 
Avon, OH 44011 

Robinson Vylis!>a N 
4142 Rivershell Lane 
Lansing, Ml 48911 

Robinzine Meyassar S 
54 Hillside Avenue 
Haverstraw, NY 10929 

Rockwell Kristin S 
P.O. Box 529 Room 22 
Collegedale, TN 37315 

Roddy Carie J 
140 Baker Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 


Roddy Katie J 
140 Baker Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Rodgers Camillia Z 
P.O. Box 564 
Reynoldsbur, OH 

Rogers Cosville 
P.O. Box 10541 
St. Thomas 
00801 VI 

Roland Robert K 
17003 122nd SE 
Renton, WA 98058 

Rolle Donald J 

2543 D Frederick Dou 

New York, NY 10030 

Rolle Gerard J 
Love Hill 

Samson Chantal A 
6015 Rickwood Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Samuel Angelique S 
142-43 Glassboro Ave 
Jamaica. NY 1 1435 

1 117 Quail wood 

Romain Richard Y 

548 Louisiana Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11239 FayetteviUe, NC 32816 SN04 BD 

Sainuels Abijah N 
#1 Fork Lane Camp Hi 

Romulus Edwina 
4215 Carousel Rd. 
Orlando, FL 32808 

Ross Larissa J 
6611 Shindler Drive 
Jacksonville, FL 


Ross Shem R 

1470 St. Johns Place 

Brooklyn, NY 11213 

Roulston Jeffrey H 
2 1 3 Lynedock Crescen 
North York Ontario 
M3A2B5 CN 

Rouser April Y 

10673 Ridgemont Driv 

Anchorage, AK 99507 

Royal Latoya S 
620 NW 5th Street 
Boynton Beach, FL 


Royer Janice 
P.O.Box 12304, Apt. 
Estate Tho St. Thomas 
00801 VI 

Rucker Kori J 

460 Nellie B Avenue 

Athens, GA 30601 

Rudd James E 

66 Westland Avenue, 

Boston, MA 02115 


557 East Tower 
Fresno, CA 93706 

Ruff Eunice E 

557 E Tower 
Fresno, CA 93706 

P.O. Box 702738 
Tulsa, OK 74170 

Rugless Tiffany N 
2549 Oakforest Drive 
A.ntioch,TN 37013 

Runnels Britini M 
1922 Mountshire Driv 
Missouri City, TX 


Russell Courthxiey F 
1512 Foxhall Lane 
Atlanta, GA 30316 

Ryan Lamar M 
1002 Chateau Circle 
Clermont, FL 34711 

Ryce Samara S 

2889 KnoUview Drive 

Decatur, GA 30034 

Sagay Racheem S 
1500 Sparkman Drive, 
Fluntsville. AL 35816 

Saint-EIie Daniel T 
6038 Colt Ridge Trail 
Masleton, GA^^ 30126 

Saint- Val Frantzo 
5014 Oakwood Road, # 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Sales Chanel A 

791 Macedonia Road 

Ardmore,AL 35739 

Salter RobynD. 
1 78 Grandview Ave. 
Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Sampson Anika J 
8841 Young Sea Drive 
Columbia. MD 21045 

Sampson Sabah 
19559 East Miraloma 
Walnut. CA 91789 

Samuels Saran J 

5037 Galaxy Way #3R 

HuntsviUe,AL 35816 

Sanders Charlene M 
2348 Westmere Street 
Harvey, LA 70058 

Sanderson Keisha L 
3989 Islano 
Cantana, FL 33462 

Sands Jestan F 
P.O. Box F-40174 

Saunders Amber C 
1047 Ascot Court 
Riverdale GA 


Saunders Sherri 
1123 Randolph 
Leavenworth, KS 

Saimders Utundee D 
2068 Bluffton Way 
Decatur, GA 30035 

Sayles Latoya Camille 
4428 Torrence Drive 
Huntsville. AL 

Scarlett Kevin A 

41 82 SW Memorial Par 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Scarlett Shanna M 
3525 So. Martin Luth 
Lansing, MI 48910 

Schlangen Kendra N 
502 Ronald Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Scott Brandon M 
11412 Falcon Ridge C 
Beltsville, MD 20705 

Scott Duane Antoine 
9939 South Peny 
Chicaco, IL 60628 



Scott Leslie Milton 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Scott Luwanda C 
3610 Williamsburg Dr 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Scott Shawn M 
32 Sheppard Drive 
Ashe villa, NC 28806 

Scott Sheri R 
34 Laurier Court 
Brampton Ontario 
L6Z1J5 CN 

Sealey Lloyd E 
4813 Church Avenue, 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Sears Shauna N 

1 109 Roundtree Court 

Sacramento, CA 95831 

Sease Allison M 
444 Miramar Avenue 
Claremont,CA 91711 

Seawright Jimmie E. 
938 Ford Chapel road 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Seawright Lavina M 
10 Tomahawk Drive 
White Plains, NY 

Seeger Sandie S 
606L Chateau Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Selassie Sirach M 
3722 Battlefield Dri 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Sellers Maria D 
50 Sixth Ave S. 
Birmingham, AL 35205 

Sequea Romona C 
108 Draper Street #3 
Dorchester, MA 02122 

Shakes Coreen S 
2693 Bedford Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Shakes Eric Jr. 

80 Bradbury Avenue 

Medford, MA 02155 

Shakes Leighcraft A 
5789 Rae Avenue 
West Palm Beach, FL 

■280 D.v.!..,.j 

Sharif Kevin R 

2500 Broadmoor Drive 

Elkhart, IN 46514 

Shaw Herone J 11 
7180 Hilmar Drive 
Columbus OH 

4308 1 

Shelly Alicia D 
5057 Ceylon Ct. 
Austell, GA 30106 

Shelton Jillyan B 
1 15 Mustang Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Shelton Summer L 
1507 Bank Street #5 
So. Pasadena, CA 

Sherman Sharhonda L 
P.O. Box 593 
Senoia, GA 30276 

Shorter Scarlet L 
3004 Flag Circle, Ap 
Madison, AL 35758 

Shuler LeVar L 
109-20 221 Street 
Queen Village, NY 
1 1429 

Shuler Nathan E II 
3960 NW 193rd Street 
Carol City, FL 33055 

Shuman Erica J 
443 South CUnton St 
East Orange, NJ 

Simmonds Christopher 
103 Weldrick Rid. E. 
Richmond H Ontario 
L4C9Y8 CN 

Simons Christopher A Smith Lauren M 

6 Birchwood Court 
Douglasville, PA 

Simons Jason R 
2603 Del Norte Lane 

3245 Masonwood Dr. 
Nashville, TN 37207 

Smith Leon W. Jr. 
9 St. Annes Road 

Huntsville, AL 35810 SNOl BD 

Simmons Kianna M 
27 Green Acres Road 
DV08 BD 

Simmons Lena D 
4630 Broadmeadow Ln. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Simmons Shane K 
5 Fork Lane 
SN04 BD 

Simon Tonisha L 
2056 Pulgas Avenue 
E. Palo Alto, CA 

Simons Jeremy G 
253 Springs Colony C 
Apt 298 

Altamonte Springs, FL 

Sims Anthony B 
9726 Slalom Run Driv 
Woodstock, MD 21163 

Sloan Frederick D II 
1435 Shenandoah Aven 
Cincinnati, OH 45237 

Smart Carla L 
2136 89th St. #4 
Kenosha, WI 53143 

Smart Tanya C 
2136 89thSt. Apt. 4 
Kenosha, WI 53143 

Smith Andre' L 

1500 Sparkman Drive 


Huntsville, AL 35816 

Smith Bryan L 
Country Route 243 
Box 776 
Greenville, FL 32331 

Smith Chichota Cheri 
Atchison, KS 66002 

Smith Dexter 
128 Miles FamiRd. 
Markham Ontario 
L3S-1Z9 CN 

Smith Janae' N 
2618 Carlsbad Drive, 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Smith Jason E. 
2 Evans Lane 
Bloomfield, CT 06002 

Smith Kelton L 

113 Old Oak Dr. 

San Diego, CA 92114 

Smith Kendal E 
P.O. Box CB 13735 

Smith Lincoln 

1 560 Grand Concourse 

Bronx, NY 10457 

Smith Dexter 
128 Miles Farm Rd. 
Markham Ontario 
L3S-1Z9 CN 

Smith Jiuiae' N 
2618 Carisbad Drive. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Smith Jason E. 
2 Evans Lane 
Bloomfield. CT 

Smith Kelton L 

113 Old Oak Dr. 

San Diego, CA 92114 

Smith Kendal E 
P.O. Box CB 13735 

Smith Lauren M 
3245 Masonwood Dr. 
Nashville. TN 37207 

Smith Leon W. Jr. 
9 St. Annes Road 

Smith Lincoln 

1560 Grand Concourse 

Bronx, NY 10457 

Smith Marissa M 
1226 Tolkien Road 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Smith Megan J 
1 8247 Murtay Hill 
Detroit, MI 48235 

Smith Michael D 

208 North Cottonwood 

Goldsboro,NC 27530 

Smith Natasha L 
14052 S. Whipple 
Blue Island, IL 60632 

Smith Natashia Kayc 
51 1 Laurel Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Smith Nicole P 
3310 King Charles Ci 
Seffner, li 33584 

Smith Pamela N 
3037 Liberty Hills D 
Franklin, TN 37067 

Smith Patrice R 

1427 Hopkins Avenue 

Dover. DE 19901 

Smith Pettina N. 
3037 Liberty Hills D 
Franklin. TN 37067 

Smith Ryan E 
7406 Lasalle Avenue 
Los Angeles. CA 
90047 ^ 

Smith Stacy-ann S 
13131 52nd Court Nor 
Royal Palm Beach, FL 

Smith-Tweed Judith J 
8 Scenic Heights 
SN03 BD 

Smothers NikLsha A 

Smythe Kertyann M 
1 155 Old Monrovia Ro 
Huntsville. AL 35806 

Snowden Sherise C 
6825 S.w. 153rd PI R 
Ocala,FL 34473 

Sobomehin Olawunmi 
519 Loretta Court 
Mississaug Ontario 
L5B3S2 CN 

Solomon Jurelder J 
1 1741 N.W. 35th Stre 
Sunrise, FL 33323 

Son Delano C 
1585 Belleterre Stre 
Orleans Ontario 

KIC 7N5 CN 1373 

Southern Sara R 
110 Maverick Dr 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Spence Natasha L 
3712 S Helena Way 
Aurora, CO 80013 

Spencer Zand O 
1 38 Cunningham Hall 
Oakvvood College 
Huntsville. AL 35896 

Spencer Zynia E 
P.O. Box2522 
Frederiksted. VI 00841 

Spooner Nataki A 
19 Riverbend Drive 
IMepean Ontario 
K2H5G9 CN 

Spraggins-Scott Jody V 
2044 Hamilton Road 
Okemos. MI 48864 

Springer Joel M ' ' 
1003 66th Avenue 

Philadelphia, PA ^ 

19126 H^ 

Spui'geon DeQuan G 
256 Bruce Street 
Syracuse. NY 13224 '■ 

St. Cloud Emmanuel 

13 Adamson Ave. ' 

Norwalk,CT 06854 ' 

St. Felix Rudy 
189-02 64th Avenue A 
Fresh Meadows, NY 

St. Juste Stennette 
548 Lightfoot Place 
Pickering Ontario 
L1V6A1 CN 

St. Louis Maurice F 
4840 Lake Road 
Dollard-De Quebec 
H9G-1G8 CN 

St. Louis Monique T 
223-06 133rd Ave. 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

St. Louis Nicole R 
223-06 133rd Avenue 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

St. Louis Sean A 
4840 Lake Road 
DoUardDe Quebec 

Stallworth Shacy E 
2206 Glenn Iris Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 


StaniiifeiFdiiic I 

Stewart AnitraC 

Sturgies Nona R 

Tapp Lester J 

Terrill Keith R 

Thomas Rajeeni L 

422 South Clo\ is Ave 

2306 Dril'twood Drive 

L504-C Ascent Trail 

4401 Kensington Aven 

6320 Robinhood Lane 

209 Peabody Road 

Fresno. C\A 93727 

Fern Park. FL 32730 

Huntsville. AL 35816 

Kansas City, MO 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Meridianville AL 


Stanley Donnie C Jr 


Suber Shenetta N 

Thervil Mcintosh 

Thomas Tyrone D 

1500 John Wesley Way 

6108 Sharon Woods Bl 

5718 S Paulina St. 

Taylor Catherine H 

12720 NE 13 Ave 

2729 Mickle Avenue 

Huntsville. AL 35816 

Columbus, OH 43229 

Chicago. IL 60636 

806 Douglass Dr. 
Boyertow. PA 19512 

Miami, FL 33161 

Bronx, NY 10469 

Stanley Donnie C Jr 

Stewart Elizabeth A 

Sullivan Shaunte' C 

Theyard Keith A 

Thomas Valinda M 

1500 John Wesley Way 

29 Ollerton Road 

633 Easter Avenue 

Taylor Dion C 


4422 Torrance Drive, 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Toronto Ontario 

Akion,OH 44307 

286 Southridge Dr. 

Huntsville, AL ,35816 

M3J1X9 CN 

Rochester. NY 14626 

Thomas Alexcia N 


SulUvan Tarika S 

3403 Beechcraft Driv 

Thompson Aisha K 

3612 Mai-ymonl Dfive 


936 Brown Avenue 

Taylor Estus L 

Alexandria, VA 22306 

1916 Coachmans Trail 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

1717 King Road 

Westfield,NJ 07090 

15'FirstSt. Unit9 

South Bend, 

RiverdalcGA 30296 

Stamford, CT 06905 

Thomas D'Jahna 

IN 46637 

Steede David W 11 

Sutherland Abdulla D 

520 South LaSalle St 

3521 Gesmm Place 

Stewart Ken H 

263 East 202nd Stree 

Taylor Lisa R 

Aurora. IL 60505 

Thompson Brandie L 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

5652 Kings Highway 

Bronx, NY 10458 

9766 Rosehill Apt L- 

901 Frost Hollow 

Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Berrien Springs MI 

Thomas Dillon M 

DeSoto,TX 75115 ^ 

Steele Miranda A 

Sutton Florence Eloise 


409 Spruce Court 

1342 N. Euclid 

Stewart Natasha C 

201 Labonte Drive 

Herndon.VA 20170 

Thonipson Christine M 

St. Louis, MO 63113 

2387 Nikanna Road 

Pikeville,NC 27863 

Taylor Michael W 11 

50Herkley Drive 

Mississaug Ontario 

1023 Bellemeade Ave. 

Thomas Duane E 

Brampton Ontario 

Steele Reuben A 

L5C2W8 CN 

Swaby Stephanie A 

Evans ville, IN 47714 

3607 Nortli Crestview 

L6V2E8 CN 

26262 Hopkins St. 

174 Fundy Bay Blvd. 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

InkstenMI 48141 

Stewart Shelly Anne S 

Scarboroug Ontario 

Taylor Monica M 

Thompson Christopher 

807 Adee Avenue 

M1W3G1 CN 

29084 Capshaw Road 

Thomas Elizabeth F 

11 10 Charles Street 

Stephens John R 

Bronx, NY 10467 

Harvest, AL 35749 

65 1 Elton Street, Ap 

Beaufort, SC 29902 

568 W. Washington 

Swan Sherman E 

Brooklyn. NY 11208 

ElCajon,CA 92020 

Sliggers Alleta C 

30 Pearman's Hill 

Taylor Nicole C 

Thompson David O 

P.O. BOX 48622 


1603 Lee Rd. 

Thomas Frank T 

2920 NW 56th Ave. B3 

Stephens Mark A 

Tulsa, OK 74148 

WK03 BD 

Fort Washington MD 

41 1 3 Powder Mill Roa 

Lauder HilkFL 33313 

?000FairviewDi-. Ap 


Beltsville, MD 20705 

ramarac,FL 33321 

Stiggers Cyrus J 

Swan Yvette V 

Thompson Derek S 

12118 E. L5th Street 

P.O. Box 825 

Taylor Raymond L 11 

Thomas George A 

20067 Crescent Avenu 

Stephens Racquel S 

Tulsa, OK 74128 

Kingshill St. Croix 

9766 Rosehill Road, 

130-41 233rd Street 

CWcago Hts., IL 60411 

^000 Fain-iew Dr. Ap 


Berrien Springs MI 

Laurelton,NY 11413 

FamaracFL 33321 

Stith Lorraine C 


Thompson Julie C 

243 Intervale Road 

Swanston Nicole M 

Thomas Joetta A 

921 1 Lakeshore Drive 

Stephens Rhonda J 

Teaneck, NJ 07666 

P.O. Box 172 

Taylor Reginald L 

1501 Halston Circle, 

Kenosha, WI 53158 

i)68 W. Washington Av 

South Lancaster, MA 

1023 Bellemeade Ave 

Huntsville, AL 39816 

2l Cajon, CA 92020 

Stokes Courtney L 


Evansville, IN 47714 

Thompson Kareem M 

918 West Stokes Stre 

Thomas Jonathan L 

1615 Peacherest Cove 

itephenson Racquel Y 

Danville. VA 24.541 

Sweeney Treva A 

Taylor Robert E III 

2940 47th Avenue, So 

Decatur, GA 30032 

7900 NW 20th Couit 

4515 Bonnell Drive. 

10822 Pepper Way 

St. Petersburg. FL 

sunrise, FL 33322 

Stokes Toccara J 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Lonia Linda, C A 


Thompson M^irlon E 

642 Franklin Street 


20418 Nw 33rd Avenue 

sterling Sasha D 

Danville. V A 24541 

Sykes Andrae J 

Thomas Jorhena 

Miami, FL 33056 

506 W. 11 1th, St. 

10 Mohawk Trail 

Taylor Shakema M 

520 S. Lasalle 

.OS Angeles, CA 

Stone Christin E 

Pensacola, FL 32506 

Avacado Street #2007 

Aurora, IL 60505 

Thompson Paula L 


20095 North Route V. 

P.O. BOX G Na.ssau 

12513 Surrey Circle 

Sturgeon, MO 65284 

Sylvan Vanessa N 

GT2078 BF 

Thomas Josian G 

Fort Washington. MD 

i Sterling Wesley L 

122 16-1 40A Avenue 

10 Industry Drive 


S600 NW 54th Street 

Stone Sherwin N 

Edmonton Alberta 

Taylor Shawanna L 

St. Maarteen 

.auderhill, FL 33351 

129-10 131st Street 


22 19 Baker Terrace N 


Thompson Quenesther 

South O/one Park NY 

Atlanta, G A 30318 

288 Ciown Street. Ap 

jitcvcns Tineke C 


Sylvester Chivohn V 

Thomas Michelle T 

Brooklyn, NY 11225 

i50 Wynn Drive Unit 

39 Hcathcotc Road 

Taylor Tiffany S 

161 Laura Rd. 

Huntsville, AL .35816 

Slr(^ng Toccara L 

Elmont,NY 11003 

P.O. Box 10543 

Toronto Ontario 

Thompson Sean A 

2120 West 16th Avenu 

San Bernardint). CA 

M3N1Z8 CN 

RR 9, Box 2309 

Stevenson Kara K 

Broadview. IL' 60 155 

Symonds Kristina L 


Lake City. FL 32024 

'615 Bcale Avenue 

24 Warwick Lane 

Thomas Raamah T 

.Jakersfield. CA 

Stuckcy C'hrislopher 1 


Taylor Winston C 

409 Spruce Court 

Thompson Tammy T 


1946 East 28th Stree 

WK()2 BD 

25272 Craft Road 

Hernden.VA 20170 

385 North Lind Avenu 

Oakland. CA 94606 

Athens. AL 35613 

Fresno. CA 93727 

|_JirectorL| 2 8 1 

Thurman Jarren R 
21 Ivy Hall Lane 
Sicklei-ville, NJ 08081 

Tillery Ricardo D 
1 140 W. Maple Street 
Lansing, MI 48915 

Times Jovon Kenclrick 
2201 Shady Lane Driv 
Huntsville AL 


Times Tamara R 
2201 Shady Lane Driv 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Todd Ezara D 

69 My Lords Bay Lane 

Crawl, CR02 BD 

Tolbert Denise L 
1 2703 Laurie Drive 
Silver Spring, MD 

Tomlin Sherice A 
5242 Chakanotosa Cir 
Oriando. FL 32818 

TuU Reginald J 
21 Sanford Avenue, U 
Hamilton Ontario 

Tull William D 
7 Hibiscus Drive 
KhyberPas Warwick 
WK03 BD 

Turman Nygel Jerome 
202-2 Utica Place 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Tumbull Courtney N 
17 Valley Drive 
Nanuet,NY 10954 

Turner Dana L 
4815 Simpson Drive 
Louisville, KY 40218 

Turner Haven S 

1752 South Grandby S 

Aurora, CO 80012 

Turner Marques A 
24429 106th Avenue S 
Kent,WA 98031 

Tones Hector L Turner Michael A 

5014 Oakwood Road, A 5401 33rd Street. SE 
Huntsville. AL 35896 Auburn, WA 98092 

Townsend La'Tasser E 
3160 Ash Street 
Inkster, MI 48141 

Tramel Bradley B 
1 1603 Waesche Drive 
Mitchell ville, MD 


Troupe Devonnett S 
98 West Hamilton Ave 
Englewood, NJ 07631 

Troupe Lamata N 

98 W. Hamilton Avenu 

Englewood, NJ 07631 

Trusty Ahcia R 
2617 Sweet Oaks Circ 
Germantown, TN 

Tucker Michael E Jr. 
5550 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Tucker RaShawn N 
3004 Flag Circle, Ap 
Madison. AL 35758 

Turner Shantil G 
12570 Atlantic 
Waukegan. IL 60085 

Tutt Keith V. Ill 
9139 Limecrest Drive 
Riverside, CA 92508 



Orishemugbemi Temida 
650 Wynn Drive #285 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Umez Chidi 

13531 LaConcha Ln. 

Houston, TX 77083 

Umez Chinwe O 
13531 LaConcha 
Houston, TX 77083 

linger KimberlyL 
8710 Woods End 
San Antonio, TX 

Usher Norman G Jr. 
19166 Brownsville St 
Cassopolis, MI 49031 

Ussery Tuwan M 
1 505 Sparkman Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 


Valcin Rachelle D 
173 NW 108th Street 
Miami, FL 33168 

Valcin Tamisha M 
173 NW 108th Street 
Miami, FL 33168 

Van Putten Alana A 
Estate Constant 263 
P.O. Box 3 St. Thomas 
00803 VI 

Vanderhorst Porsche S 
4674 Weston Place 
Olney. MD 20832 

Vaughan Tamara N 
12916 McCubbin Lane 
Germantown, MD 

Vaughn Shelley L 
P.O. Box 429 
WK08 BD 

Vaughn Woodrow Jr. 
6601 Willow Pointe D 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Vaught Seneca D 
134 N. Arbor Trails 
Park Forest, IL 60466 

Venter Jamaal R 
2216 Jonathan Drive, 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Venters Charmicielle 
2156 Catskill Street 
Hillcrest Heights MD 

Vergnac Laurent-Daniel 


Le Francois 


Vemeus Cassandre A 
17 Annadea Road 
Brockton, MA 02302 

Victor John A 
4116 NewsonRoad 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Victor Yonnett V 
9896 Willow Cove Roa 
Huntsville, AL 35802 


Walbrook Ronald C 
1419 Shakespeare Ave 
Bronx, NY 10452 

Walcott Gregor>' N 
1419 Shakespeare Ave 
Bronx, NY 10452 

Waldon KalLsha A 
4556 Woodmere Lane 
Lantana, FL 33463 

Waldon Kawaisha L 
4556 Woodmere Lane 
Lantana, FL 33463 

Waldon KristyM 

4556 Woodmere Lane 
Lantana, FL 33463 

Walker Anthony A 
148 Torrance Woods 
Brampton Ontiirio 
L6Y4L3 CN 

Walker Daniel P 
838 Maple Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Walker DarrylS 
57 Maple Drive 
Amity ville, NY 11701 

Walker Davion W 
838 Maple Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Walker Erica L 
800 Douglass Drive 
Boyertown, PA 19512 

Walker Lanair G 
5846 N. Farhill Stre 
Philadelphia, PA 

Walker Sharlee E 
619Quincy Street Ap 
Brooklyn, NY 11221 

Wallace Keisha R 
1072 Timber Trace Ro 
Powhatan, VA 23139 

Waller Ferrald Fred 
7800 North Victor 
Sperry,OK 74073 

Walton Dwayne E 
1709 Canterbury Circ 
Huntsville. AL 35816 

Ward Dorian L 

247 Childs Drive N.W 

Atlanta, G A 30314 

Ward Ericka Jeanne 
27395 Cottonwood ave 
Moreno Valley. CA 

Warden Angela J 
6048 Hamburg Way 
Sacramento. CA 

Ware Anjanene D 
440 Lancer Oak Drive 
Apopka. FL 32712 

Ware Kevin James 
427 Oakland Road 
Madison, AL 35758 

Warfield Brenda D 
219 Grubb Road 
Newfie1d,NJ 08344 

Warfield Fred T 
219 Grubb Road 
Newfield.NJ 08344 

Waif ield Melvyn W. Jr. 
903 Valley View Aven 
Red Oak, TX 75154 

Warren AUyson L 
2242 West 67th Stree 
Indianapolis. IN 

Warren Jade L 
6737 30th Avenue S 
Seattle, W A 98108 

Warren Lawanza C 
9004 S. Albany 
Evergreen Park, IL 

Warren Le'Daune C 
14555 Blanco Rd. 
San Antonio. TX 

Warrick Kerron A 
1 159 E. 38th St. 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Washington Autumn N 
2809 Kirtland Avenue 
Forestville, MD 20747 

Washington Noah L 
2809 Kirtland Avenue 
Forestville. MD 2074' 

Washington Perry K 
1133 East San Mudcle 
Fresno, CA 93710 

Washington Rcgina W 
4 Summer Field Circl 
Central Islip, NY 

Waters Aaron C 
192 Edge water Drive 
Carson, W A 98610 

Watkins Calvin L 
3617 Hard wick Court 
Douglasville. GA 

Watkins Hassan N 
1463 East 139th St. 
Compton, CA 90222 

Watkins Jennifer A 
2028 Rosewood Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Watkins Katara M 
3834 Gateway Terrace ; 
Bmtonsville, MD 

Watkins Kelly C 
5846 McBryde Avenue 
Richmond, CA 948051' 

Watkins Myecha C 
4040 Big Valley Trai 
Stone Mountain. GA 

Waugh Khandie Y 
3728 N. Monitor Circ 
Stockton. CA 95219 

Webb Chalonda P 
17009 George Frankly 
Independence. MO 

Webb Norton H Jr. 
6102 Rickwood Drive 
Huntsville. AL 35810 


Washington Christopher O Weekes Jhamillia E 
87 1 8 Ehzabeth 853 Laguna Drive 

Berrien Springs, MI Simi Valley, CA 


Washington CoUasJr. 
2830 Nw 172nd Terrace 
Miami, FL 33056 


Weekes Natalie N 
912 Hamilton Place D 
Lakeland, FL 33813 


Wolls Andrea 1, 

S(v47 W. Quail Avenue 

Peoria. AZ 85382 

Wells Bruce E II 
P.O. Box 338 
South Lancaster. MA 

West Daniel I: 
2168 WiUard Street 
FortM>ers. FL 33901 

West Yohancc D 
656 Blaekstone Drive 
Myrtle Beach. SC 


Westby .lamaal J 
317 N First Street 
Cassopolis, MI 49031 

Weston Courtney R 
2921 Revere Court 
East Point, GA 30344 

Whemys Stephanie M 
P.O. Box RH. 14065 
Ambrister Nassau 

Whitaker Tameka L 
2358 Stratford Road, 
Winston Salem, NC 

4605 Robindale Road 
Knoxville,TN 37921 

White Denry O 

343 St. Nicholas Ave 

New York, NY 10027 

White James III 
12727 Overhill Road 
Grandview, MO 64030 

White JeffeoryH 
207 Ella Lane 
Dalton, GA 30720 

White Robert L III 
1970 Glendale 
Kansas City, KS 

iiVhite Sharon A 
103 Poplar Place 

Septune, NJ 07753 



'.407 Greenhill Drive 

-luntsville, AL 


WhitterTricia A. 
10751 Shedden Drive 
Loma Linda. CA 

Wilder Kali K 
4515 BonncU Drive. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Williiuns Alan R 
4233-D Myrtlewood Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Williams Alex J 
3405 Via Dolce. Apt. 
Marina Del Rey, CA 

Williams Berne! 1 E 
16 FriswcU's Road 
HM15 BD 

Williams Chantay L 
4876 Peace Street 
Memphis, TN 38109 

Williams CharJene B 
3408 University Boul 
Adelphi,MD 20783 

Williams Ciceley L 
2225 Ora Court 
Bakersfield, CA 93306 

Williams Daniel A 
1504 Robert Lewis Av 
Upper Marlboro, MD 


Williams Danique A 
8681 Sunset Strip 
Sunrise, FL 33322 

Williams Donna Patrice 
8681 Sunset Strip 
Sunrise, FL 33322 

WiUiams Dulani W 
P.O Box 2220 
HM14 BD 

Williams Edward III 
1807 Seminary Street 
Nashville, TN 37207 

Williams Enrique A 
2801 Rio Grande Road 
Chattanooga, TN 

Williams Joanne Marie 
2519 Elton Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Williams Josh C 
2736 Virginia Lee Dr 
MiUTero,LA 70072 

Williams Joshua P 
714 Kilkenny Street 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Williams Kinara A 
1500 Sparkman Dr. Ap 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Williams Marlon V 
24 Cjraham Court 
Brampton Ontario 

L6S5J5 CN 

Williams Michael 

Williams Monique C 
141-21 255th Street 
Rosedale,NY 11422 

Williams Nashon D 
8811 Colesvilles Roa 
Silver Spring, MD 

Williams Nevin L 
16 Fris well's Road 
HM15 BD 

Williams Okemus S 
202 Ruth Circle 
Greenwood, MS 

Williams Omar E 
686 1/2 East 223rd S 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Williams Orlyn L 
1 6 Friswell's Road 
HM15 BD 

WiUiams Quincy J 
5739 Lakefield Court 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Williams Regina B 
10507 Seaview Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11236 

Williams Robin D 
921 South Aprilia Av 
Compton, CA 90220 

Williams Stan L 
2225 Ora Court 
Bakersfield, CA 93306 

Williams Stephen R 
1928 Rainbow Drive 
Cediu-Falls. lA .50613 

Williams Tarkyshia A 
3918 Chffendon Road 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Williams Tiffany M 
6324 Loring Drive 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Williams Toussaint T 
7607 Summer Glen Lan 
Houston, TX 77072 

Williamson James G 
1 700 East Date Stree 
San Bernadino. CA 

Williamson Keturah N 
4054 Midland Road 
Riverside, CA 92505 

Willis Amber T 
2806 39th Avenue 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 

Willis Roger E 
2806 39th Street 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 

Willis Roy A Jr 
Hanrisburg, PA 17111 

Wilson April L 

1308 Forestwood Driv 

Slidell,LA 70460 

Wilson Cheryll L 
262 Browns Road 
Nesconset, NY 11767 

Wilson Derrica T 
511 Benner Street 
Philadelphia, PA 

Wilson Felicia J 
21217 East Washingto 
Walnut, CA 91789 

Wilson Kimberly R 
12131 Kilbourne 
Detroit, MI 48213 

Wilson Larry A 
12131 Kilbourne 
Detroit, Ml 48213 

Wilson Luisa A 
1342 S.Paxton Stree 
Philadelphia, PA 

Wilson Meretle H II 
365 Shelton Road #1 1 
Madison, AL 

Wilson Michael E 
830B Nob Hill Drive 
Binningham, AL 

Wilson Victor R 
6300 Old Canton Road 
Jackson, MS 39211 

Wirabish Brennan J 
3438 Cherry Hill Ct. 
Beltsville, MD 20705 

Wimbley Johnny 
P. O. Box 5854 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Windham Tiffany N 
6584 Covcnli7 Point 
Austell, G A 30001 

Windham Todd D 
6584 Coventry Point 
Austell, G A 30168 

Wingate Brandi N 
1503 Sparkman Drive, 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Winslow Lillye S 
7402 Oakmore Drive 
Dallas, TX 75249 

Winston Jeremy Scott 
1 735 Dorham Court 
Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Winters LaKisha D 
2113 Bedell Road, Ap 
Grand Island, NY 

Wisdom Airrion S 
1 Sagamore Circle 
Pomona, NY 10970 

Wisdom Ysaak B 
4320 Midway Dr. 
Douglasville, GA 

Wise Juliet L 

2412 11th Street. Ap 

Huntsville. AL 35805 

Wiseltier Aaron T 
385 Grand Street. Ap 
New York. NY 10002 

Woods Emmanuel 
1810 South Cecil Str 
Philadelphia, PA 

Woods leasha \i 
1588 Hwy #2 
Courtice Ontario 
L1E2R6 CN 

Woods Natasha E 
1588 Hwy #2 
Courtice Ontario 
L1E2R6 CN 

Woods Trishonda D 
9008 Meadow Lane 
Berrien Springs, MI 

Woolcock Edward C 
637 Cranbrook Park 
Garland. TX 75043 

Woolcock Ricardo A 
P.O. Box 1403 
Huntsville, AL 35807 

Word Tameka R 
2855 Apapalachee Par 
Tallahasee, FL 32301 

Wright Courtney C 
5609 S. Arch Bridge 
Arlington, TX 76017 

Wright Craig S 

614 Little Wekiva Ro 

Altamonte Springs, FL 


Wright Juannette M 
95 Indian Creek Road 
Huntsville. AL 35806 

Wright Lydia R 
1 Boxwood Court 
Poughkeepsie, NY 

Wright Michael E Jr. 
95 Indian Creek Road 
Huntsville. AL 35806 

Wright Ravida J 

1474NHolliston Ave 
Pasadena, C A 91104 

Witherspoon Tomeka L Wright Stephen D 

P.O.Box 179 
Wilmar. AR 71675 

Woodard Keith 

136 Southern Plaza D 

Dudley, NC 28333 

614 Little Wekiva Ro 
Altamonte Springs, FL 

Wright-Clayton Brooke 
6941 Forest Lake Blv 
Lincoln. NE 68516 

I JirectoT 


Wynder Alyxis T 
1 808 Forney Drive 
Huntsville. AL 35816 


Yearwood Ki"ystal C 
65 1 1 Canteriea Drive 
Oriando.FL 33218 

Yelorda Megan F 
900 West lUthTena 
Kansas City, MO 

Yelorda Peter S 
900 W 114th Terrace 
Kansas City, MO 

Young Eryn C 
1641 West 37th St. 
Los Angeles, CA 

Young George III 
P.O. Box 7334 
Riverside, C A 92513 

Young Mario E 
14 Dover Avenue 

Young-Hurst Desiree N 
5420 Lincoln Street 
Hollywood. FL 33021 

7 8 4 Dir-ect. 

Anthony Walker 
We are Very Proud of You. 

We have watched you grow to be a 
young man. As you embark upon a new 
phase, we pray and trust that the Lord 
will continue to be with you. You have 
come a long way. 

We are proud of your faith, and trust, 
and your commitment. The Lord has a 
plan for each of us and he also has one 
for you. 
We love you. 

Congratulations ! 

Alysia Laverne PuUins 

Class of 2001 

We love you and are proud 
of your accomplishments ! 

Mom and Dad 
Geraldine & Fred Pullins 


Dearest Karen, 

Your smiles and enthusiasm warm our hearts Uke sunshine. Con- 
gratulations! ! You've earned your success and we are very proud of 
you. Continue to walk close to your Best Friend, Jesus. 

Mom, Woolton, Jullian, Gemar, Andre, Jeremy 

To Shavon Denard: 

You don't know how much it means to us to see how 
you have faced so many obstacles and with God's help 
still succeeded. 

You have the ability to go anywhere that your imagina- 
tion can take you. We are proud of the young lady that 
you have become. We know that God will be there 
with you wherever you go. 

From, Mom, Dad and Brothers 
We love you forever 

To our Sherine 

Over the years we watched and prayed as you grew into a 
God fearing young woman. We watched and prayed as 
you pursued your educational goals. Today you have 
achieved those goals and we are very proud of you. As 
you embark on a new chapter in your life, remember to 
''Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will 
succeed" (Proverbs 16:17). 

Love Mom, Dad, Keisha, Barbara, Aunt Theresa and the 

Campbells- Shaniqua, Andrea 

Dearest Kris, 
We are so proud of you and your achieve- 
ments. We love you and encourage you to 
keep striving for the ultimate- education- 
ally, socially, mentally, and most of all 
All our love. 
Dad, Mom & Shanna 

God made you unfold, fresh as a 
rose, with early morning dew, glis- 
tening in the sunlight. 
Khandie Youlande Waugh (21 
years old) is a Pre-med honor stu- 
dent who plans to enter medical in 
the fall of 2001. 

Khandie, who was born in Jamaica, attended Carbondale Community High 
School in Illinois for her freshman and sophomore years in 1993-1995. Here 

she trained for cross country running, successfully ran 1 mile and 2 mile 
events and has a few trophies and letters to show for them. In 1995 she trans- 
ferred to Lodi Academy, in Lodi, Ca, where she graduated with honors and 
started Oakwood College in August 1997. She has received Academic schol- 
arships while at Oakwood College. 

To Anita Rochuane Dupree: 
It's great to see how you have grown up 
to be the fine young lady you are today. 
We're so glad to see you accomplish an- 
other goal in life. May God continue to 
bless you as you continue on to pursue 
that law degree you desire. Also best 
wishes to you and Ivan as you are united 
together in marriage. 

We love you. 

Dad, Momma, Marcus, Kenny II, Kenny 

III, Kalayah, Grandpa & Grandma 



Congratulations Tosin!!! 

God has truly blessed you through your collegiate years. You are truly an assest 
in His eyes and may He continue to bless you throughout your lifetime. 

May He bless you through your future educational pursuits. 

Mom, Dad, Toyosi, Siju, Teju, Tomi, and the entire Atolagbe Family 

Michelle, as you can see con- 
sistency does pay off. 
Continue to press towards the 
mark of reaching your heav- 
enly goals as well as your 
earthly goals. 

Daddy & Mommy 

We're proud of you! 

Angela, Congratulations! 
We are proud of you. Continue to let 
God lead you and success is yours. 

Mom, Dad,& 
Rhodes Family 
MAY 2001 

Congratulations, Crystal Boney 

We are so happy that God has brought you to 
this wonderful milestone in your life. Con- 
tinue to make Him first. 

We love you! 
Mom and Dad 

National Dean's List 

National Honor Society 
Dynamic Praise Choir 
Madison Mission Choir 

Congratulations and 
may God continue to 
bless you. 

Love from Mom, Dad, 

Micheal W. Taylor II 
"The Clapper" 


'm>4, a^i 


m.. ^ ^^^. ^e^y/e ^ Wa,^rX ^ 

Hi Shane, 

Congratulations! Yoirve made it. We were rooting for you all along. Now 
we're glad it's over. We're proud of your accomplishments. May the Lord 
continue to bless you as you reach for the 'gold'. 
Love Mom & Dad 

Hi Mooch, 

I'm glad it's over too. Leave the jeep for me I'll be down in August. 

I'm following you so watch where you walk. 


Hi Shane, 

I'm glad your're finished. Hurry home so you can take me out in the boat 
fishing. I love you. 

Your little sister 

Shane Kirk ( Mooch ) Simmons 


" Take pride in how far you have come. Have faith in how far you can go.' 

We Love You! 

(Mom) Breuda 

(Dad) Greg 

Sherrill, Leon, Lamont, & Nicholas 


To our beloved daughter, Larissa. 
Congratulations to you, as you continue to reach your goals. May you always trust and depend on the 


We love you, but God loves you best. 

Love Mom & Dad 

Congratulations Jacques 

By God's grace you made your goal. 

We pray that it doesn't end there. We 

love you and we are proud of you. 

May God continue to bless you. 

Love Always Your, 
Mommie, Tasha, & Grandma 


You have reached that gold. Psalm 40 says, "I waited pa- 
tiently for the Lord and He inclined to me and heard my 
cry." You made your family very proud of you especially 
mom, dad, and brother (Euclid). Continue to walk in good 
faith and God will always direct your path. Keep smiling we 
love you. 

Sharon is an example of what is possible for anyone, who's 
greart ambition is applied to natural ability. 


Zoe, you have come a long way. We are very 
proud of you. 


From Mommy and Aunts 

Tesa Nurse ! 

My darling Tesa you are at the end of your four years of hard work. Stressful! days, sleepless nights 
and God has brought you through successfully. It is with great pride and admiration that your Dad, 
Omar, and I send these warmest congratulaions. 

As you go through life I hope you continue to approach any obstacle in your way with the same 
determination and zest that was displayed in the last four years. May God richly bless you and guide 
you in the paths that lies ahead. 

Dad, Omar, & Mum 

7'7ff<^?ip^ Sz'cfr^ 7~c£p^lar 


'S/l2'?l7'?l6/ Sr<£T" 

yOc ^rc ?7?u?ic7is6lp^ /jroKcf to /i<sv6 ^ cfmi^/itcr /2/ic p'oii. yOc /ore 

^oi(. c/^a/'/r/ii^ "^^iff- ''^^^^^^^^'/' p^oirr success ?s /n J'csks. You ^rc our 

d'clovccf ?n )o/i'o//i ^ac c^rc /ac/l /j/c^sccf. 

Conrimic to cfrcoi//i d^?c/ ^?ief /icc/j <a so'/i^ '/?i p'our /icart. 



AJo/zi S^ Oacf\ Cr'a/zunc^T^g^lor, C/'a7iof//ia yOoocf^rof. p'oirr i{7iclcs 

(^ m{/ir?cs. ^?icf cycr<^ /<i7sr coi{s?7i. 

To /7ip^ //rrlc [olcf^cr? fjo/oip) s^sfcr. 

yT C7''aO^l('at?0>7l -H<£77i7U: 

77ip^ l?tflc S2S ^r<£6fi(S7res 
S/ioiacrs of ol6ss77i^s 

/ loyc p^oiL 


Dear Monique and Nicole: 

From tot to teen and in between, you both have grown 
into every mother's dream-- two well rounded mature 
young laddies. I am very proud of you both. May you 
continue to strive for excellene in all that you do. 
God's richest blessings on you both. 

Love always, Mom 




With the help of the LORD you have made it 
this far. This is just the beginning of your life. 
Stay strong and keep the faith that you have. 
With GOD you will succeed. We love you so 
very much. 

Momma ( Mary) 
Daddy (Chester) 
Sherrie & The Witherspoon Family 

Congratulatoins on your accomplish- 

We wish you continued success in your future 

endeavors. You are 

truely an asset to our community. 

Your Friend, 
Pastor T. McCoy & members of Sharon S.D.A. 


(werelock your career 



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of Health sciences and 

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in basketball, they 
call this a slam dunk. 

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